Father of constitution of india

Hello friend, you were searching on Google whether the father of the Constitution of India is a father or the father of constitution of India, then the name of the father of our Constitution is Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, we will give you some more important information about him. Will work.

Father of the constitution of India

When our constitution was being built, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar demanded reservation for Dalits which was to be given for 10 years but later governments extended it 10 years for their benefit.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was the most educated among the constitution-makers, due to his high merit, he was made the permanent chairman of the Constituent Assembly, before which the temporary president was Sachchidananda Sinha Ji who became the president for 2 days only. Ambedkar was also elected chairman of the Pahrump Committee.
When India became independent, Ambedkar was given the post of the first law and friendship of independent India. Ambedkar died on 6 December 1956 in Delhi. Ambedkar was born on 14 April in 1891. His memorial site is on Chaitya Bhoomi in Maha Nagar Mumbai, Maharashtra. After his death, the Government of India awarded him the Bharat Ratna. His wife’s name was Ramabai and she had four children. He also had a second marriage, his second wife’s name was Dr. Sharda Kabir.
Ambedkar did a lot of relief work for Dalits, instead of working for 15 hours, he made provision for 8 hours of work for Dalits. He raised his opposition against Article 370, but at the behest of Jawaharlal, he did not protest further in the construction of the Constitution. They were opposed to untouchability.
Ambedkar was very interested in reading, he read many books in his life. But later he started writing. In which his first book #Administration. And Finances. Of the east. India was a company, he wrote a total of 32 books, in addition to this, these letters were also cars, all their newspapers were printed in Marathi language.
Since independence, 15 films have been made on him or his life so far, the first film was Bhima Garjan on his life, which was the first Marathi-language film in 1990. The film was directed by Vijay Pawar, Ambedkar’s role play by Krishnanand. | Along with films, the drama has been made on television, which is 5 in total so far.
He was also given some important similarities like Doctor of Laws was given in 1952 and Doctor of Literature was given in 1953 and after his death, he was also awarded Bharat Ratna.
In the memory of Ambedkar, many crafts have also built dedicated memorials and museums in Karo, in which the Shantivan item museum was first built inside Chicholi village of Nagpur district, this commodity museum has books and some important things related to Ambedkar.

Father of the Constitution of India Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Precious promise

The name of our constitution’s father is Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. who prepared a very good constitution for the nation’s population, and he also gave very precious sentences to the people of the country who motivate the people to know that the father of constitution of India Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar has said important words to that cone.

Precious promise list

1. Ambedkar had educated people and inspired them to live together, but today these Raj leaders in India have thrown caste into people.
2. Ambedkar always used to say one thing that those people can never create history, who forget history (history) and today people are forgetting the history of the country.
3. Some people tried to suppress Ambedkar, but his spirits were strong and he said that I will have to press on you because I am a bij.
4. Ambedkar always used to say that with the help of others, do not let the jump be able to make you capable of seeing others, and the courage in itself also grew.
5. We always used to explain to Ambedkar that a great person is the one who lives for others, so it is our duty to work for the country and society first.
6. Ambedkar said about the constitution of India if it is used away, then at first I will set it on fire and today it is still being used, but the public only sees its benefits as a reservation is an example of this, Ambedkar has given it for 10 years. But it was given to the people for their own benefit by the public, and the country is going to be a mess.
7. Ambedkar used to say that even if life is short but great, we should have respect in the eyes of people.
8. Ambedkar used to say law or order rule. The policy is a medicine of the body (or medicine) or when secreted. It is necessary to administer medicine (medicine) if the sick body starts getting sick. For example, in the Constitution, a number of amendments are required.
9. He always propagated his ideas, giving people an example of this, he also used to explain that the idea needs publicity, like if a plant does not get water, then it will dry it up, similarly if we do not propagate the idea. Then they too will wither or die.

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