How To Avoid Copyright On Youtube Videos?: 5 Tips

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How to avoid copyright on youtube?: When it comes to creating content on YouTube, avoiding copyright infringement is crucial. Copyright infringement can result in legal action, channel strikes, and even account termination. To avoid copyright issues, there are several steps that YouTubers can take. These include using royalty-free music, obtaining permission from copyright owners, and creating original content.

Additionally, understanding the fair use doctrine and properly attributing any copyrighted material used in your videos can help prevent copyright claims. In this article, we’ll explore these strategies in more detail to help YouTubers avoid copyright issues on the platform.

How To Avoid Copyright On Youtube Videos?

People are looking at YouTube channel as a professional career and earning online from it. It takes a lot of hard work and time to build and grow a YouTube channel. In such a situation, if a copyright strike comes on your channel, then it will be nothing less than a nightmare.

The methods given below will help to protect your YouTube channel from any kind of copyright strike. So read the post carefully and remember all the important things. So let’s know How to avoid copyright on YouTube?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property law that protects original works of creative expression. Let us see what is YouTube copyright rules:

  1. If you are the copyright owner, this protection usually gives you the exclusive right to control how your work is used and who can make money from it. This includes anyone who can share it on YouTube.
  2. Original videos on YouTube are subject to copyright protection based on the time they were created, not the person who first registered or uploaded them.

Copyright claim meaning in hindi: जो भी कंटेंट हमने अपनी यूट्यूब चैनल की वीडियो में यूज किया है, उसके रइट्स हमारे पास नहीं है। वह कोई इमेज, वीडियो क्लिकप, म्यूजिक, कोई गाना भी हो सकता है। जो हमने किसी दूसरे यूट्यूब चैनल या किसी वेबसाइट से डाउनलोड करके अपने वीडियो में उपयोग कर लिया है।

You are any kind of content on YouTube that people like to watch, whether it’s tutorials, vlogs, reviews, or comedy sketches. While creating content that resonates with viewers is important, it’s also crucial to ensure that your content is produced legally and ethically.

One aspect of this is avoiding copyright infringement, which can have serious consequences for both your channel and your personal reputation. By following best practices and utilizing resources like the fair use doctrine and royalty-free content libraries, you can protect yourself and create high-quality content that is both entertaining and legally compliant.

Ultimately, understanding how to avoid copyright on YouTube is an essential skill for any content creator looking to build a sustainable and successful presence on the platform.

“Creating Content on YouTube? Here’s How to Avoid Copyright Infringement and Protect Your Channel!” – Tips and Strategies for Using Copyrighted Material, Fair Use, Royalty-Free Music, and More to Ensure Legal Compliance and Build a Successful Channel.

1. Minify someone else’s content

If you are making a YouTube video and want to use any content from another creator, then you have to act wisely. Try that you can use that content in a small way, do it. However, there is no law or guideline available for this, which tells you how long you have to use someone else’s content.

But, if you want to protect your YouTube channel from copyright, then you should try to use it at least for the time being. You should ideally take 15 seconds to 20 seconds , as long as you can display content from another creator.

2. Contact the Content Owner

If you want to protect your YouTube channel from any kind of copyright strike, then contact the original creator of whatever content you have used or are going to do. You can do settlements with them by contacting them through mail . In most cases, the original content creator is assumed.

If still the person in front has any problem, then you can also give money in exchange for his content. This will solve the problem. There are also many who do not give permission, in such a situation it will be better for you to keep distance from their content.

3. Always use royalty free content

The easiest, safest and best way to avoid YouTube copyright strike is to use only royalty free content in your videos. Royalty free content is the content that you can use for commercial or non commercial activities . In return, you have to give the attribute.

For a YouTube creator, these websites are great for downloading and using any type of copyright free content:

Download premium image and music for youtube channel

You can easily download Cinematic Videos, Animated Videos, Images etc. from these websites. However, to use the content of some of these websites, you will have to provide attributes.

4. Get help from YouTube Creator Studio

You can take help of YouTube Creator Studio to avoid copyright related to audio on YouTube channel . Here you will find hundreds of audio content which you can use in your content without any worries.

However, there are also some such audio content whose attribute is mandatory. Never ignore the Attribution Policy, it can become a headache for you going forward.

5. Add a fair use disclaimer to the description of the video

YouTube gives Vloggers the right in certain circumstances to use the content of other creators without their permission. If you are using someone else’s content for educational purpose, research, criticism, commentary or news reporting then it comes in fair use.

If you use the original content as it is in your video, then the chances of getting a copyright claim / strike increases. If you transform that content and add some value to it, then most likely you will be saved from copyright. You must add YouTube copyright disclaimer at the end of your video –

Disclaimer Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

6. Attribute the Original Content Creator

To avoid YouTube copyright claim / strike, you can attribute the original creator of the content used. Attribution means to give credit for some work. To do this, you can give the url of the original content, the link to the creator’s social profile, the name, etc. in the description of the video.

This does not mean at all that by this you are saved from violet the copyright infringement. Giving attribution makes most of the content creators happy and most do not make any kind of copyright claim.

