Avoid making 5 mistakes on Facebook 2021 full information

Avoid making 5 mistakes on Facebook: – If you also run facebook, then you should also take care of some things, otherwise your facebook account can be closed or someone can do it. Facebook has changed its policy in 2019, due to which, if you wallet its policy, it will close your account.

Facebook has become like whatsapp, now it is closing a million number of accounts, which people are feeling very beyond, their account is being closed without any warning and the problem arises when our other one becomes The account should also be closed if we create it.

Let me tell you one more thing about Facebook, Facebook is selling our information, it is doing business with us, it saves our every activity which it sells to another company and takes big money from them.

Avoid making 5 mistakes on Facebook secure your account


Avoid making 5 mistakes on Facebook 2019

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Avoid making 5 mistakes on Facebook  Friends, if you run Facebook, then you should know that if you do not get more than 50 friend requests in a month, if you are more than it, then Google celebrates it.

Second, you add your friends by turning on your location, Facebook gets your good impression, which starts lowering your spam score because if you make friends far away from your location, Facebook feels that you are wrong. Many people ring request with purpose.


Friends, you do not share more than 3 links in a day on Facebook, this is also considered as Facebook space because he does not want anyone to come to his platform and do free promotion, in 2021, Facebook has taken less than much power over it.

Every time there is a readiness in the account, they share the link and close their account without warning. If you want to share a link, then you leave a page on Facebook and you like it and you share your link there, you will face a problem if your page is not like your product, or a link. Will not be able to see.

Friends, do not share any abuse, dirty videos, or photos on Facebook anytime now, because since 2021, Facebook has become very strict and in India, the government has also taken strict steps for this. The wire has got its eye on the social media.

If any obscenity fails, then it is arrested at the same time and can be punished with fine and imprisonment up to 3 years.


The Government of India has also kept an eye on the people going on Facebook, and the people who are promoting the people in the name of religion, about which the Government of India has given police chokis in which social engg to stop cyber kraem.

Those who work in their area are seen in which they are arrested and put in jail as soon as the hair is registered on them and they can be sentenced for a long time.

Friends, if you do not want to have your Facebook account. If it is done, then you should never log in to Facebook with another link because it will only use your Facebook account through that link.

Even if you do not have a friend who unites the link, do not click on that link. Never run your Facebook account in someone else’s mobile phone, if you are running then you can close it now, it has come to know your password and it runs your id.

If you run Facebook in the browser, then never save your password in it because your account can be detected by touching some of its hiden settings. If you want to avoid being single then you should keep these things in mind|


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