Best Website Optimization Free Tools and Tips 2021

Best website optimization free tools and tips: – If you do not optimize your website, then you are making a big mistake because inadvertently you make some mistakes, which makes a big difference in your site ranking and visitors to your website decrease.

Today in this article, I am going to tell you that with the help of the best website optimization free tools, you can optimize your website and some AC tips will also help you. So I am starting this article with some tips, after that, you will get a list of very good and free tools.


Website optimization tips

You should make your site mobile friendly, if your site is not mobile-friendly, then your site will never rank in today’s time, for this you must follow all the steps ahead if you follow all the steps or Kahu tip right If you understand this, then your site will soon rank on the first page of Google.

Before knowing the website optimization tips, let me tell you that if you want to post a guest on our site, then you can visit our guest post page for more information. Now let’s talk about free website optimization tips which is as follows.

If your site is on WordPress, then you should get the right hosting, because the hosting you have taken is not affecting your site in ranking. Friend, if you do not take the hosting of an AC Vessy company in a cycle of saving a few rupees, which is absolutely useless which no one knows. If you have taken then change now because it will keep your site hung. And when you are engaged in ranking your site more, then it can also shut down your site and you can also pay a hefty amount for it. You should use Blogger only. So you should be cautious in this matter.

Whether you use Blogger or WordPress, you should always take the theme from the owner and that too. Or take it from a blogger who you think gives the right guideline for you. If you are using the AC theme, then it is cracked, then you should remove it now. It can be misleading the traffic of your site on another website with the help of a script and in WordPress, the site is also Can be done. Bloggers are not much risk because they have Google’s safety.

After that comes plugins, so this tip is made for WordPress people only, the blogger’s friend should read the next tip, but if you want to run your website in WordPress later, you can also read it. If you are using redundant plugins in your WordPress, which do not work, remove them now. Do you know which of the following plug-ins has an AC script that is tracking your keywords and adding an effect to your site’s ranking? You should use only those plugins which are worthy of Barossa which are used by all people, do not use any such useless plugin. It also puts an overload on your site.

Friend, this tip is for both blogger and WordPress, because you must be using the image in the post. So whenever you add a photo to your article, you must reduce its size. If you do not reduce its size, it will reduce the speed of your webpage. You should always try to keep the image size up to 100kb. No, If it happens, you reduce its size.

You should speed up the speed of your website. That is optimized website speed. If your site takes longer to load, then your site will not be ranked.

So, friend, these were some website optimization tips that I have shared with you. Now some people will also have a question that when or how long website optimization should be done.

So I optimize my site after every 15 days, you can also optimize your site after 15 days or if you do it in a month, then there is no need to optimize every day, the tip given to you Follow them and optimize your website after 15 – 20 days. And fix the deficiency that you are seeing and do it again and again, it may take you a full day in the beginning, if you have never corrected them, by optimizing once you remove all the deficiency then you just smile Will take 10 to 12 minutes.

Let us now know about the best website optimization free tools which are absolutely free. I am giving your links to them, so you can directly optimize your website by clicking on them.

Best website optimization free tools for all blogger

The friend who is telling you in the website optimization free tools, is not very advanced, but you give 70 percent of these data absolutely right and I use them myself. If you know of any other tool, then you must tell us in the comment. Let’s know about the best website optimization free tools for all bloggers one by one which is as follows.

Best website optimization free tools list for all blogger

1. First of all, in our list, Google speed tester is the only free tool on the Internet that gives you 100 percent accurate information by testing your website speed. If you want to speed test your site, then you can use it.


2. Ubersuggest is a free tool that you can optimize your entire site in one click, you will not get this good free best website optimization free tool all over the internet, it gives you 70 percent data right, so you can use it Will tell you in your article that you have made a mistake, how much is the speed of your site, you will get all the right information.|

Apart from these, if I get anything else, I will definitely share it with you. And if you have any other question, then you can also ask us by commenting. Best website optimization free tools and tips.

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