Call barring means in Hindi and english full information

Mobile phone is a great gadget of today’s era which everyone uses, if it is not with us for some time, then it seems that we do not know what has been removed from our body. So friend, in this article today, I am going to tell you about an amazing setting of your mobile phone, which will be very useful for you, we know it as Call barring.

You do not have much knowledge about mobile phones, you do not know how to control your mobile phone completely, do you know what is call barring means? So friend, will give you all the information about it today and will try to teach you well about all the work.


Call barring meaning in Hindi and English

Call barring meaning in Hindi: – Call barring का हिन्दी में मीनिंग कॉल प्रतिबंधित होता है अगर इसे आसान भाषा में आप समझे तो कॉल को रोकना यानि आपके मोबाइल पर कोई फ़ोन कॉल ना आए| इसके बारे में और भी जानकरी देगे आगे चलकर लेकिन कुछ लोगो को इसको इंग्लिश में भी जाना होता है की इसके और मीनिंग क्या हो सकते है|

Call barring meaning in English:Call barring means that calls are restricted. If you understand this in easy language, then stop the call, ie there is no phone call on your mobile.

I hope you will understand the call barring means easily. Now with the help of how we can put it in your phone and which phone call we can stop, and in which mobile it spouts, you will get information about it. So let’s know about this full information.

How can we use Call barring?

We can use call barring to intercept phone calls that we do not want to have any calls. We can also stop the call of our friend, or someone who is calling us again and again, can also stop international calls (international calls), and we can call someone from our phone without our will. Can not even do it.

To understand this easily, you assume that there are only calls on your phone, but you do not want to call from that phone, then it is possible to call barring. So you must have known that we can use the call barring. Now I am going to teach to activate it.

If you have not understood anything, then if you want to understand it in short, then this list is for you.

You can block all outgoing calls or outgoing international calls (ie no one can call) in your mobile phone.

You can block all incoming calls, incoming international calls (ie no phone calls) in your mobile phone.

You can block calls while roaming all over your mobile phone.

Friend call barring option runs in almost all mobile phones, the company already installs it in all the phones. You should not download it from any other store. Next, we have to keep what care you have to put in it, and if you do not know its information, then you must read it. Now to know how to activate it, how can we start to call barring?

How to activate, turn on call barring? How to start to call baring?

Friends, we are going to tell you two ways to activate call barring, you can activate call barring by following what you like. After how to activate it, we will also tell you to deactivate the call barring. Because when you do not need it, you can also close it in a simple way. So first we have to activate it.

How to activate call barring

The first way to activate the call barring is like this, you have to open the dial pad of your mobile, you have to type in it * 31 # and you have to click on the call button.

After that you will see a popup mosque where you outgoing caller id service was enabled. And later you will see the OK button, and after clicking OK, there will be no call from your mobile.

With the help of this code, you can only enable the function of calling. Calling on your number will not stop.

Note: – Now here you have to keep in mind that if you have two SIM cards in your mobile, only the number from which you will call this number will not be called. All calls will be sent from your second number.

The second way to activate call barring is very advanced, which you have to activate by going to the dial pad of your mobile, so let’s know that in this second way you will need your mobile’s call barring password, then you will get the list below.

If you do not have your mobile’s call barring password, then you will comment us and we will add it by adding it. Or you can give us a mosque on our telegram. And you can also join our Telegram Group.

To activate the call barring, you have to go to the dial pad of your mobile, after that you have to click on the three-dot that appears on the top.

After that you have to click on Settings.

After clicking on setting, you have to click on calling account.

After clicking on the calling account, you have to click on the SIM card on which you want to activate Call barring.

Here you will see the option of call barring, click on it.

Here you will see every option that you want to manage according to your choice.


You have to click on the option that you want to activate or you want to use, as soon as you click on it, you will be asked for a call barring password, you have to fill it and save it.

So friend, in this way you can activate call barring very easily.

call barring password list

How to deactivate call barring

If you want to deactivate these settings, you can also deactivate them in the same manner. If you have followed our second method, then you follow all steps in the same way and deactivate call barring option and if you have followed the first method.

For that, you have to go to the dial pad of your mobile again and type # 31 #.

And you have to call from the same SIM, after that a popup mosque will come in front of you and you have to do OK on it and your call barring will deactivate.


Deactivate call barring with codes

Friend, if you have followed our other way and you have called that call barring password, then we are giving you a code list in which you have to use the option of call barring, keeping in mind the option.
Suppose you have stopped international calls by going to your call barring, then you have to dial the same code from it. If you are not getting it, then you can take help from us by moshing us on whatsapp. But let us tell you that for this we will charge you 100 rupees. You can see our Whatsapp number below.

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