Best ways to do affiliate marketing for beginners and get Free traffic to affiliate links

Affiliate marketing, I have written two articles about it in which I have given you a lot of information in detail.

In one article, I have given you complete information about affiliate marketing, how it works, how can we do it in another article.

Top 5 Best Plugin for WordPress: Must Use Your Website Affiliate website

Told which are the best affiliate programs that you can join and get very good commission. If you have not read both these articles then you must read them.

Hello friends, welcome to your own blog digital SEO life

With the help of this article, I will tell you some ways to do affiliate marketing, you have to follow any one of them, start working on it, you need to start earning. Earnings are waiting for you. You can earn well by doing affiliate marketing.

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All the ways that I am going to tell you the ways of doing applique marketing are famous and work well. So with the help of affiliate marketing, you can easily earn 20 to 25 thousand a month.

If you work on anyone with full attention and join those I told you about the affiliate program, then you can do a very good income monthly.

You can also follow all of them. It is important that you get affiliate marketing well. You should understand what you are going to need to do an athlete marketing. If you have not read both our earlier articles, then definitely Read. You will get very good information and it will be easy to do affiliate marketing.

Let us know which are the platforms for affiliate marketing, where we can earn a good commission monthly by doing affiliate marketing.

Best ways to do affiliate marketing for beginners and get  Free traffic to affiliate links

In the affiliate marketing platform, we will tell you 6 platforms from this, you can do affiliate marketing. Today, people who are doing affiliate marketing use these methods and are earning up to 1 lakh a month by working on these platforms.

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Our first list includes Email Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing with Email
Friends email affiliate marketing, you have to spend a lot of emails in bulk that have your affiliate link and the information of the product is typed in the email, if the recipient of the email is interested in that product then it. You can buy him from that gender and you will definitely get his commission. To do email marketing, you will need a lot of emails that would be active. May include.
Affiliate Marketing with SMS 
To do SMS affiliate marketing you must have a lot of mobile numbers. You s.m.s. We will include information about the product and your affiliate link. Whenever someone sent that s.m.s. If you buy a product through that, then you will get a good commission for that product.
Affiliate marketing with the help of advertising
Friends, Affiliate marketing is expensive through advertising, but with the help of this you can earn a very good income, but you have to invest first. Suppose the product you are running ADS and people are buying it, then you can run an advertisement on it, you have to add an affiliate link to that advertisement.

If someone clicks on that ad you run and buys that product, then you will get a good commission. Suppose you have spent Rs. 5 on a click and the product is worth your thousand or ₹ 2000 and someone would buy it.

If you do, then you will get 20% percent commission, ie by applying ₹ 5, you have earned a profit of ₹ 200 or 400 with the help of advertisement.

Best platform for affiliate marketing get  Free traffic to affiliate links

Affiliate marketing with the help of website
Friends, I have already told you about this, how you can do affiliate marketing by creating a website, I told you in the article about what is affiliate marketing, but still, I can tell you that some banners are showing on this site.

It is our affiliate marketing banner, if you click on these banners and buy those products then you will get the product, And the company will give us some percentage of its commission, that is, you are getting that product in the same amount, but the company is giving us its commission because we have put this product on our website to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing with the help of YouTube
Friend, if you have a channel, then you can do affiliate marketing on it, for this you will have to review the product on it and you have to put the affiliate link of that product in the description of your video, if someone sees your review If he likes that product and wants to buy it, then he can buy it with the help of your link, which you will get his commission.
Social media through affiliate marketing
Friends, everyone is using social media nowadays. Like Facebook Instagram and many other platforms where you can do affiliate marketing, but the best is to do affiliate marketing with the help of Facebook.

You can create a page on Facebook and there you can share affiliate links of the products that you Want to promote or you can promote those products with the help of your profile.

If any of your Facebook friend from your link. If you buy the product, you will get a good commission for it and as the link goes viral you will get more commissions.

There are many more ways to do affiliate marketing on Facebook like you can share your affiliate marketing links in the group. Are You join many active groups and share your applet link there and tell people that you buy this product is very good, that is, you have to prepare good comments and a good description for that product and then put it there. Will buy that product from gender.

Friends, these were some ways to do affiliate marketing, through which you can do affiliate marketing. Any other questions related to affiliate marketing, you can comment us, we will surely reply to your comment and you join our Facebook page Facebook Group Telegram Group Can do.
I hope you have liked this article and your interest in affiliate marketing will remain if you are buying a course in applet marketing then do not waste your money because this is the way and you will be told in those courses that you have to find the audience.
To find who can buy your product and your product will be purchased by the people who will need that product the easiest and best. Low cost if you take recourse to Facebook to update marketing then you can create a website that can be resorted to advertisement email s.m.s. Affiliate marketing can definitely share this article with their friends.

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