67 Best Under the Table Jobs Near You

Many individuals in the United States opt for off-the-books, cash-paying jobs, which often come with attractive compensation. There are various motivations behind pursuing these under-the-table opportunities.

Some individuals do it to evade taxes, while others seek supplementary income on an as-needed basis. Additionally, some of these jobs may originate from less conventional sources.

image 67 Best Under the Table Jobs Near You

What is the Table Jobs?

There are two main categories of under-the-table jobs. The first category involves illegal activities, which can lead to severe legal consequences and are beyond the scope of this article.

The second category comprises legitimate jobs where employers choose to pay in cash instead of through conventional banking channels or digital payment systems like PayPal. In some cases, these employers may not have declared this cash income to avoid taxation and instead kept it off the books.

Employees in these positions can choose to report this income to the IRS or keep it undisclosed, though evading income tax is unlawful and can result in legal consequences, including charges for tax evasion and money laundering under various laws, including the USA Patriot Act.

Despite the risks, the underground economy in the United States offers individuals opportunities to find legitimate jobs while keeping their income hidden from the IRS.

67 Best Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash

Here’s a list of 67 under-the-table jobs that can provide cash income:

1. Gardening

Many people in your neighborhood may require assistance with their gardens and are willing to pay in cash.

2. Pet Walking

While apps like Rover and Woof generally use digital payments, you can find local pet walking opportunities that pay cash.

3. Babysitting

Although babysitting carries some risks, some families seek caregivers in the unorganized labor market, making it an option for extra income, particularly during summers.

4. Catering

Year-round catering jobs can offer under-the-table pay. Such roles often involve serving guests at events.

5. Driver

Some seniors may require occasional transportation assistance, offering cash payments without official work records.

6. Paid Online Surveys

Participating in online surveys can yield cash or shopping vouchers that are generally tax-exempt.

7. Plumbing

Freelance plumbers can find under-the-table opportunities by setting their own rates.

8. Running Errands

Offering errand-running services in your community can provide daily cash income.

9. Personal Yoga Trainer

If you’re skilled in yoga, working as a personal trainer can be a lucrative under-the-table job.

10. Personal Cook

Individuals with culinary expertise can work as personal cooks, commanding high rates in the underground economy.

11. Offline Tutor

Tutoring students in specific subjects without formal records can generate significant under-the-table income.

12. Tax Preparer

Seasonal tax preparation work offers cash payments during tax season.

13. Mascot

Stores and restaurants often hire mascots for promotional purposes, paying hourly cash rates.

14. Car Detailing

Car detailing, including thorough cleaning and restoration, can be a high-paying cash job.

15. Joint Roller

In states where recreational cannabis use is legal, working as a joint roller at cannabis-serving cafes is an option.

16. Sales Assistant

Retail stores often hire seasonal sales assistants, providing cash compensation without official records.

17. Farmhand

Living in rural areas with farms and orchards can lead to under-the-table farm work opportunities.

18. Mobile Repairs

Repairing mobile phones can be a profitable under-the-table job, as quick fixes are in demand.

19. Sugar Baby

While debated, some individuals choose to be sugar babies, earning substantial cash to cover college expenses.

20. Paid Friend

Loneliness prompts some individuals to pay for companionship, both online and offline.

21. Bakery Assistant

Assisting at local bakeries, arranging displays and possibly learning cake decoration can yield cash income.

22. PSO (Phone Sex Operator)

Working as a PSO can provide substantial hourly earnings with anonymity for operators.

23. News Delivery

Delivering newspapers to homes and offices can generate cash income for younger individuals.

24. Lawn Mowing

Many individuals with gardens require lawn care services, offering cash payments.

25. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers receive free goods and cash from reviews, with income under the table.

26. Assistant Florist

Creative individuals can earn cash by assisting florists with floral arrangements.

27. Professional Mourner

Attending funerals as a professional mourner can yield significant cash for those comfortable with this role.

28. Grave Digger

Digging graves for cemeteries that lack heavy equipment can provide cash income, sometimes up to $50 per hour.

29. Deputy Mortician

Assisting morticians in preparing bodies for funerals can offer both part-time and full-time under-the-table work.

30. Apiarist

Cultivating, extracting, and selling honey products can be a lucrative under-the-table business.

31. Funeral Service Worker

Working under a funeral director to prepare for last rites can provide under-the-table cash income.

