How to Add Website in Google Search Complete Information

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 Hello Dear, Welcome to Digital Seo Life. Today, in this article, I am talk to give you information about how to add a website to Google Search Console.The most important is the website or blog. The traffic You will get traffic only from search engines.


When you have a post index, once the post index is there, you start getting traffic from the search engine.


For that, your blog has to be SEO friendly. Now how can you find out in such a way that your post is indexed, or else Google gives a free service? Which we also called google search console or google webmaster tool.


How to Add Website in Google Search Complete Information


Using this, you can check the indexing of your blog posts, and we can optimize our blog more.


What is Google Search Console?


We know Google search console by another name is google webmaster tool. Now in this, people start thinking of these two differently. These two are the same, first, its name was google webmaster tool and then it was changed to google search console.


Google webmaster is a free service. Which has been created by Google? This service is absolutely free. By using this service, you can check the status of the indexing of your blog or website.



This means that you can find this out. How many posts have been indexed in your blog and how many have not, plus you can optimize your blog by using this tool. If there is some error in your website or blog, then this tool also tells you.


Benefits of using google search console

  • The first advantage of using Webmaster tools is that you can check the indexing status of your blog or website.
  • By using this tool, you can target any country. For example, if your blog is in Hindi, then your blog should be Target India. Apart from this, if you want to target another country, then you can do it with the help of this tool.
  • With the use of a webmaster tool, you can submit site measurements of your blog or website.
  • Can set a preferred domain
  • Can crawl your blog post

How to add blog Website in google search console

Login to Google Webmaster Tool:- First of all you have to log into google webmaster tool. You can only use the id of Gmail to login. You cannot use another id. You can also go to the webmaster tool’s website by clicking here.


Click on add property:- After logging in, you have to click on add property. Add the URL of your website or blog. After that, you have to add the URL by clicking on add.


Add Your Domain name in Google search 


Now you have to verify your blog or site. You cannot add your site to the webmaster tool without verifying. To verify the site, you have to select any one method.


I will tell you to verify with HTML tag.


How to verify a website or blog in google webmaster Tool

I first learned how to add a WordPress website to Google. After that, you will get to know about Google Blogger.

How to add WordPress website in google search

After copying the HTML code you have to log in to the dashboard of your WordPress website.

In this, you have to click on the appearance.


After that, you will see the theme editor at the bottom, click on it.


Now you have to find the theme header. For this, you have to look at the right side.


By clicking on the theme header, you have to paste that code under , and click on the update file and save it.


Now you have to go back to Google Webmaster Tools, and click on Verify.


Your website will be added to Google search-console.


If you use Blogger, then you will know about it in this post.


How to add Blogger (Blogspot) website in Google Search


For this, you have to go to your blog. And click above the theme.


After clicking in edit html you have to click inside the code. After that you have to press Ctrl + f.


After that a search box will open in which you have to search. After that the code you gave in search console. Paste that down and save the template.


Click Verify and Save


After saving the template, you have to come back to the search console, after that, you click on verify and verify your site.


If you have done everything right So your site will be verified in google webmaster tool and you will get a message show of congratulation.


So in this way you can verify your site in google search console or google webmaster tool.


You can optimize your blog by using its tools. If you have anything to ask. So please comment by commenting below.