15+ Best Free ChatGPT Bot For Telegram 2024 (Latest List)

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Telegram super cool messaging app that lets you do lots of fun things. One awesome feature is creating chatbots – these are like little robot helpers that can talk to you and do specific tasks.

A website called chat.openai.com got crazy popular. In the last month alone, it had around 1.5 billion visits. That’s a huge jump from February when it had 1 billion visits. Crazy, huh.


Now, I’ve got something special for you. In this article, I’ve put together a list of the 15+ best free ChatGPT Bots on Telegram for the year 2024. So, if you’re into cool chatbots, you’re in for a treat.

How To Select The Best Free ChatGPT Bot For Telegram

When I pick chatbots for this list, I think about some important things. The chatbots in your Telegram go online to find info and help you out. But not all bots are super accurate. So, you want to find the best ones that give you the right info. Here are some things to think about for better results.

  1. Usability: This means how easy it is to use. Good chatbots should be easy to understand, with clear instructions and quick responses. That way, you enjoy using them more, and they help you better.
  2. Reliability: A reliable chatbot is one you can trust. It should answer your questions fast, give accurate info, and make your chats meaningful. When a chatbot is reliable, you feel confident using it, and it makes your experience better.
  3. Accuracy: This is all about getting the right answers. A good chatbot should understand what you’re asking and give you the correct info. If it messes up, it can be frustrating and make the bot less trustworthy.

So, when I choose chatbots, I make sure they score high on usability, reliability, and accuracy. That way, you get the best experience on Telegram. Check the best free chatGPT bots in Telegram and their links:

1BotFatherClick Here
2chappieClick Here
3Bard AIClick Here
4TeLe ⁣ᴬⁱClick Here
5BAIClick Here
6ChatGPT & Midjourney | AI botClick Here
7BuddyGPTClick Here
8AIGPTClick Here
9Voicy Click Here
10ChatGPT on TelegramClick Here
11Stable DiffusionClick Here
12Text To ImageClick Here
13ImageBotClick Here
14AI Background Remover Bot  Click Here
15OwloxBotClick Here
16File ConverterClick Here

16 Best Free ChatGPT Bot For Telegram

Check out these awesome ChatGPT bots for a better and easier time on Telegram. They’re super helpful for your daily stuff. These bots make your work and schedule way simpler than before:

1. Bot Father

Bot Father – the go-to Telegram bot that makes creating other bots a breeze. As more people want smart virtual helpers and automated services, Bot Father has become a must-have for developers and business folks. It’s like a superhero tool, connecting users with bot creation. With an easy-to-use interface and lots of features, it lets you control all your other bots in one place.

2. Chappie

Chappie is changing the game for how we use Telegram. It makes sending messages, sharing files, and setting reminders super easy. But that’s not all – this amazing bot goes above and beyond with cool extras like translating languages, giving weather updates, and sending news notifications.

What makes Chappie really stand out is how flexible and adaptable it is. It’s great for individuals, teams, and businesses. Whether you’re a pro wanting better teamwork or just someone who wants to make their day simpler, Chappie has you covered in every way.

3. The Bard AI

The Bard AI Telegram bot – a smart and creative tool changing how we connect. This bot is like a virtual bard, using fancy tech skills to give you personalized recommendations based on your favorite genre, author, or themes.

Whether you love reading and want new book ideas or you’re a writer looking for inspiration, the Bard AI Telegram bot has got your back. It doesn’t just suggest books; it can also chat with you about different literary stuff – like books, characters, and stories. It’s like bringing the world of books to life in the digital space.

4. TeLe ⁣ᴬⁱ

Check out Tele AI, an amazing Telegram bot that’s changing how businesses talk to their customers. This bot is super smart, using advanced language skills to understand what users are asking. This means companies can give quick and personalized help to their customers.

By automating responses and giving instant assistance, Tele AI saves time for both customers and businesses. Plus, it can handle lots of questions at once, making it a super useful part of any customer service team.

5. B.AI

B.AI makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers smoothly. By automating responses and giving quick help, this telebot saves time for both customers and businesses, making everyone happier.

Considered the best free ChatGPT bot on Telegram, B.AI can handle lots of questions at the same time, making it a super valuable part of any customer service team. With B.AI, companies can improve their customer support, make customers more loyal to the brand, and, in the end, help the business grow.

6. ChatGPT & Midjourney | AI bot

It’s all about making users happy by meeting their needs and preferences effortlessly. This chatbot is like a tech wizard, giving speedy and accurate responses to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Not only does this powerful bot help users find the info they need, but it also adds a personal touch with its vast knowledge base and smart language skills.

7. BuddyGPT

BuddyGPT – your ultimate companion for all things Telegram. Packed with a bunch of cool features, it’s your one-stop solution. Considered the best free ChatGPT bot on Telegram, BuddyGPT handles everything from easy stuff like setting reminders and sending automatic messages to more complicated tasks like running group chats and keeping an eye on what’s happening in your channels.


