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If you want to become a blogger then you need to know a few things only then you can become a good successful blogger and can run your blog for a long time and also earn 💰 money.

Today I am going to tell you all the things that you have to keep in mind while blogging. So let us know what is necessary for a blogger to run his blog for a long time.


Select good Blogging nich

You should know which topic you can be blogging on. That is, whatever you are interested in, you should make a blog on the same topic. This is the first step in a blogging career in which people make the most mistakes. They enjoy something and do something else.

Such people go ahead and hone a lot, initially, Bo writes 10–5 posts, after that they have no idea what to write.

You should become a blog on the same topic in which you are expert, like if you can write on health then make it on health if you can write poetry, make a blog on poetry, make a blog on education. It means to say that what you find very good in which you can write in a lot of detail, select the same topic and make a blog.

Select good Blogging Platforms like WordPress and Google Blogger spot

When you have chosen a topic, now it is the turn to choose the right platform, now many people start their blog with any platform. 

But friends, the best day today is two platforms, one is Google Blogger and the other is our WordPress, but if you think any third of them, then you will tell me one of them if you want to keep your blog very square. 

Now work with Blogger. And on either of these two platforms, you only have to lime.

Select Top-level Domain Name like .com 

If you work with Google Blogger, then you get a free domain in which do not start a blog about, I should make you a top-level system. 

If you work with that free domain, you will never be able to rank your site well. You will also get an approval of absence after a very long time. 

You will not be able to earn after 6-7 months and even after that. Because your blog will not rank, no one will come to see you and you will give up blogging by giving up. 

So you should get a custom domain which will get you up to Rs 250-400. Top-level domains also include .com, .in, .net, .site, .group, .co. You can take any of these domains.

Don’t copy other site content

According to your niche, copying the content of others who do not make a blog, pasting it into your blog, think that we have become very smart, we are big bloggers. But let me tell you that if you paste coffee from others’ sites, then your site will never be ranked nor you will not get an approval of AdSense, so do not make this mistake even once.

You should always keep searching for blogging.

You must keep learning to make your blogger journalize better. The more you learn about blogging, you will get success in this field so soon. You should learn from others how he is writing a blog, what he does because of which more people come to his blog. You should take the course of SEO and apply them to your blog and rank your blog.

Make an account on the social sites.

Your blog page should also be created on the social site. Because today’s life is digital and socialized people are spending most of their time on social sites, so you should take advantage of it by creating a page or account on your blog. You must make the page of your blog on facebook, Instagram, and in these two places, you will find many people together.

Learn SEO for blogger

To rank your blog site, you must have been SEO. Because if you do not do seo on your site and you do not write SEO friendly post too, then it is very difficult to rank blog site in today’s time. Therefore, you should also learn to do advance SEO. What people do, why someone else will help you rank your site. For this, you will have to learn it by taking an advanced SEO course.

Insist on writing good content.

Content is King. You know that in today’s time there are many bloggers, you will find 10 -5 bloggers comfortably in your area. 

Some of these are thieves who copy and paste the duro and then open their mouth and wait that they will also run the AdSense of google AdSense and will earn money online, but those heads do not know that such So they cannot earn even one rupee online. 

Therefore, you have to write your original content and expand it well, even if you post a post in two days. When you learn well then you will not take much time to write a post. 

Also tell the smallest thing in your post so that whoever gets to know Reid, he will get complete information.

Create Important Pages for blogger

Also make some important pages in your blog such as Contact us, about us, Disclaimer, Privacy and Policy page, you should also add to your blog. 

Google or users also get to know about your blog. If your blog does not have these pages, then Google AdSense will not give you approval. So you must find this page.

Add your site to the search engine.

Submit your blog to the Google search engine. If you do not do this, then Google will not know about your blog. You have to do this after writing 10 posts. 

So that some of your posts in Google are indexed at once. Some people add the site to Google search engine without any post, you do not have to do this, it will matter on your site ranking.

Write a guest post in another blog site

Post Gast. If you post a guest, you get a do-follow backlink. Second, if people get to know about your work, then they will also look at your blog. Which will also have a higher ranking of your site. 

If you write a good quality guest post in which you add 500+ words and you take a do-follow backlink of 2 photos and then later you write about 100 words about your blog. 

If it is ranked, some users will definitely visit your site. Because you must have written something good in it and if he likes it, then he will definitely open your site. That’s why you should guest post.

Find lower competition keywords

Many people are busy writing more and more posts but your site will not rank by more posts. 

You should find low competition keywords and write a good post on them so that your post will rank and you can also earn something, do not waste time writing more such posts. Write a post on the same by finding low competition keywords. And SEO it well.

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