What to Comment On Girls Post?

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Do you want to impress a girl? We list the best comments for girls picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media that you can even copy!

By commenting on the girl’s photo, you want her Patna. Or are you thinking of impressing them and talking to them. In this article you will get a list of good comments.

In today’s article, what should we comment on the posts of girls. There is a guide about that. Whom he should impress and talk to you, if you want to impress a girl. So by making good comments on their photos, then you should read this article completely.

Note: If you have offended a girl by commenting before, you wrote such a word on her photo that she has blocked you, or she is now angry with you, and reply to any of your comments If not, then we will give you such comments so that she will start talking to you again.

If you still don’t, then there are many other girls in the world with whom you can talk. Let’s know What to Comment On Girls Post if they want to impress.

What to Comment On Girls Post?

All Best Comment On Girls Pic Post 2022

  1. Your photo is very nice.
  2. This dress looks great on you.
  3. You are looking very beautiful today.
  4. Woo today you set fire man.
  5. What is the matter what is being said.
  6. Very happy to see you dear.
  7. After seeing you, my heart felt like I could.
  8. You are looking very cool today.
  9. Seeing your photo, even the moon will be shy man.
  10. You are looking very good in this photo.
  11. Tell me one thing, today I feel like sitting with you and drinking tea..
  12. You put this thing now, you have a good photo.
  13. Black gold face black glasses.
  14. This photo of you is amazing dear.
  15. I like all your photos.
  16. I like you very much.
  17. I am angry with you because you never talk to me with love.
  18. One day you will be blessed with my love.
  19. I have saved this photo of you who gives me peace in my heart..
  20. Why don’t you go for a walk today, I will click your better photo there..
  21. How much did this dress cost.
  22. Oh what is he wearing.
  23. I am speaking from my heart, it will be very difficult to forget you after seeing this photo..
  24. I don’t like anything except you.
  25. Now what can I say about this photo of yours?.
  26. I will tell you again to answer this comment of mine.
  27. when will you get my money back.
  28. Don’t put photos like this, if someone dies then you will be jailed.
  29. Hi my heart started beating fast seeing this photo of you.
  30. Where will you meet tomorrow.
  31. Do you have to eat round gape?.
  32. You lost both goals.
  33. This rose petal makes you want to kiss my lips..
  34. I will not give it is my heart.
  35. A new photo has created a rage on the entire social media..
  36. Till when the queen of youth hides.
  37. Now you will not need jewelry, your body has become a complete jewel.
  38. What do they say in English, Lovely you are looking the same today.
  39. I want to marry you.
  40. I will always remember today.
  41. This face looks familiar, hey you are the same hot figure.


These were some such comments that you can make on any girl’s post. Not all girls are of the same mindset. You should understand a little bit about his living condition and comment with your mind.

What to Comment On Girls Post?

If you want to comment on Lucky’s post, then use some key words, seeing that he feels that you like him. Eg: You look so cute, no one like you, hi my heart is beating for you now etc.

How can I admire a girl?

If you want to impress a girl by praising her, then you should appreciate her work, comment on her clothes, compare with other girls.

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