Advanced SEO Settings For Blogger ( SEO Techniques )

You must do Advanced SEO Settings For Blogger if you want to give your post any place on the first page in google, bing. If you do not do these settings, your blog will never rank. In these settings, you do something and something is left which you do not know.

SEO Settings In Blogger

Today I am going to tell you about the same advanced SEO settings. And you will also get some better tips which can help you rank your blog. You have to read it carefully and understand it.
My mind is that you follow these steps together and do these settings. Later you will have trouble. Let us know all the settings that we must do from basic SEO to advanced SEO settings.

Basic SEO settings in blogger

After going to the dashboard of your blogger, you have to click on the settings, after which you have to add the title, you neither lengthen or shorten it, you can keep between 7 – 10 words in it.

After that you will see the description below, here you have to write about your blog, on which topic do you write your blog on which topic here.

Here you add keywords related to your low. In this, by writing more words between 100 and 150 words, your blog’s spam score will be higher.

After that you will see the option of privacy, here you have to open it and select yes in both of them.

Short Lines: – 

  • Title> 7 – 10 Description in words> 
  • Write between 100 – 150 words, 
  • select Privacy> Yes.

Now you have to open Search Preferences. Here you will get important setting options, you have to burn them carefully. Here you will see the option of description under Meta tags, here you also have to write between 100 – 150 words, in which you have to add keywords related to your low. With this enabled, you will also have the option to write a description inside your post.

Short Lines: –  

Search Preferences> Description Between 100 – 150 words with keywords

How to add site in Google Search Console

After that, by adding your site to Google Search Console, to add it, you have to click on the option to edit in front of Google Search Console.

You will have a new tub open in front of you, here in your computer you have to add Add Property and you will have a new blank msg show in it, you have to paste the URL of your site and click on the add after that either it will auto verify It will be done or you will be given a code that you have to click on the theme, then you have to click on Edit HTML.

You have to click once on the code of your site, after that, you have to press ctrl + f in the keyboard simultaneously and there you have to search by typing the head and of course, you have to paste that code under the head and save Click on the theme, then click on Google Search Console Verify again. Your site has been submitted to Google.

How to add Custom robots.txt in blogger 

To edit custom robots.tx you have to click on yes, you have to copy the code shown below, you have to add your site name, paste it there and save it.

Custom robots.txt code:-  

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /

How to add custom robots header tags in Google blogger

Custom robots header tags, click on edit settings, click on yes, after which you have ticked the option which you have ticked in the photo below, and you can also save it by ticking it.

Download Robots Header tags file

Custom robots header tags 

Basic SEO Settings for Blogger is done for you, now we are going to teach you the advanced SEO settings of blogger SEO, which will be quick for your blog. We have told you in basic SEO that you would have done it earlier also.

If you have any questions, you can comment on us. And you can take a Dofollow backlink by posting a guest on our blog. For more information, visit our guest post page.

 Advanced SEO Settings in Blogger

We are going to do advanced SEO settings by going to the blogger theme, there we will add our keywords. I will give you a code which you have to download and add keywords related to your website.

For Advanced SEO Settings, first of all, we have to download it by clicking on the download file button shown below. Let us tell you that you have used the URL shortcode website in it, if you have trouble downloading it, then mail it to us and we will send it to you.

When you download that file, you will open it, in it, you will get the option to add descriptions and keywords separately, where you can apply the same description in the description and in keywords you will do as much as you want according to your site.

After doing this you have to click on the theme, after that, you have to click on the edit theme and you have to search for <! – Description and Keywords (start) -> if you get it, then you are not happy Paste anywhere under </title> and click on save the theme.

Advanced SEO Settings

Advanced SEO Techniques

Friend, if the post is not ranking, then the reason for this is that you are making a mistake, which you do not know. I am going to tell you 4 Techniques of Advanced SEO from which your post will rank fast in Google. That too within 10 to 15 days, so you have to understand it carefully and apply.

1. Whenever you write a post, you must add 3 images to your post. By reducing their size. Do not let their site exceed 100kb.

Make sure to add alt text to the image, but you have to change the title of your post a little bit. Suppose the title of your post is Advanced SEO Techniques, in this, you have to design space instead of Advanced_SEO_Techniques space.

2. Whatever title you give in the post, make it 7 – 10 words, do not let it be less than 7 words but do not make more than 10, it will affect your ranking.

If you keep the title of 7 – 10 words, then the post rank will definitely be there.

3. Once you add the title to the description, you should not write more than 20 – 30 words in the description from the very first line, this will also affect your ranking.

If the description of description is not on while writing your post, then you have to go to the settings, you will get the option of description as soon as you click on Search Preferences, click on yes and add the description related to your website and save it. We have told you above about this, read it carefully.

4. Must add the title to the first guard of the post. This is your keyword. If you are writing a post of 1000 words, then you have to keep 2% of your keywords density in it. If you click it more, your post will never rank.

These were some important advanced SEO Techniques that you must apply and rank your posts. If you have got anything to learn from this article, then you must make a good comment. And if you have a friend, you can ask us by commenting.

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