Best Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch 2021

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Phone Finder
  • Camera Control
  • Whatsapp and SMS Display
  • Distance, steps, calorie counter
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Sleep tracker
  • Call Notification
  • Vibration Alarms
  • Water Resistance
  • Long battery life

About us Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch 2021

Heart rate monitor – From fitness to joking, you heart might skip a beat but the Reflex Beat sure won’t. With the Auto HR feature, you’ll now track your BPM through the day.

Phone Finder – Don’t break down once you can’t find your phone. The phone finder feature ensures you never lose your phone again, all with an easy tap.

Camera Control – Give those selfies an upgrade. Take remote of your phone and begin taking them a la mode .

Whatsapp and SMS Display – Tap into any conversation. Spontaneous plans, inside jokes or updates from the gram, hand it to the Reflex Beat to stay you posted.

Distance, steps, calorie counter – Go the space , stay two steps ahead and burn those calories. Track it all and stay track.

Sedentary Reminder – Don’t be a idler , and stay in action with the Sedentary Reminder.

Sleep tracker – Keep track on the hours you hit the sack. Connect your Reflex Beat to the app and obtain tracking.

Call Notification – No more close calls with bae or the squad. Connect the Reflex Beat to your phone through the app and stay hands on.

Vibration Alarms – a touch something to shake you to your senses. Set an alarm on your Reflex app and calculate the Beat to awaken right time.

Water Resistance – The Reflex Beat conforms to the IPX6 Water Resistance norm. It’s splash-proof so you’ll be carefree within your limits.

Long battery life – With the Reflex Beat, it’s do or die. And since it’s always doing, it rarely dies. Comes with a handsy 5 days battery life.

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Best Fastrack reflex smartwatch band features 2021

Reflex Beat Black Smart Band from Fastrack with Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker and other added features.

  • BRAND – Fastrack
  • CASE SHAPE – Rectangle
  • CASE THICKNESS -11.3 mm
  • GLASS MATERIAL – Touch Enabled Acrylic
  • DISCOUNTS – 10% Off
  • FUNCTION – Smart
  • GENDER – Unisex
  • MOVEMENT – Smart
  • CASE MATERIAL – High-Grade ABS
  • CASE LENGTH(6H-12H) – 45.3 mm
  • STRAP COLOR – Black and  PURPLE
  • LOCK MECHANISM – Chrome Finish Buckle
  • DIAL COLOR – Black
  • CASE WIDTH(3H-9H) – 23.7 mm

  1. How to ues fastrack reflex smartwatch?

    Check ues fastrack reflex smartwatch.

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