Best CPM google Adsense alternative ad network for bloggers 2021

If you want Google Adsense alternative, then we will give you the information on the 10 best ad networks today. Then you give payouts as good as Google Adsense.  

Friends, the ad network that we will give you. We are using them on different sites and we are earning well from them. But we tell you that there is not a good ad network from google Adsense.   But if you do not get the approval of this. Then you can earn very good money using these ad networks.  

There are some rules to use these ad networks. Which you will have to follow, we will tell you with all the ad networks with which ad network you have to follow.

Secondly, when we are typing information about these ad networks, today they are different.   If you are reading this post of ours after some time. If you change those rules in the future. Then we will also be responsible for this, so you should read their privacy policy carefully and then apply before applying to them.  

So that you don’t have any problems later. Let’s know the best alternative of Google Adsense rule for bloggers.  

Google Adsense alternative rule for blogger

  We tell you that some networks approve only sites with English content and some ad networks approve sites with content in all languages. Together we will tell you which language the ad network recognizes.

The ad network that we are going to tell you. We ask for the website traffic of some countries. Like if the traffic of a site like us, Canada, England, Germany comes to your site. Then you can get approval soon. Overall, they want the traffic of English countries on your site.

If the traffic does not come from English countries on your site, then they will not give you approval. We are also telling you other networks, seeing the traffic of all the countries. They will give you approval.  

We tell you that all ad networks do not transfer money to the bank. So you should have a PayPal account. You will not have to squeeze too much to take payouts. If you do not have an account on PayPal, then you can create one and then apply.  

Best CPM ad network for google AdSense alternative

Infolinks Best CPM Google AdSense alternative Infolinks ad network is a very good ad network. We are using it on all our sites. On which we write content in English. This ad network allows you to PayPal, send your payment to the bank and other facilities from which you can take your payment. It only approves sites with English content.

In this, you can take approval on 15 posts only. It also gives you approval on subdomains. The minimum payout is 50 dollars.

It gives you money by clicking on the ad. In this, you get a banner ad, text link add, in article add, and tag ads, from which you can also get a dollar for a click. If you bring traffic from English countries. This ad network will give you approval on traffic of all countries. This ad network is the best alternative to Google Adsenses. If you get approval, then it gives you the money of both impressions and clicks.

But there are some conditions that you have to follow. For example, it is important to have English content on your site and traffic from English countries is also necessary on your site.

Only then can you approve it. If you get the approval of this, then you can earn more than Google Adsense.  


Propellerads You may have never heard of it before, but it is a very good ad network that you can take approval on every kind of website.

This ad network will give you pop ads and native ads. But for the native ad, your site should have more than 10 thousand or at least ten thousand traffic.

There should be traffic to your site regardless of where you come from.


If you use this ad network. Then you can earn up to 10 dollars a day or even more. If your site has up to ten thousand traffic. It gives you payout from PayPal and you can take at least 5 dollars.  

Monetize website without Adsense with Popads

Popads friend is also an ad network that you can place your site ad on. This ad network gives you a payout of at least 5 dollars. In this, you get only pop ads. Which is high cpc or CPM? On which you will get at least half of your click.

The most important thing about this ad network is that it will approve every type of site. If you work on a downloading site. Then you should also use this ad network because there is a lot of traffic, which will increase your earnings.

BidVertiser - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

If you use this ad network on a movie downloading site, you can earn up to 100 dollars a day. Because you know that a lot of traffic comes to the movie site in a day.  

BidVertiser  With BidVertiser, you can place ads on your site, in these ad networks you get native ads, pop ads, push notification ads, banner ads.

This ad network does not approve all types of websites, especially those websites will never approve. 

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

If you have a lot of traffic on your site, then you can earn very well. This ad network gives you a payout of at least 10 dollars which you can get through PayPal. We also use it, you should also use it if Google does not give you AdSense approval.

Revenuehits Review

Revenuehits is a very good ad network. Which we use on many of our sites. This ad network gives pop ads and native ads to your site, in which you get click money. 

If at least 1000 visitors come to your site every day. Then you can earn a lot of money from this ad network. In this, you get approval in every kind of site. But there should be at least 20 posts of police on your site only then you will get the approval.

