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Hello friends, welcome to your own blog called Digital Seo Life, our article today is on top of the best plugins for WordPress that we should use in our WordPress website.The first thing to do after installing WordPress. Choosing a theme for your blog and then installing the necessary WordPress plugin.

Initially most bloggers waste time in designing their blog or choosing a theme. In such a way, the starting blogger does not know that in the beginning, we should install the WordPress plugin from a cone.

So in today’s article, I will tell you about 5 important plugins that every professional blogger uses in his WordPress blog website.

Top 5 best plugin for WordPress website 2020

These plugins play a big role in making the blog SEO friendly. If you have just created your new blog, then I will suggest you this post. You must read this post 5 Important (Essential) settings after installing WordPress.

best plugins for WordPress
best plugins for WordPress

Because in the post I have told you about some basic settings, which you have to set up. So let us now know about the best plugin for WordPress one by one, what is their use in the blog,

Important Best plugin for WordPress blog website that you need to install

When you create your free blog, you do not get the feature that you get here. That is why, it is better to create a free blog, create your own WordPress blog, in this you get the option of advanced WordPress plugin.

Add Robots txt file Rank Your Website Fast

With the help of which you can make your website SEO friendly. With this, you can optimize your website or blog post with the help of these few plugins, and get maximum traffic from search engines.

Yoast Seo WordPress plugin

Yoast SEO is no.1 plugin. There is as many bloggers in the world. Who has created their blog on WordPress? It is not possible that they have not used this plugin.


This plugin is very popular, you will get it in both the free and premium versions, although most people use the free version because in the free version you will get a lot of SEO features.

With the help of which you can optimize your post, and you can write very good SEO to optimize content. If you have not yet set up Yoast, then read how to set up Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.

Download yoast seo plugin premium for just Rs 250. For life time. You can use it in all your WordPress websites. Click Here

Features of Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

  • You can easily optimize your WordPress blog.
  • You can do real-time analysis of your content.
  • The premium feature supports.

Jetpack by WordPress Plugin

Jetpack wordpress plugin – This plugin is also very popular. It has received more than 1 Milion download.

best plugins for WordPress
best plugins for WordPress

Every blogger also uses this plugin. This increases the speed of your wordpress blog. With this, it makes your website or blog secure. This plugin gives you free

Features of Jetpack WordPress plugin

  • With the help of Jetpack, you can know the traffic details of your website or blog.
  • Protects your site
  • Automatically optimize and speedup your images

Akismet plugin

Akismet is also a very popular plugin. When you install it, this plugin blocks all the spam comments in your post.


So that your post remains secure, and there are fewer chances of getting hacked.

Features of Akismet WordPress Plugin

  • Checks every single comment of visitors and while you. Do not approve comment does not publish.
  • blocks spam comment.

WP Super Cache plugin

This plugin generates static html files. This has the advantage in your WordPress dynamic blog, that both your page and website will load fast.


This will increase the speed of your blog, and you know how important the speed of the website is in the search engine.

WP Super cache WordPress plugin features

  • This generates a static html page for your visitors.
  • This increases the speed of your site.

Contact Form 7 plugin

If you used this plugin, with the help of this plugin, people means that your visitors will be able to contact you.

best plugins for WordPress
best plugins for WordPress

This wordpress plugin is very popular. Everyone blogger does this plugin.

Contact form 7 features of wordpress plugin

  • With this help people will be able to contact you
  • Also spam filter means that no one can send you spam

So these were the 5 wordpress plugin that you should install. So how did you like this comment and tell us by commenting. And if you want to ask us anything, then please comment by asking below.

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