How to fix breadcrumbs error in WordPress and Google Search Console?

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If you are using Blogspot for blogging and searching How to Fix Breadcrumbs error in Google Search Console, wordpress, and Blogger then you are going to get complete information.

Hello friend, if you are a blogger. So you must also have a feeling of fixing the breadcrumbs by the way of Google Search Consuls. Today how to fix breadcrumbs issues in google search console? Step by step will give all his information.

fix breadcrumbs error in

Because of breadcrumbs, if you inspect the URL in your Google search console, then you are getting this problem. Which we will fix by following a few steps today.

There are a few things you should know when fixing breadcrumbs. Like what is breadcrumbs. What are the benefits of breadcrumbs? What are the disadvantages of breadcrumbs? And how does breadcrumbs effect Google rankings?

You should know about all of them. So let’s know about all these questions. Later, how to slove breadcrumbs issue in Google Blogger? Step by step will give all his information.

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are linked to labels in blog. Which is visible above the title in the blog post of our blog. You will see this breadcrumbs in an image below. If you open a post on your blog, then you will also have these breadcrumbs show there. We explain to you with an example.

An example of breadcrumbs You may have found an example of breadcrumbs in the image. And we will try to explain to you in the text also.

Example of breadcrumbs: Home/Blogger/how do you fix breadcrumbs in WordPress?

You will see something like this. That is, you have the home of the website again, followed by the category name again, followed by the toilet of the post.

One thing you should keep in mind. If you have given more than one label in a post, then you will have more than one category show. Like we give you another example.

Another example of breadcrumbs: – Home/Blogger/ Google Search Error/ breadcrumbs error in blogger. Hopefully, you have found out what breadcrumbs are. If you have any questions, you can comment on us.

How to Fix Breadcrumbs Error in WordPress? [6 Steps]

Breadcrumbs errors in WordPress can be resolved by carefully following these steps:

Step 1: Use SEO Plugin

Start by ensuring you have a breadcrumb navigation plugin installed and activated on your WordPress site. Popular plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math offer breadcrumb functionality.

Step 2: Configuration

Configure the breadcrumb settings within the plugin to align with your website’s structure. Customize the separator, labels, and display options as needed.

Step 3: Theme Compatibility

Confirm that your WordPress theme supports breadcrumb functionality. Some themes have built-in breadcrumb features, but others may require additional plugins.

Step 4: Plugin Conflicts

Check for any conflicting plugins that might disrupt breadcrumb functionality. Deactivate conflicting plugins, test your breadcrumbs, and reactivate them one by one to identify the culprit.

Step 5: Structured Data Testing

Test your breadcrumbs using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. This tool will highlight any errors or warnings in your breadcrumb markup.

Step 6: Seek Help

If errors persist, consult the plugin’s documentation or consider reaching out to a developer or WordPress support community for further assistance.

How to Fix Breadcrumbs in Google Search Console?

To address breadcrumb issues in Google Search Console, take the following steps:

  • Implementation Check: First, confirm that you have implemented breadcrumbs correctly on your website. Ensure that the structured data markup for breadcrumbs is accurately added to your pages.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool: Use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to verify the accuracy of your breadcrumb markup. This tool will indicate any errors or warnings in your implementation.
  • Adjustments: If errors are detected, make necessary adjustments to your breadcrumb markup to resolve the issues identified by the Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Resubmit Sitemap: After making changes, consider submitting your updated sitemap to Google through Google Search Console. This will prompt Google to reindex your website and take note of the corrected breadcrumb markup.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continuously monitor the Search Console for any lingering breadcrumb errors and address them promptly to maintain optimal performance and search engine visibility.

How to Fix Breadcrumbs in Blogger?

You have to follow all the steps given below to fix breadcrumbs issues, after following this method, you will completely fix breadcrumbs error in Google Search Console. Fix Breadcrumbs error in Google Search Console Blogger:

Step 1: Go Your Blogger Dashboard.

breadcrumbs error in blogger

First of all, you have to login to the blogger’s dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Theme section. and save the backup.

How to Fix Breadcrumbs in Google Search Console – Blogger

We have to go to the theme section in the blogger of our website. Here you have to back up the theme.

You will see a backup / restore button on the right side. Click on it. Now you will see a popup window in which you have to click on the download theme.

If you make a mistake, then you also see the option to upload below, with the help of which you can upload the theme. After downloading the theme you have to go back.

Step 3: Click on Edit Theme.

breadcrumbs error in blogger

You have to edit the theme. Click on edit theme. Now click once in the theme coding. And press Ctrl + F. Now you have to find the breadcrumbs here.


Note: You can get breadcrumbs 3 to 4 four times in your theme or you can get it even more, you have to delete the most last code.

We are giving you an image in which you will be able to identify that code. You have to carefully search for that code and delete it. After deleting it, you have to save the theme.

Step 4: Go Back Google search console > Breadcrumbs

breadcrumbs error

Now you have to tell Google that breadcrumbs error has been fixed. For that, you have to go to Google search console and go to breadcrumbs.

Step 5:  Breadcrumbs > Find

fix breadcrumbs issue

After that, click on valid with warning. And go to the bottom. Click on where you will find schema deprecated.

Step 6: Last Step Click On VALIDATE FIX.

Here you have to click on VALIDATE FIX. And sometimes you have to wait. After processing, all your URLs will go to Google. After a few days, the problem of breadcrumbs has been fixed from all your URLs.

fix breadcrumbs error in

After that you will not find any problem in all the URLs, you will see the same in all URLs. You can see in the picture below.

breadcrumbs in google search console

Resolving breadcrumbs errors is crucial for an optimal website experience and better search engine visibility. Properly implemented and error-free breadcrumbs contribute to easier navigation and improved SEO.

What is the Breadcrumb Error in Blogger?

The breadcrumb error in Blogger typically occurs when there’s an issue with the structured data markup used to display breadcrumbs on your blog. This error might result from incorrect implementation or conflicts with custom code, leading to improper breadcrumb navigation on your site.

What Are Breadcrumbs in Search Console?

Breadcrumbs in search console refer to the structured data markup that enhances the display of search results. They provide users with a navigational path showing the hierarchy of pages on your website. Breadcrumbs in search console make it easier for users to understand your site’s structure and improve click-through rates.

What is Breadcrumbs in a WordPress Website?

Breadcrumbs in a WordPress website are a navigational aid that displays the user’s path through the site. They typically appear as a trail of links showing the hierarchical structure of pages. Breadcrumbs enhance user experience, helping visitors easily navigate your site, while also providing valuable information to search engines about your content’s organization.


Hope you have fixed the breadcrumbs issue by following the steps mentioned by us. In blogger this problem can be solved in this way. Apart from this there is no other way. If you have any question, you can ask us.

FAQ’s On Fix Breadcrumbs Error

What are the benefits of breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs have only one benefit. If someone reads your blog post and has to read other related posts of that post, then he can quickly find them. I can read more. Because of this, our blog has a good bounce rate.

What are the disadvantages of breadcrumbs?

The loss of breadcrumbs is the same; it reduces our blog rankings. In this, Google does not expose the link of the label. For this reason, Google is unmasking us to fix Breadcrumbs.

How Breadcrumbs Effect in Google Rankings

Breadcrumbs do not make much impact on Google rankings. But even then Google is giving us instructions, so you must fix it.

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