Buysellads ad network is a very good ad network. We have used this before. If between 1500 and 2000 traffic comes on your site, then you can get approval in this ad network. In this, you get a native ad.   This ad network contacts you with the company that needs to run their ad, that is, the company will contact you on its own and will give you the ad. If your site is good and traffic is very high, then you earn a lot from this ad network. Can You use it?  

Adnow Review best ad network for small publishers

Adnow is a very good ad network, in this you get every type of ad and you can get every type of site approved by this ad network. But it should have at least 30 articles and they should have at least 500 words. If you want then you will get approval.

There should be traffic on your site no matter which country you come in, only then you can earn money. In this, you get money for clicks and impressions. You get more clicks and fewer impressions.

In this ad network, you get an ad with a higher payout. You get an article with an article that will be similar to your content or if the user has ever searched that keyword in Google. Then he will see the same type of ad. In which the chances of getting clicked are high.   You can take at least 10 dollars payout.  

Amazon native ads

Amazon native ads do not work in India. But if you are from an English country then you can use amazon native ads on your site. In amazon native ads you get both clicks and impressions. If someone clicks on these aids and buys a Banda product, you get his commission. 

This ad network is very good, you must put it on your site. If any product is sold on your site, then you will earn very well. If you are Indian and traffic comes from English countries on your site then you must use it.  

If you are in India, then you can take a payout from it as an amazon gift card.  


Adthrive is an ad network that gives you a good ad even with google AdSense. If you get approval from it, then you can earn a lot of money in a very short time. Then you must try this ad network.   For this, you have to put very good content on your site. There should be unique traffic on your site, that too, you should apply at least 1000 every day.   But when you apply, do not put any other ad network’s ad on your website. Then you will not get approval. best CPM ad network for Indian  traffic publishers is a URL shortener website, but if you have a site, then you have started a new program to monetize the website with the help of Popads.

If you also use this ad network on your website, then you will earn very well. For this, you have to create an account in it. And when you are logged into the dashboard of this site, you have to click on i have a website, after that, you either install its plugin in your workplace or put its code in the header in your blogger.

You are done Now whenever any visitor comes to your site and clicks anywhere on any page, popads will open and you will earn.   In this, you can monetize all the sites, you will not have any problem of any kind.  

monetize website without Adsense with Taboola: best alternative to Google Adsenses

 Friends Taboola ad network is used by everyone today. But its approval is not available to everyone because it is more strict than Google AdSense. If your site is visited by ten thousand people every day and there are around 500 posts on your site out of which 400 posts have 1000 word articles. You can apply for this ad network.

Its ad is very revenue-generating and the ad of this ad network is clicked. Because its ad is always similar to the article and the visitor does not understand that this is an ad or article so you need to Must try.   I applied for this but I have not received approval.

If you want to see its ad, then you can see it on the news website, you will get to see the ad of this ad network.

Friends, these were some ad networks with the help of which you can earn money by placing ads on the site. If you have any other question related to monetize website without adsense, then you can ask us by commenting.

Friends, you should use any ad network. If visitors do not come to your site, then you will not be able to earn, so your attention should be in bringing visitors to your site so that you earn more.

What is the best alternative to Adsense?

Friends are finding the best alternative to Adsense, so we have given you the above list, out of which you can use any ad network.

You will get good revenue. It is important that if visitors come to your site, then if visitors are less on your site, then you should put your site on the ad network with pop ads.

Because if you click anywhere on the page, the pop ads will definitely open and your earnings too. Sure will be.

If you try all these ad networks, you will benefit more.

Friends, whatever ad network we have told you is all the best alternative, you can earn good money from these ad networks of adsense, if 1000 or more traffic comes to your site in a day, then with the help of these ad networks you You can place ads on every type of website, now you can monetize website without adsense, so you should definitely use these ad networks once.

You should create your own account on all of them one by one and put all the ads on your site and see which ad network earns you more when you know that you earn more from this ad network then you The ad should be installed and the ad from the other ad network should be reduced.

Friends, we have tried our best to give you the best information of the ad network and we have given you the information of the ad network that we have been using and are doing, there will be only one ad network which we could not use because of this. We do not have to approve through those ad networks.

But in the coming time, we will get our site approved from them and then they will also earn. If you like to earn from any ad network, then you must tell us by commenting.

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