How to make thubnail For Youtube and Blog Featured Image

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Do you want to know how to make thumbnail for youtube video and blog featured image generator? Don’t you want to pay for both these works? 

If yes, then you are at absolutely right place. We will tell you blog featured image generator and thumbnail for youtube and blog for free.

In today’s time, it has become very important to attract visitors towards your blog posts or videos. In such a situation, the role of Featured Images and Thumbnail increases. 

It is very important that you design your front cover in such a way that more and more people visit your website. That’s why today we will tell you blog featured image generator, that too absolutely free . So let’s start from the beginning:

How to Create Thumbnail For Youtube and Featured Image Blog

Use Youtube Thubnail Maker & Blog Featured image generator:

Now we will tell you how you can generator Featured Image for blog and make Thumnail for youtube video easily for free with the help of Canva and WordPress plugins.

1. Best Blog Featured Image Generator

If you are looking for a blog featured image generator tool to create a Featured Image for your blog, then you can use the Featured Image Generator plugin in WordPress. And if you want to become a Featured Image for your blog by yourself, then you can create one from the cenva website. In this you get Featured Image templates made. Which you can also design according to your own.

Featured Image Generator Plugin for wordpress Blog. Use Canva and generat good Featured image for your blog.

2. Best youtube thubnail maker

If you want to maker thumbnail for any video of your Youtube channel, then you can easily do it with the help of Canva app/website. You don’t have to do much for this. Simply install the app and go to the homepage. From there, click on the search box and type Youtube Thubnail.

After this, many designs and templates will come open to you, which will be specially designed for making your thumbnails. After this, you can save by editing the picture and text associated with your video according to you. It’s very easy.

What are Featured Images in Blog?

Featured Images or post thumbnail are a type of pictures that work to represent your posts, pages, custom posts, etc. Whenever you are on the homepage, posts or archive posts of a website, you will easily see it. As you must be seeing in the above picture that we have shared the Featured Image related to NESTLE India Company with you.

What are Video Thumbnails?

Video Thumbnails are a kind of reduced sized versions of pictures and videos which are used to tell about the video and attract the visitors. In a way, it follows the law of ” judge book by its cover “. Visitors click on any video only when it is more and more attractive. In the above picture you can see that we have added a thumbnail of a YouTube video. This is an example to show how it happens.

What are the benefits of Featured Images and thumbnail?

We learned above that what are featured images and thumbnails? Let us now know what are their benefits –

  • SEO Improvement: The biggest advantage of this is that it improves the SEO of your post. However, for this, you have to give alt tags for your images in the right way, which must contain your focused keywords. For other blogging tips, you can read our SEO Friendly Content Writing 10+ Tips For Blog post With Example
  • Visitors are attracted: As we have already told you that the world of blogging and youtube is judged by a book by its cover, so the more attractive your featured images and video thumbnail, the more your visitors will come. That’s why always try to make attractive posters only . Next we will tell you in detail how you can make a great poster i.e. thumbnail and festured images.
  • The value of your content increases: If you use featured images for your blog posts, then it becomes easier for your visitors to understand your content. Along with this, the time sessions for your content increase and the value of your content also increases.

Good Images Resources For Blog & Youtube Video

Now let’s talk about you can make featured images for blog and thumbnail image for youtube video. For this, first you will need some pictures which you would like to add to the posters. If you look at the thumbnail of this post, you will find that we have also used a picture along with writing. That’s why you have to pay attention to 2 things first so that you can make posters for your blog posts or thumbnail:

1. Download Royalty Free Photos

So first you have to download Royalty Free Photos. You can read what are our Royalty Free images and from where to download . Along with this, we are telling you some platforms below from where you can download royalty free images for free:

2. Tools with which you can create featured images and thumbnails

If you have downloaded the royalty free photos, then now the task is to add them and create featured images and thumbnail. You may need these tools to make them:


So here is our Complete blog featured image generator and Thumbnail Making Guide . If you are still facing any problem or have any query then you can tell by commenting below. If you want a blog post on any other topic, then you can also tell by commenting below.

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