How to make money with youtube shorts?

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We will show you how to earn money from youtube shorts without monetization? are about to tell. By reading this post you will know about all the ways to earn money with YouTube Shorts.

If you also put Shorts Videos on YouTube and want to earn money from it, then definitely read this post. Here’s How You Earn Money From YouTube Shorts? Explain all the methods.

how to make money with youtube shorts

How to make money with youtube shorts?

Making money from YouTube Shorts is a difficult task. They are not like long format videos that you can monetize in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Join the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Step 2: Upload long videos.
  • Step 3: Turn on Monetization for videos.
  • Step 4: Collect Advertising Revenue.

On the other hand, YouTube Shorts (which are videos of 60 seconds or less) do not have a traditional monetization program. Currently, you cannot monetize YouTube Shorts with AdSense, you cannot generate revenue from Google AdSense when people see your content.

The methods of how to earn money from YouTube are this, if you say that Janna then it should be. So now the question is how to earn money YouTube shorts? How does one make money as a Short Creator? So let us tell you about this in simple language.

6 Real Ways To Make Money from YouTube Shorts

There are some different ways to earn money from YouTube Short, let’s know about those ways:

1. YouTube Short Fund

If you want to make money YouTube Shorts, one way to do so is with the $100 million Shorts Fund. This is something that YouTube announced in 2021, and the platform has promised to reward creators with monthly “bonuses” that come directly from this money pot. Bonuses range from $100 to $10,000, but the exact amount depends on the performance of your Shorts videos over the past month.

Here are the requirements to earn from YouTube Shorts to get the bonus:

Post one Original YouTube Short every 180 days. (Video not picked up from any other platform, for example; Tiktok Video). You must be at least 13 years of age or of maturity in your country. Follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Monetization Policies. and live in an eligible country. Once you meet these requirements, you are in a race to get a Shorts Bonus.

If you are selected, YouTube will contact you within the first week of the month, and you will have until the 25th of that month to claim your bonus. As of now, it takes a lot of video views to get the bonus. You have to be viral then only you will be able to earn some hundreds of dollars, which is a bit disappointing, still, it is better than getting nothing.

And the good news is that YouTube is giving more creators the Shorts Bonus. A large number of people will receive payments of less than $100 and a maximum of more than $10,000. So it’s something to watch if you’re all set to make shorts.

2. Sponsorships

Getting YouTube Shorts bonus is not the easiest thing in the world. Thousands of creators compete for monthly rewards, and most of them have shorts with millions of views.

But you don’t need to appear in that competitive. There are other ways to earn from YouTube Shorts, and one of those golden opportunities is through sponsorships.

When a brand sponsors you, they pay you to advertise one of their products or services in one of your videos. This is the information about how to search youtube sponsor and how to get free content for videos.

If you’re thinking, hey, I can do that, you’re 100% right. You don’t need millions of views and subscribers to get brand deals – just the right audience and a strong YouTube resume.

51% of marketers said they plan to invest in short-form content by 2022. Brands are excited to partner with short-form creators.

3. Products Tagging

This is the latest feature of YouTube, which allows creators to tag the products shown in the video and receive a share of the revenue when users click on the tagged products. “Viewers can view the complete set of products shown in the video by clicking on the shopping bag icon at the bottom left corner of the video.

You can also earn money by putting Link in the description of Short Videos. By giving the link, the creator will get 0.02USD per click. Anyone can put the affiliate link of the product in the description. If the product is featured prominently in a YouTube video, you are eligible to tag the product. But this feature is available only in India, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain and US.

YouTube has brought this new feature to easily find and buy the products shown in the videos. In this, creators can add certain products to their videos, and then viewers can click on the shopping bag icon at the bottom left corner of the video to see a list of selected products. From there, viewers can explore each product’s page to see more information, related videos and purchase options for that product.

But if you put the tag then it will not be shown to the viewers if that video is made for children or if the content given in the video is copyrighted by any creator.

4. Sell Your Services

You can sell your services in youtube short videos. For example, if you provide video editing service in freelancing, then the short trick of video editing is to make some samples of different types of videos. And you can earn more by uploading it to YouTube short and giving your business number.

5. Youtube Shorts Affiliate Marketing

There are many people who earn $1000+ every day by doing affiliate marketing with the help of YouTube short. The best way of affiliate marketing is from YouTube short, in which you have to tell about the product in the video itself, and pin the affiliate link of the product in the comment box. You will earn a lot. Do try it.

6. YouTube Ads Revenue

Can You Monetize YouTube Shorts With Video Ads?, Can you make money via youtube shorts? This is a question many creators ask, but the answer is complicated. We’ve seen that, where viewers see your shorts, it makes all the difference. If they are watching from Shorts Player in YouTube App, you won’t make any money because that feature doesn’t support ads yet.

Here’s what the shorts shelf looks like in the YouTube application. Clicking on any video takes you to the shorts player, which does not earn any money.

But the good news is that YouTube is testing ads in the shorts player, so it may also be monetized in the coming times. Until then, the only way to earn “Ad Revenue” is when viewers watch your shorts on the Regular Watch page, not the shorts player.

“Regular Pages” show ads, so if you are in the YouTube Partner Program you can make money there.

You can make some money with YouTube shorts if viewers watch them in ad-supported areas. Apart from this, getting Shorts Bonus and Sponsorship are other ways to earn money from YouTube Shorts. Of course, you need a growing channel to make money with YouTube Shorts, and it’s not always easy.

Can you earn money by tagging products in YouTube Shorts videos?

Yes, this feature not only helps the users to view the products directly but is also beneficial for YouTube creators as a new stream of revenue apart from AdSense. Every time a viewer clicks on the tagged product in the video and goes to the product detail page, the Partner Program Creator can earn money from it.


We hope, in this post, we have told you the earn money from youtube shorts without monetization. With their help, you can monetize your YouTube shorts channel. These are all ways by which you can start earning money. If you are also a YouTube Shorts Creator and want to earn money from it by putting Shorts Videos, then read this post carefully it can be very helpful for you.

FAQ’s on Make money youtube shorts

Can you make money from youtube shorts?

Yes, you can earn from YouTube Shorts. While monetization offers additional revenue streams, Shorts creators can still earn through sponsored content, brand partnerships, merchandise sales, and driving traffic to other platforms.

Can we earn money via YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts provides opportunities for creators to earn money. Through monetization features such as ads, channel memberships, Super Chat, and YouTube Premium revenue, creators can generate income from their engaging and popular Shorts content.

How much YouTube pay for 1,000 views on Shorts?

The exact amount YouTube pays for 1,000 views on Shorts can vary. Factors like the viewer’s location, the advertiser’s bid, and video engagement influence earnings. Generally, creators earn a portion of the revenue generated from ads shown on their Shorts, with rates typically ranging from a few cents to a few dollars per thousand views.

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