How to Access Blocked Sites in Chrome Browser 2021

Hello dear, You are welcome Digital seo life, which is named on your own blog. Today’s topic is how to access blocked sites in chrome.
How can we access any block website in your Chrome browser? And why any website is blocked in Chrome. And some other important information will also be given to you.

How to Access Blocked Sites in Chrome Browser in Mobile or Laptop Computer

First of all, we will give you information about how to access blocked websites in Google Chrome. After that, we will give you other information, let’s know what we need to do to run a blocked website in our Chrome browser.

If we are unable to access any website, there can be many reasons for this. We have told them below, but there is a lot of chance that if we are unable to access any website in our Chrome browser, then it has been banned in our country.

We cannot open any banned web site in our Chrome or any browser unless we are allowed to access it. This can be done in any country, if the government there does not want the citizens of that country to browse any website.

Let,s us know how to can access blocked sites. For this, we will use a software and application.

Use VPN Access All Blocked Sites in Chrome

First of all we need a VPN software or application. You can use NordVPN. If you want to access the website in mobile, then install the application in mobile and if you want to access the blocked website in the computer, then install VPN in the computer.


If you want to get a free VPN for 3 months then you can use NordVPN. After this, you can access any website as you wish. There will be no website blocks in your Chrome browser.

Top 3 VPN for Chrome

Why is Google Chrome blocking any website?

Friend, a website is blocked in Google Chrome only when the government of any country tells Google that this website should not be run in our country. So Google bans that website only in that country at the behest of the government of that country.

Then that website will not run in any web browser only in Google Chrome if that website is banned in your country. It can have any website. More in this pron website and illegal website in which wrongdoing is done. Those websites are blocked.

Apart from this, the government of any country does not want to run all its government websites in any other country, so it also blocks that website in all the countries in addition to its country. She does this for her safety.

But with the help of vpn we can access the website of any country. If a website is blocked in our country, we can also access it in our mobile, computer laptop. If you have to go, how to VPN work? So you must read this article.

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