Do not use YouTube Backlink Generator Tools : Right way to Rank Videos

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Do not use YouTube Backlink Generator Tools. Right ways to Rank videos Your Video On youtube with Banklinks: We want to rank our YouTube videos as soon as possible, so that we can make maximum profit, and for this we do everything possible. Like now by searching youtube backlink generator, put the link of your video in it, click on generate backlink, after that he will not know where to put the link of our video.

Today we are going to give you a small description of all the information in this article. Do youtube backlink generator tools really work? Is it right to use youtube backlink generator?, What is the right way to generate powerful backlinks for youtube videos?, and other ways to rank youtube videos. Will know about him.

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Hello friend, my name is Pardeep, and today I will give you all the information that I have learned in this digital marketing world in the last few years. As you know, on this blog, we always keep telling you about the tools, ebooks, and websites, courses for your benefit. So even today we will tell you about youtube backlink generator tools. Let’s know about the tool. Use Best cartoon character voice generator text to speech For YouTube Video.

First of all we will know that do youtube backlink generator tools really work?

Friends, you will be happy to know that yes, youtube backlink generator tools really create backlinks for your videos, but I am going to tell you another true thing about these backlink generating tools, which neither your youtube guru will tell, and Nor any tool owner. That we will know next.

A backlink in YouTube refers to a link from an external website or page that directs users to your YouTube video. It’s like a virtual referral from another website, indicating that they find your video valuable or relevant. Backlinks are important because they can help increase the visibility and reach of your video. They also contribute to your video’s search engine rankings. By having more quality backlinks, your YouTube video has a better chance of being discovered and attracting more viewers.

If you want to create backlinks for your YouTube videos, there are a few strategies you can try. One way is to share your video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also embed your video on your own website or blog. Additionally, you can reach out to other website owners or bloggers in your niche and ask if they would be interested in featuring your video on their site. Remember, creating valuable and engaging content is key to attracting backlinks naturally.

Certainly! Here’s a detailed explanation of the strategies you can try to create backlinks for your YouTube videos:

1. Share on social media platform

One effective way to create backlinks for your YouTube videos is by sharing them on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When you share your video on these platforms, it increases the chances of it being discovered by a wider audience. You can include a link to your video in your social media posts or stories, making it easy for people to click and watch. If your video resonates with viewers, they might share it with their own networks, creating even more backlink opportunities.

2. Embed on your website or blog

Another strategy is to embed your YouTube video on your own website or blog. By doing this, you create a backlink from your own web property to your video. This not only helps with backlinks but also encourages visitors to spend more time on your website or blog, improving user engagement. When embedding the video, make sure to optimize the surrounding content and provide context to entice visitors to click and watch.

3. Collaborate with website owners or bloggers

Reach out to website owners or bloggers who operate in your niche or have a similar target audience. Introduce yourself and your YouTube channel, and ask if they would be interested in featuring your video on their site. This can be done through guest posts, collaborations, or even just a mention with a backlink to your video. The exposure on their site can lead to increased views, subscribers, and potential backlinks from their audience.

4. Create valuable and engaging content

It’s important to remember that creating valuable and engaging content is key to attracting backlinks naturally. When your videos offer unique insights, helpful information, or entertaining content, other website owners, bloggers, or social media users are more likely to link to them. Focus on quality and relevance, and aim to provide value to your target audience. The more people find your content valuable, the higher the chances of them sharing and linking to it.

While it is possible to find individuals or services on platforms like Fiverr that offer backlink services, it’s important to exercise caution. Buying backlinks can be risky because search engines like Google have guidelines against artificial or spammy link-building practices. If search engines detect such practices, it can negatively impact your website or YouTube channel’s rankings. It’s generally recommended to focus on organic and natural backlink building through the strategies mentioned above.

Remember, building backlinks takes time and effort. It’s a gradual process, but by consistently applying these strategies and creating valuable content, you can increase the visibility, reach, and authority of your YouTube videos over time.

This question will rarely come in your mind that it is right to use backlink generator? So I would say no, I have 4 reasons for this, which I am going to tell you right now. After this, I will give you information about how to make good and powerful backlinks for YouTube videos. You keep reading the article. A little time given now will make your channel grow as soon as possible.

  1. These tools make all your video backlinks on all spam websites. In which more than half of the website does not even have https.
  2. Any website on which your links are made, hardly 100 visitors will come to those websites in a day, those same people who have created a backlink with any tool, and go to that website to see, that backlink is created. is or not
  3. And even if someone comes to watch your video from these websites, then do you know that he will watch your video completely. If he watches the whole thing, that’s fine, and if he just clicks on the video and goes back to watch another video, YouTube itself will stop ranking your video. Because people are not watching well on the video.
  4. Some tools also make the link of your video to the wrong website, in a hidden way, which has a very bad effect on your channel. These four reasons will never allow your YouTube channel to rank, and if you are a little smart, you will never promote your dream channel on the wrong website. You must have understood what I want to say. It is your choice, if you want to rank your YouTube channel quickly, then do not follow any such method that Google and YouTube think that they stop auto-ranking your channel’s videos.

