Best Way To Sell Pdf Online

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If you want to earn money by selling PDF online, then read this article completely, we will give you information about Best Way To Sell Pdf Online.

We all know that today is the era of eLearning. Along with this, many people like to read online only. Because through internet and smartphone, we can learn by reading anything at any place.

There are many of us who have some or the other knowledge. If you are also one of those people. Then you can publish your knowledge on the Internet by writing it in an e-book. Through which you can earn a lot of money.

To earn money from your knowledge you have to create your own pdf. To create an e-book, you can make pdf kaise banaye by reading it.

When you create your eBook (pdf). After that it comes, how will you be able to earn money from your e-book (PDF)?

You will find many ways to earn money from e-books. I will tell you two such ways out of the same ways, through which you can earn money by selling your e-book in a very short time.

How to earn money from pdf (eBook)

If you want to sell your e-book in the right way. Then you have to follow my given methods. I guarantee you that, you will get to see the results very soon.

I want to tell you one thing honestly. To sell your e-book, you have to invest a little on advertising. About advertisement – ​​I will tell you later in this article. First of all, you need to know that, where you can publish your e-book.

You will find many ways to publish e-books on the Internet. But in those ways your time will be wasted. That’s why I will tell you such ways, through which you can upload your e-book on the internet for free.

  • Instamojo
  • Amazon Kindle

Instamojo : Instamojo is a payment gateway platform. We can create our own online store for free on instamojo along with payment gateway. On this store, we can upload our physical and digital products and sell them to anyone.

Now here it comes, how can you upload your e-book to instamojo?

To upload e-book on Instamojo, you have to create an account on Instamojo. If you want to create your account on Instamojo, then you can create account kaise banaye on Instamojo by reading this article.

After creating an account on Instamojo, you have to follow the steps given by me. When you follow these steps properly, then you can make your store very easily. Along with this, you can also upload that e-book on your store.

Step 1: Login to Instamojo

The email from which you must have created your instamojo account. You will have to give the same email and password here, and click on Login.

Step 2: View Instamojo’s interface

When you login to instamojo. After that you will get to see such an interface in front of you.

Step 3: Click on Create Online Store.

On the top left side of the dashboard, you will see the option of Create Online Store. You have to click on this option. I have already stepped up my store. So I see below store setup option. You will see this too. you click anywhere

Step 4: Name your store

Now you have to write the name of your store. You can name this store according to you. After that you have to click on Next: Add Social Links.

Step 5: Add Social Links

You can also create social media accounts with the name of the same store that you will name your store. When you will create your own social media accounts. Then you have to copy the links of your social media and paste them in these boxes. But all this is not necessary. You can leave them if you want. After that you have to Next: what are you selling? Must click on.

Step 6: Click on Digital Products

Here you will see many options. Out of these options, you have to click on Digital Product. Because pdf (ebook) is a digital product. That’s why you have to choose the digital product only. After that you have to click on NEXT: Customize Your Store.

Next Step 7: : Click on Store URL

Here you will see two options. One is preview and the other is Next: Store URL. If you want to see a preview of your store. So for that you have to click on Preview. After viewing the preview, you have to click on Next: Store URL.

Step 8: Click on View my online store

To see your store, you have to click on view my online store.

Step 9: View the dashboard of your store

The dashboard of your online store will look like this. To make this store beautiful, you have to upload logo, sliders and products in it.

Step 10: Upload your store logo

To put a logo in your store, you have to click on the upload option. After that you will have to upload the logo from your computer, which you have created for this store.

If you do not know how to make a logo, then you must make a logo from Feverr, because of this, the value of your store will be good in the eyes of both the customer and Google.

Step 11: Upload your store slider

To upload the slider to your store, you have to click on the upload button. After that you will have to upload the slider from your computer, which you have created for this store.

Step 12: Add your product

You have to come back to the dashboard and there you have to click on Create New

After that you have to click on the store product. In which you have written add product.

After that you have to select the digital file.

Now you have to first upload your PDF file i.e. your ebook on it. You have to add a cover photo of it if you have made one. After that you have to give the name of that PDF i.e. Title and Description. In the description you can write some things about the pdf. Otherwise you can leave it.

Now the most important step is the next step, if you want to do it, otherwise it is not necessary. But this is the most important step. You have to select the fixed price only. And below you have to put the price as much as you want to sell your PDF. If you want to give discount, then you have to enable by clicking on the discount below and add the price you want to sell.

After doing the next step, you can make the pdf live, that is, save it and go to your store to see that it is live. Now you have to sell it, you should learn digital marketing to sell. Only then you can earn money by selling it well.


If you have PDF to sell, then with the help of Instamos you can collect payment. And you can sell your PDF. By using this you can put your business on automation. This is one such business. In which you have to create PDF once. You can sell the same PDF as many times as you want.

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