How to buy and sell Bitcoin in india full information in Hindi

Every country has a different currency, but Bitcoin is not the currency of any one country, nor is it a bank to operate it. The only person to make it is Satoshi Nakamoto Satoshi Nakamoto. He made it and dedicated it to the world. Satoshi Nakamoto made it to the world on 9 / January / 2009. Bitcoin was very low in its initial cost but after 2017 its price had increased a lot.

What is Bitcoin meaning?

Bitcoin is a currency that you cannot touch and neither can you see it. This is a digital currency that you can buy only on select websites or mobile applications and you can sell it only there. You can place it on the website or mobile application wallet. It deals with that. We are going to tell you some of its uses further.


What is use of Bitcoin?

You cannot use bitcoin everywhere. In India, its circulation is very rare even today, only people know that there is a digital currency like Bitcoin in circulation. Let us tell you that if you want to use this digital currency, then you should have a Bitcoin wallet. Next, we have also told you how you can apply for a Bitcoin wallet. Now let us know the use of Bitcoin.

Use of Bitcoin list

1. You can use Bitcoin (first use of Bitcoin.) To shop from the Internet, but only a select website or mobile application takes Bitcoin. Right now no site in India deals with this digital currency, you can buy any item on this international shopping site.

2. You can use Bitcoin in trading (2nd use of Bitcoin.). Before 2017, people who had invested money on it, they increased their money many times more. Sometimes its prices are very high, sometimes there is a lot of recession, you also buy it during the recession and when you feel that its price has increased, then sell it. Next, we will tell you how you can buy and sell Bitcoin in India.

3. You can use Bitcoin (3rd use of Bitcoin.) To change your rupee. That is, you can change currency.

4. You can use Bitcoin (4th use of Bitcoin). If you are asking for money from abroad, then you can get it in this currency.

Bitcoin price in India.

Friend, the price of this currency is not always fixed, sometimes its price decreases, sometimes it touches the sky. Today when we checked the price of this


From 2009 to 2017 till now its price is very high and will continue to grow even further, we are giving a list of it below, in which you can see how much has increased in which year. If you want to know more, then type on bitcoin price in INR 2009. The list will come in front of you, whichever year you want to see, just add that fucker behind it and search.


Bitcoin price usd. 

If any currency has become the most expensive in this world, then it is Bitcoin today which has also brought us dollars under its feet. Today the price of a bitcoin is 10,352.60 United States Dollar which is very high.

Now we will know about some Trusted website and mobile application for its transaction. The website or mobile application that we are telling you now works well so far, but let us tell you that if you read their privacy policy carefully before creating an account on them, if there is any fraud with you, then we You will not be responsible for this.

How to buy and sell Bitcoin in India.

You must have read above about Bitcoin, what it is and how we can use it. We are telling you about buying and selling Bitcoin, so you should read it carefully. And we request you that if you like this article and you have found something worth learning in it, then share it with your friends.

How to buy Bitcoin in India. ( How to get bitcoin. )

If you have ever used a payment application, you can buy and sell Bitcoin easily. I will tell you about the site I use. How to get bitcoin at you. You can also sell and buy applications.

How to get bitcoin.

You will get both the link of the site below and the link to the mobile application, which you want to visit, both have the same work.


How to buy Bitcoin in India

1. All you have to do is SIGN UP. For this, you have to have an active mobile number. Click on Sign up, enter your mobile number and enter the password. After that, if you have any referral code, then do not enter it, and after reading their privacy policy, you click on Signup that you gave the mobile number. But the otipi will come and put it and submit it.

2. After that you will be asked for some documents like honor card, PAN card, take a photo of them and upload them and fill your basic information like name, address, email, etc. after that. You will get msg on the inner mail of 24 hours that your Bitcoin wallet has been activated.

3. Now you have to burn your bank details, after that, you can take any amount of bitcoin you want, you can buy Bitcoin by paying money from your bank. You can buy Bitcoin for as much as 1000 rupees. Now we will tell you how to sell bitcoin.

How to sell Bitcoin in India.

Sell ​​your Bitcoin with profit. If you want to sell bitcoin, then you do not need to go anywhere and you can sell and sell it on the same site from which you bought bitcoin.

For this, you have to click on Sell Bitcoin. As soon as your bitcoin is sold, your bitcoin wallet will be added to the bitcoin wallet. You can transfer them to your bank.

To transfer your money to the bank, you have to click on Withdrawal. When you put your money with Withdrawal, then soon after that money will come in your account. It takes 4-5 days.

But your money will come and I still deal with Bitcoin on this site.

Friend, we tried our best to answer all your questions, if you still have any questions, then you can comment and ask us. And if you have got anything to learn in this article, then you must share it with your friends.

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