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Hello friends, today we have brought a blogger template for you. Which you can put in your blog for free.

This template is responsive. User-friendly and Adsense friendly.

If you want to customize it. Then we have made a video for this. Which is in the Hindi language.

If you want to edit it by watching it. Then you can edit it by watching that video.

Let us give you other information about this template.

Blogger pro template free download 2020

The name of this Blogger Template is – Cyber. Its author – alistarbot is

You are given the following facilities in Blogger Pro Template Cyber.

After installing it in your blogger, you can easily customize it.

If you have to download it, after one minute a download button will show which you can download by clicking on it.

Note: – You can use it free on all your blogger website, but if you are caught selling it, strict legal action will be taken.

All Facilities in Blogger pro template

  1. In this, you are given the feature to put hot posts. In which you can show posts of any category of your choice. Which will be your latest 3 post-show.
  2. In this pro blogger template, you are also given the option to place feature posts. In which you can show posts of any category of your choice.
  3. After this, you can show recent posts in it, which you can show on any page of your choice.
  4. You are also given a contract for home ads. In which you have to put a bar code. And your ADS will start appearing on the home page, along with the post there are more chances of clicking on the law.
  5. You are also given a right sidebar. In the footer, you are given three wights, which you can customize at will.
  6. You are also given the facility of amp in it. Which websites are very important to rank Google fast.
  7. In this, you get three types of comment systems inbuilt.
  8. In this, you will find all the social media share buttons already installed.
  9. In this Blogger Pro template, you do not have to give any foot credit in the footer.
  10. In this blogger pro template, you can put all your social accounts in the gadget given in the sidebar.
  11. The facility to give you a link in the footer is given in this Blogger Pro template.
  12. In addition, this blogger theme is responsive, user friendly, and Adsense friendly.

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