Created by OpenAI, this super-smart bot uses top-notch artificial intelligence to quickly understand and reply to what users ask. The AiGPT Telegram Bot is like a one-stop shop, making it easy for users to schedule appointments, handle to-do lists, get weather updates, ask questions, and more.

Thanks to its user-friendly design and advanced features, this bot is changing how we use personal assistant services. It’s all about making interactions simpler and more efficient for everyone.

9. Voicy

Communication has taken a liking to voice messages for that personal touch, but long ones can be tough to handle. That’s where Voicy Telegram Bot steps up. With its cool features and easy-to-use setup, Voicy makes managing and listening to voice messages a breeze. Created to boost the Telegram experience, this bot lets you turn voice messages into text, search for specific words, and even translate messages into different languages. It’s like your voice message assistant, making things simpler and more fun.

10. ChatGPT on Telegram

The ChatGPT Telegram bot offers a handy way for businesses to automate tasks like answering common questions, suggesting products, and taking orders.

Because it can chat with many people at once, this bot makes sure customers get quick and personalized answers, making them happy. It also collects useful data, helping businesses learn more about what their customers want and like.

11. Stable Diffusion

The Stable Diffusion Telegram bot is a standout tool in communication, offering a variety of features. Created to make sharing information quick and easy, this bot lets users send messages, files, and multimedia to individuals or groups without hassle.

Thanks to its strong performance and sturdy setup, the Stable Diffusion Telegram bot makes sure messages get to people fast, ensuring timely communication in any situation. Plus, it’s easy for everyone to use, no matter their tech skills, thanks to its user-friendly design.

12. Text To Image

Using visuals is key for effective communication nowadays. Whether you’re a social media marketer, blogger, or business owner, creating eye-catching images can really grab your audience’s attention.

But not everyone is a graphic design pro. That’s where the Text to Image Telegram Bot steps in to help. This clever bot combines the magic of artificial intelligence with the popular messaging app Telegram, letting users easily turn simple text into amazing images.

13. ImageBot

This Telegram bot makes it a breeze to search, explore, and share a huge collection of images. Whether you want inspiration, beautiful landscapes, or funny memes, it’s got you covered.

With a few easy commands, users can tell ImageBot what they’re looking for and get a personalized selection of images right away. This smooth connection of ImageBot with Telegram not only saves time but also makes messaging way more enjoyable.

From casually browsing images to finding just the right visuals for business presentations, ImageBot is a must-have tool for Telegram users who want visual content at their fingertips.

14. AI Background Remover Bot

Removing backgrounds from images can be a hassle, usually needing complicated photo editing tools. Luckily, the AI Background Remover Bot on Telegram has changed the game, making image editing way easier.

These smart bots use advanced artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately cut out backgrounds, saving users a ton of time and effort. In just a few easy steps, anyone can get professional-looking images that fit perfectly into their chosen settings.

15. OwloxBot

Meet this cool Telegram bot that makes shopping a breeze. It helps you track prices and availability from different online stores and marketplaces with just a few easy commands. Users can grab shopping discounts, learn about new offers, and get notified about clearance sales in a snap. This bot has become a must-have for fashion lovers, stylists, and anyone who uses Telegram a lot.

16. File Converter

Dealing with file conversions, like turning a Word document into a PDF or changing an image to a different file type, can eat up a lot of time. That’s where the File Converter Telegram Bot comes to the rescue.

Just upload the file you want to convert, pick the format you need, and let the bot do its thing. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have the perfect file format ready to go.


It’s clear that these virtual chatbots have changed the way we interact online. Using machine learning and natural language skills, these bots create an immersive experience that feels like chatting with a real person.

Another cool mention is Combot, packed with features like language detection, image recognition, and sentiment analysis. There are more Telegram bots out there to make your daily life easier.

We hope our detailed guide has helped you find the Best Free ChatGPT Bot for Telegram in 2024. If you still have questions, drop us a message in the comments below.

FAQ’s on ChatGPT Bot Telegram

How do I use ChatGPT Telegram Bot?

Using ChatGPT Telegram Bot is easy! Simply start a chat with the bot on Telegram and start typing your messages or questions. The bot will respond to your inputs, creating a conversational experience. It’s designed to assist with various tasks, making your interaction smooth and user-friendly.

Can I use ChatGPT Telegram Bot for commercial purposes?

As of now, the usage terms for ChatGPT Telegram Bot are typically for personal or non-commercial use. It’s essential to review and comply with the bot’s terms of service to ensure proper usage. If you have specific commercial needs, you might want to explore enterprise solutions or alternatives designed for commercial use.

What is the pricing for ChatGPT Telegram Bot?

The ChatGPT Telegram Bot is often free to use, but it’s crucial to check the specific pricing details provided by the bot developers or administrators. In many cases, basic functionalities are available at no cost, while certain advanced features or higher usage limits may require a subscription or payment. Always refer to the bot’s official documentation or contact the bot administrators for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

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