Now the question will be in your mind, what should we do so that our YouTube videos start getting ranked as soon as possible. So now I’m going to tell you. What are the other ways to rank YouTube videos? I hope you are enjoying reading the blog, if you have any question then do comment.

More Best Way to Rank Your Video On top WithOut youtube backlink generator :

  • Use Youtube seo tool for your video.
  • To make the thumbnail attractive, you can use the canva tool, this is a free tool.
  • By hiring a freelancer to create power full backlink without youtube backlink generator.
  • Always upload your video before 5 pm and 8 pm.
  • Be sure to add your video to the end screen and i button in the video.
  • Keep reading the article to know all the other ways to create the right backlinks for videos.

I am going to tell you 3 ways to rank youtube videos. With the help of which you will be able to easily rank your channel in 1 to 2 months. And according to me, you must have been like this for 3 to 4 months.

1. Putting the video on the blog

If you want to rank your video quickly, then you can get the link of your YouTube video posted on any blog. On which you will get very good traffic. Believe me, from the link of the same video, you can get daily 1000 views only from the link placed on the blog. We can also consider this as backlink only.

Things to keep in mind while getting the video posted on the blog.

  • You have to get your video added on the blog related to the topic of your video.
  • You told the owner of the blog that you use any of our videos in your blog. This will also benefit your blog and we will also get views.
  • If possible, put the video in the header of the blog post itself. It makes chances to get more views.
  • This video is made very well, asked to put it on the blog itself.

These are important things. which you must follow. Now we know another way. And yes, if you want to learn blogging in Hindi then we are giving you a complete playlist. In which you will get complete information from starting a blog to earning money from blog.

2. Creating and applying good title Tags and Descriptions for Youtube videos

It matters a lot to your title tag and description, to bring your video in the first 3 to 4 videos in Google and YouTube search. If you have a good title tag and description, then your video will be shown in the search as well, as well as your video will also start appearing in the suggestion in the side bar, below the other video. If you have difficulty in creating good title tags and descriptions, then you can use this tool. “Get Video On First Page Of Google In 24 Hours” The tool we are telling you to create title tag and description, today many people are using this tool, to rank the videos of their YouTube channel. He is earning 10000 dollars a month sitting at home, from YouTube.

3. Make a good thumbnail

If impressions are coming on your video, but clicks are not coming, then you have to learn to make a good thumbnail. For this you find good keywords that you can add on thumbnail. People who read and clicked. Take such photos to make thumbnail which is very attractive. “Download free photos from here to make thumbnails“.

This method is related to creating backlinks for your YouTube videos, I know some people still have to create backlinks. So they can do one thing. Go to Fiverr and take backlink service. Which is also trust worthy. You can take a list from them, where they created your backlinks. And by spending a little, you can easily and well make 1000 to 2000 backlinks of your video. You will be surprised to know that the channels that grow in a short time, they create backlinks in the same way.

To create a backlink for your YouTube video, you have to take the URL of your video to which you want to create a backlink, then add it to the website which is not a spam website in the eyes of Google. Copy a URL to your video And Follow all steps:

Step 1: Share video link on Social Sites

Go to this website which is not a spam website in the eyes of Google. Such websites are all our social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more social accounts.

Step 2: Join Groups

You have to join the group, you will find many groups on Facebook. Please put your link. In Twitter you tweet, in Instagram you add a link in the bio.

Step 3: Add your Video Link on your website and more blogger websites

You can add the link of your video by creating your website and adding it there. Build your very own website and add all your links there.

Step 4: You can hire a freelancer to create backlinks

You can hire a freelancer to create backlinks, he will create good and powerful links to your videos. You should hire a reliable freelancer who has got good ratings.

Checking YouTube video backlinks is a way to see which websites or pages are linking to your video. To check the backlinks, you can use a search engine like Google. Just enter the exact URL of your YouTube video in the search bar and hit enter. The search results will show you a list of websites that have linked to your video. Remember, not all backlinks may be displayed, but the list you get will give you a good idea of who’s linking to your video.


Today we told you why you should not use YouTube Backlink Generator Tools to generate backlinks for your YouTube videos. Together we told you how to rank YouTube channels and YouTube videos quickly and well. Together we gave you information about a blogging Hindi course to learn blogging for free and how to download hd images for youtube videos for free. And gave information about the best tool that every youtuber is using in today’s time.

Youtube Backlink Generator is Safe?

No, Youtube backlink generator is not secure. The reason for this is that these tools leave your videos on any spam website which is not right in the eyes of Google. These tools add your channel to the spam category. Which will never rank again.

How do I get YouTube backlinks?

If you want to get backlinks for your YouTube videos. So you should follow two methods. The first way you should put links to your YouTube videos on all social sites to make backlinks for your videos. Make your own website and add your video link there. Apart from this, if you want fast and good powerful links, then you should buy backlinks. This method is very famous for creating backlinks of YouTube videos.

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