What is body language? Complete Information 2021 Get Free AudioBook and Learn easy Body language

What is body language? Complete Information 2021 Get Free AudioBook and Learn easy Body language

If you are looking for body language information, do not worry, you will get complete information in this article. Together we will also tell you how you can learn body language. From which book you have to learn body language, you will also get information about those books. So read this article completely.

What Is Body Language?

Body language is the language you speak without words. When you say, “communication” you often think of“words”, “speeches”, and “presentations”. However, communication is much more than words. You can communicate exceptionally accurately without saying one word just with your body. Every part of your body can speak as eloquently as words; perhaps, even better than words.

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The way you stand, the way you hold your head, the way you position your palms, hands, arms, legs – everything says something. Sometimes, you can pick up the unsaid message in an instant – like when someone is aggressive – and sometimes it takes a little time.

There are many theories about how much communication we actually do through body language. One that you will find quoted most often is the Mehrabian theory – by Dr Albert Mehrabian – which states that about 7 percent of communication is done through words, 38 percent is through the tone of our voice and a whopping 55 percent though body language. In other words, the nonverbal communication amount to an astounding 93 percent.

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Why is Body Language Important?

You would say something that amount to 93 percent is significant. This number itself – even if many say it approximate – is hugely impressive. This indicates how important it is to learn to read body language – because the actual message comes from there. It is indeed very important to know what the other person really wants to convey. This type of information would make your life quite easy.

Most people are able to “pick up the signals” even if they do not actually know how to read body language. For example, you enter a room and you “know” whether they were talking something friendly or arguing about something. The body language of the people in the room will “tell” you the mood instantly, though if you were asked why you deduced that you’d not be able to explain.

Learning to accurately read body language is a skill like any other. We all love Sherlock Holmes and his amazing observation skills. Detectives, FBI agents, people working in intelligence and espionage, professional gamblers, magicians, and the like, are trained in the art of reading body language. They use this skill to fool you into believing that they are what-they-are-not.

There are many signals that your body will send involuntarily. For example, you’ll grimace at the sight of vomit or feces on a plate; you may smile at the picture of a kitten playing or flower blooming or car or horse racing with abandon. Knowing what these signals are would help you control communication so you could “transmit” the message you want transmitted.

Knowing to read body language would help you:

  • Establish leadership and maintain it in spite of competition.
  • Establish a friendly and conducive environment formally and informally wherever you go.
  • Amplify and optimize your persuasion powers and thereby being able to get people do what you want them to do.
  • Win people’s trust.
  • Ensure that you choose friends. colleagues, employees, etc. better.

These are only a handful benefits you may gain from learning to read body language. The best is that you would be able to stay in control of most situations because you would know not only to read other people’s signals but also know what signals you should send when and where. Sounds like a foolproof recipe for success!

Now we know how and where you will learn body language in a very short time and easily.

How to Learn body language in a very short time and easily.

If you want to learn body language in a short time, then you have to read good books, if you want to create a different talent inside yourself, then you have to learn it. Right now the question in your mind will be that how and from where can I get a better book on body language. So you don’t worry. For you we have brought a very good ebook which you are going to get free in audio book also.

Although the price of this ebook is $ 240, but there is a huge discount going on it, which you can take advantage of right now. If you take it now, then with this best body language ebook, you will get free audio book for free. And you can buy this book now for just $ 49.99.

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Check Out What’s Inside

  • How to Quickly Recognize a Lie
  • ​Body Language 101 – Breaking Down The Unknown Signals the Body Gives Off
  • The power of Reverse Psychology – 3-Step Formula to Use It the Right Way
  • People-Reading – the Key to Understanding Others without Words
  • How to Use Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication to Display More Confidence 
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Reading People “from head to toes”

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