20+ Secret on How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google

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 20+ Secret Increase Website Traffic is selected correctly. Today we are going to know about 20+ such as Traffic Increase Tips in this post.

By using which we can increase the traffic of our site or blog.

We are the most important for Bloggers. And if traffic is not coming on the site then what is the benefit of blogging?

So today we are going to talk on this matter, how to do Traffic Increase on the website.


Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google

Hello friend, welcome to your own blog named Digital Seo Life. You must apply all these tips given by you in your blog.

Only then traffic will start coming to your website or blog. Apart from this, if you have some settings. Which you should do in your blog.

All those settings read our article. Whose links we have given below.

Become an Amazing Content Provider

1. Always provide unique content to them to maintain the interest of your Audience and New Users.

2. Use both Google Analytics and Google Search Console Tools to track the data of your site. And see which page of your site is being liked more by the Audience.

Then write and update your article on the base of that report.

3. Identify your Audience what content they want. If you write post keeping Audience and Search Engine in mind, then there will definitely be a benefit.

4. Do not use Long Paragraphs in each of your posts. Because it reduces User Interaction. If you use a Small Paragraph instead of a Long Paragraph.

Then the readability will also be good and users will also like the article.

Optimize Your Content Properly Increase Website Traffic

5. Use Keywords in Post.

Use H1, H2, H3, Headings well in your post. So that Google’s Crawlers can also understand your post easily, and User Experience is also good.

Which will result in Bounce Rate Decrease, and Ranking Improvement of our Site.

6. Highlighted Important Words – Highlight Focus Keywords or Man Keywords within the paragraphs you have used in the article.

For exp: (Bold, Italic, underline, etc…)

7. Write Unique and Relevant Title & Meta Description.

Write a unique and good title of your blog post. The title should be such that in which your Keyword is also Mention.

Implement the same Keyword in Meta Description.

8. URLs short, simple and readable.

Like we have kept the Url of this article simple and short. Similarly, you should also keep your post’s Url Shot and Straight.

Because Long Url is neither like Crawlers nor is their readability good. So keep Urls Short and Straight.

9. Use the Alt Attribute.

Use the Alt Attribute to make all the images you use in the post readable for Search Engine.

If you do not use Alt Attributes in Images, then the Search Engine will not be able to read your images.

10. Use Internal linking.

If you want to keep users on your site for a long time, then do internal linking.

If the user likes your post, then surely he will read other posts as well.

In addition, Internal Linking is one such process.

Through which you can make your post higher without creating a backlink.

11. Use Traffic Increase by linking External.

If the Relevant post from your post is available on a different site, then link that particular post to your post.

Which will give you 2 benefits: –

  • Your site will remain Trusted in the eyes of 1st Google.
  • The 2nd site whose link you add to your site will create a link from there.

12. Last Thought

Conclusion after writing a blog post.

Like what you covered in this article and what are the users going to benefit from that post.

And what do you think about that Particular Post?

Share this with your users too.

Improve Your Site Performance  Increase Website Traffic

13. Decrease your site load time

If you want to maintain a good user experience of your site, then you have to keep your site load time managed.

Only then users will spend time on your site. Because if your site takes more time to open, then users will have a problem.

26 Best WordPress Blog Themes Increase Website your Speed

So that they will leave your site and go to a different site.

This will not cause your Traffic Increase, but it will definitely be Decrease. First of all, keep an eye on the load time of your site.

You can use these tools to analyze Site Speed. – Google PageSpeed

14. Use Responsive Web Design (RWD)

You would know that everyone loves the Good and Clean thing. Keep the design of your site good and responsive, such as: –

  1. Your Site should have a nice Menu.
  2. The sidebar should be.
  3. It should be a good footer.
  4. The author’s profile should be there so that users can recognize you and connect with you. There should be a contact page.
  5. Use at least Javascript on the site. Because Java-scripts speed up the site.
  6. Do not use too bright colors in the design.


If you want to protect your site from hackers, then use https ie SSL.

Because Google also gives a low priority to HTTP Sites.

16. Fix Broken Links.

To keep your Internal Linking web_pages connected to each other, External Linking works to keep your site connected to other sites.

But if there is any type of link break in Internal Linking and External Linking, then it will be called Broken Link.

Which will show 404 Not Found Error to users. So to avoid this error, Resolve Broken Links.

17. 301 Redirects.

Basically, 301 Redirect is then used,

When we have to redirect the URL of one of our web pages to another web page by Permanent Redirect.

Simply put, redirecting from one page to another page,

Without losing any links, 301 is called Redirect.

18. Create Useful 404 Pages

This is an HTTP standard response code.

When bots of google visit homepage or page of any website. If at that time he does not get that page, then 404 Page Not Found’s Error Show.

That is if, in the future, I remove this webpage, then if a visitor visits from its URL, then it will have a page show of 404 Page Not Found.

Even if you delete any of your posts, the URL of that post will show in Google.

So, if you also want to delete a web page then redirect it to another page.

So that your traffic does not lose, so create 404 pages and use them well.

19. Guest Post on Other Blog Sites

Backlinks are very important for the ranking of your site.

So do your blog on Guest Post on Relevant Blog.

Search Blog Sites in Google, and ask their Authors.

Some Bloggers will call you for free, and some will call you for Paid Guest Posting.

All you have to do is search the Sites according to yourself, and guest post.

If you want a backlink on this blog, then you should contact us. You can get a backlink by posting a guest on this blog.

Best Plugin For WordPress

20. Develop A Strong Social Media Presence

Be active on social media. Try to connect with people as much as possible.

The blog related to Niche. Join Facebook Groups related to that Niche.

By joining these groups, share your content in them.

Traffic will start coming to your site.

21. Create and Submit your sitemap to Search Engines

Whether your site is on Blogger or WordPress,

You must submit your site’s Sitemap in Webmaster.

Such as Google Search Console and Bing / Yahoo.

22. Submit your blog post into Submission directory

Submit your blog to Directory.

This will also result in your Ranking and Blog Traffic Increase.


So these were friends: – 20+ traffic increase tips

Some of the best and promising ways by which you can increase traffic on your blog/website.

Which of these tips have you used? Share with us how much you benefited,

So that next time we can bring you the best tips to increase traffic from the best to the best.