Advanced Excel Add On Tools

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Advanced Excel Add On Tools: Excel spreadsheet tools. Excel Add-ins. Dosage for Excel Add-in: Adds more than 100 advanced functions and features to Microsoft Excel.

Dosage for Excel spreadsheet tools

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If you’ve got a headache doing complex tasks in Excel by deleting duplicate rows, or comparing sheets that are loaded, or doing complex tasks in Excel, Doze for Excel is powerful for you to simplify all these complex tasks in just a few clicks. 

Advanced Excel Tools | Excel spreadsheet tools | Excel Add-ins

Easy tool. It provides over +100 advanced new functions and features added to the Excel Ribbon for your ease of use. 

For example, you can export sheets quickly, merge cells or rows or columns without losing data, comment assistant, count cells by color, advanced built-in formulas, advanced built-in functions, You can easily auto back up your workbooks. Dose for Excel will simply save you time and effort.

See how Dose for Excel saves your time in Excel 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / Office 365

The software is described below, arranged by the ribbon group in which they appear.

  • Locating Utilities in the Dose Editing tab.
Advanced Excel Tools | Excel spreadsheet tools | Excel Add-ins
  • Locating Utilities in DOS Pro Tab.
Advanced Excel Tools | Excel spreadsheet tools | Excel Add-ins

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