Facebook page cover photo size 2021 Full Information

Facebook page cover photo size 2021 Full Information – Hello friend, if you also run Facebook, then you should also put a cover photo for your Facebook account, which will make your account look even better and your friends will ask you how you have set this cover photo.

Most of the people know about the cover photo that it is a feature on Facebook, but because they do not know the exact size, they are unable to adjust it, due to which they do not understand anything and they do it without applying it. Leave it or keep it as it seemed.

Facebook cover photo size  2021


Facebook cover photo whether you set it from mobile or computer (computer), its size will remain the same. But if you want to put your photo on the cover photo, then it can be a bit difficult because it will be different in size and you will have to face a lot of trouble in setting it.

But if you start making something, then it will be made in the right way and it will feel good as if you can name your profile and do some art.

If you want to make a Facebook cover photo in mobile or computer, then you have to keep the width 820 pixcal and hight 320 pixcal inside the size, after that you can edit it and make it according to yourself, if you want, add your photo to it or someone Name or you can apply some art by making it.

You can also download Facebook cover photo online, we will give you the link to some good photo site, which you can download the cover photo of your choice.

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Facebook page cover photo size 2021

Facebook page cover photo size will also be the same as your profile cover (width 820 pixcal and hight 320 pixcal) but you have to make it in a good way because you want to do business on the page.

If the look of your profile does not look good, then no one will work with you. If you want to sell a product on your page, and if it is to order something or to get some more information about it or you have a very low page, then it will definitely open your page and see it.

If it is not found in your cover page or profile page, then it will not take your product. Therefore, you should make a good facebook page cover photo so that the user will take it whether it is a page of a professional company or they will feel that it is a page of a professional fellow, its product will also have good or if you provide any services. He will also feel that he will know very well about his work.

If you want to make your facebook page cover photo, then you can get us made, we will make you a good cover photo, in addition to this, we also design logo, banner and profile photo if you want to do any of these things. So you can contact us on email id.

You can also download some free facebook page cover photo which is absolutely free for you, for this you do not have to pay a charge. We will give you a zip file, in which you will be given 10 facebook page cover photo, you will see below the download link related to different topics.

Best tool for Facebook caver Photo designe Free of cost

Use Canva Tool – Canva. This tool for totaly free for new Users.

What size is a Facebook cover photo 2021?

Use the width 820 pixcal and hight 320 pixcal inside the size for facebook cover photo 2021.

What is the best resolution for Facebook cover photo?

Best resolution for facebook cover photo only 200 to 300.

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