32. Mortuary Makeup Artist

Applying makeup to deceased individuals is a unique under-the-table job.

33. Delivery Agent

Offering independent delivery services can lead to cash payments.

34. Appliance Repairs

Providing appliance repair services at customers’ homes can help them save on repair costs.

35. Caregiver

Informally caring for sick individuals or seniors can result in under-the-table cash earnings.

36. Entertainer

Part-time entertainment gigs at events and venues can offer extra cash without formal work records.

37. Telecaller

Small businesses often seek telecallers, paying on a per-call basis with cash.

38. Kitchen Helper

Assisting with kitchen tasks like food preparation and dishwashing can yield daily cash income.

39. Graphic Designer

Freelance graphic designers can create and sell designs for cash, requiring no formal degree.

40. Janitor

Janitors can work informally or as freelancers, earning cash for their services.

41. Manicure & Pedicure

Providing manicure and pedicure services, even for men, can result in cash income.

42. Car Wash

Offering car washing services can help individuals save on automated car wash costs.

43. Referee

Serving as a sports referee for local games can provide cash payments, especially during the sports season.

44. Photographer

Freelance photographers can earn money from events and by selling photos online.

45. Laundry Assistant

Laundries often hire workers for manual tasks, offering cash payments.

46. Micro Tasker

Completing small tasks like proofreading and content editing can result in under-the-table cash payments.

47. Tank Cleaner

Cleaning residential water tanks for homeowners can provide cash income.

48. Lab Sample Collector

Collecting non-phlebotomist-required samples for patients offers opportunities for under-the-table income.

49. Remote Computer Repairs

Independent computer repair services can provide cash payments, but caution is essential to avoid scams.

50. Packers

Packing goods for shipping or transport can result in cash income, often with flexible hours.

51. Pet Sitters

Spending time with indoor pets can offer cash income opportunities for animal lovers.

52. Waiter/ Waitress

Restaurants often require extra waitstaff during peak seasons, offering cash income plus tips.

53. Crafts Tutor

Offering craft lessons from home can yield decent cash income, with origami being a sought-after skill.

54. Masseur/ Masseuse

Providing massages as a trained masseur or masseuse can result in cash payments.

55. Video Editor

Basic video editing skills can lead to freelance work with cash compensation.

56. Assistant Storekeeper

Assisting with inventory management can provide cash income, particularly for those comfortable with numbers.

57. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters write content on behalf of others, receiving cash payments for anonymity.

58. Furniture Repair

Repairing furniture for clients in their homes can yield cash income opportunities.

59. Photo Restoration

Restoring old photos can be a profitable under-the-table job, thanks to modern software tools.

60. Junk Seller

Buying and selling junk can result in cash income, with many transactions being cash-based.

61. Beautician

Trained beauticians can offer doorstep services for cash income without formal records.

62. Product Promoter

Working as a product promoter on a freelance basis can provide cash payments at the end of each day.

63. Fisherperson

Selling edible fish caught in local bodies of water can be a cash-based source of income.

64. Painter

Offering assistance with painting homes can lead to cash payments from homeowners.

65. Embroiderer

Embroiderers can earn cash by creating intricate designs on clothing items from home.

66. Remote Surveillance

Monitoring surveillance cameras for property owners can result in cash payments, keeping property under watchful eyes.

67. Hobby Trainers

Teaching hobbies can lead to under-the-table cash income, with additional earnings from selling hobby-related materials.

What’s Underground Economy?

The term “underground economy” refers to both legal and illegal activities that generate income. This informal economy often serves as a lifeline for undocumented migrants seeking employment in various countries.

In most cases within the underground economy, formal work records and wages are not maintained. Instead, compensation and employment terms are agreed upon verbally between the employer and employee.

Always Declare Your True Income

It’s essential to emphasize that while tax avoidance is a legitimate practice permitted by the IRS, tax evasion is illegal. Therefore, even if you engage in under-the-table work, it is advisable to report your income to the IRS to stay on the right side of the law.


While these 67 under-the-table job options may be enticing, it’s crucial to remember that tax evasion is illegal and can have serious consequences. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers legitimate means of reducing tax liabilities, and individuals are encouraged to report all sources of income. Avoid the potential pitfalls of tax evasion by declaring your under-the-table earnings, ensuring financial security while staying within the bounds of the law.

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