7. Get help from YouTube’s new “Checks” feature

YouTube has recently launched the new “Checks” feature, with the help of which you can easily avoid copyright infringement. With this help you know before the channel app publishes the video whether the content of the video violates the copyright rules or not. Whenever you upload a video, it will be 100% uploaded first.

After uploading, when the progress bar will go to “Checks”, you will know here whether your content is copyrighted or not. If there is no problem, you will see a green tick next to copyright and ad suitability. If there is any problem then see details will be written i.e. your video is not original work.

Many times it used to happen that even unknowingly the creators used to upload videos which also contained the original work of someone else, after which trouble had to be faced. But, now you can easily get rid of this problem.

Above you learned how you can avoid copyright on YouTube. But, despite following all the necessary copyright guidelines, what to do if a copyright strike or claim comes?

  • Trim the part of the video on which copyright strike or claim has come
  • If copyright is due to audio, replace or mute it
  • If there is a claim or strike on your entire video content, delete it immediately
  • Contact the original owner and request them to withdraw the claim or strike

If you want a movie uploaded on YouTube without copyright strike or claim, then for this you should keep these points in mind:

  • Contact the original owner and get permission from him.
  • Before uploading the movie check if it comes under the creative commons license, if yes then you can use the video.
  • Turn off ad revenue on that movie.
  • Tamper with movie songs and scenes.

With the help of the above mentioned methods, you can upload movies on YouTube without copyright. However, adopting a route other than the first 2 points does not guarantee that there will be no claim or strike.

If you want to use the video of an original content creator with permission, then it will be the best. Go to the About Us page of the channel whose video you want to use and there you will find contact details. With the help of these contact details, you can talk to them in a decent language and ask their permission to use the video.

When you use or upload the original video content of any other channel on your channel without its permission, YouTube notifies them. After uploading to YouTube, a video ID is created for each video and YouTube’s smart detection intelligence immediately tells the original owner that your content has not been used by anyone else.

If you have not taken permission from the real creator, then he sends you a copyright strike or claim. In this way you must have understood how copyright claim comes.


You know that how to avoid copyright claims on youtube. If you have any other query related to this then you can ask through comment. Also, if the video helped you, then do share it. If you are a yotuber and want to write scripts for your channel in reasonable price then we can help you in this. For more information visit YouTube script writing service.

Let us now talk about the many frequently asked questions related to YouTube copyright, which are often asked:

What is the difference between YouTube copyright claim and strike?

You face a YouTube copyright claim when you use someone else’s copyrighted material without his permission. In such a situation, the copyright holder can monetize your video, after which the total earnings on the video will go to him.

So on the contrary, in the copyright strike, the copyright holder decides to remove your video from YouTube and for this he also has full capacity. This has a negative effect on your channel and many features are restricted.

What can you do if someone else uses your video without permission?

In such a situation, you can send a copyright strike on his channel, after which that video will be deleted from YouTube. Apart from this, you can monetize its content for yourself as mentioned above, after which you will get the earning on that video directly.

How to know if someone else is using my original content without permission?

For this you can use the YouTube copyright match tool . However, when someone else uses or reuploads your video in any of their own content, YouTube sends you a notification about it on their behalf. After that you can decide what you want to do with it.

Can copyright strike come on the channel even after writing a copyright disclaimer?

Absolutely, copyright disclaimer does not give you any kind of guarantee that you can use the content of others without any strike or claim. However, writing this disclaimer saves you from most of the claim / strike complaints. Also, if your content is for Criticism, Comment, Reporting, Teaching, Research and Scholarship , then you can save by giving a disclaimer.

Can the channel be monetized after a copyright strike / claim comes on my YouTube channel?

Yes, even after getting a copyright claim or strike, your channel can be monetized and you can earn the play button. However, after a copyright claim or strike, the reputation of that channel gets spoiled in the eyes of YouTube. In such a situation, you may have a problem in getting monetization.

Who can file a copyright strike or claim on YouTube?

For this no particular company has been made that only they can strike or claim on your channel. If anyone’s content is original and you have used it without permission, then he can send a strike on your channel. You can also send a copyright strike to another channel in exchange for using your original content.

Will it be right to use copyrighted content of less than 30 seconds?

Not in most cases! No matter how small the copyrighted content is, there may be a copyright strike or claim. Using a short video does not guarantee that you will survive the strike. However, if you do want to use copyrighted material, then you can use it in a very short form, editing it and with a little tinkering with the voice. But it is risky.

Can using copyright image in YouTube videos also result in copyright strike or claim?

Stealing original content without any permission is copyright infringement. But, in terms of images, you do not need to panic much. You will never get any copyright strike because of them. If you take permission from Honor or attribute them then it will be much better.

Can Google content be used in YouTube without any copyright strike?

You can use Google’s content like images, articles, etc. in many situations. For example, if you want to write a book summary , then you can use someone’s article. But, definitely give them attribution, otherwise you can get stuck in legal disputes. Apart from this, do not use any type of video whether it is available on YouTube or not without permission.

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