How to Buy BitCoin Get Complete information

Hello dear, welcome. In your own blog, whose name is digital SEO life. Today we will give you information about how to buy bitcoin. So read this article carefully and you too can start earning profit by buying bitcoin with your money.

How to Buy BitCoin Get Complete information 2020

Bitcoin is becoming quite popular today day by day. There was a time when the price of bitcoin was so low, that no one wants to invest in it. But look, there is a competition to buy it worldwide. Everyone is crazy about buying bitcoins.


But some people do not know that after all this bitcoin is bought and sold. So today in this article, we will tell you what is this bitcoin. How to buy and sell bitcoin? You will get full information of bitcoin today in this article.

If you are in any corner of the world, today we will give you all the information about how to buy bitcoin, and how to sell and sell bitcoin. If you invest your money in bitcoin, you will earn a lot of profit. People have multiplied their money by 10 times with bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin with Paybis

There was a time when the price of bitcoin was around 0.003 $ dollars. At that time bitcoin had no value. But look today, its price is in lakhs and in the coming time, its price can be in crores of rupees, nothing can be said.

After all, why is bitcoin so popular? How does its price increase? If you do not know what bitcoin is before how we can buy bitcoin, then you should have basic knowledge about it.

What is bitcoin? Complete information

If we talk in a simple language of bitcoin, then it is a world wide ie a virtual and crypto currency spread all over the world. Which means that it is such a money, which you can neither see nor touch. This is a kind of digital currency.


Which you save and keep in a wallet in the Internet, and you can use it if needed. It is a kind of money, money, rupees, dollars, pounds etc. are currencies, but they are also a currency. The only difference is that you cannot touch or see it, its value always keeps on decreasing.

For example, we use PayPal to make payments, we also have our money in it. He appears as a different currency in different countries. Just like in India we see it in rupees, if we look at our money in paypal in America, it will show us in dollars.

But we will see bitcoin everywhere. For example, the price of 1 bitcoin is 1 $ in us dollars, then in India we will get a price equal to our us dollars (1 $ – 70).

It is a decentralized currency. Which means that neither any institution nor any government has the right on this currency. It is an open source currency. Which was invented by Santoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

The price of 1 bitcoin at that time was around 0.003 $. But today its price is in thousands of dollars and people are competing to buy it. Before we buy Bitcoin, let us know what is the use of Bitcoin, and what documents are required to buy it.

What is the use of bitcoin

You can use bitcoin to buy and sell things online. As we know, this is the kind of money that is why you can buy and sell anything online.

You can use bitcoin for online investment. If you are interested in investing and after some time you want a good return. So you can use bitcoin, although it is not necessary, you can earn good money with bitcoin. It can also cause you a loss.

Because each one is a digital penny, its price keeps increasing and decreasing, but since it is made, its value has always increased and if it has decreased then it is very low but increasing is very high.

You can convert bitcoin into money and send it directly to your bank account.

How to know how much 1 bitcoin is worth

If you want to know the price of bitcoin, how much is the price of 1 bitcoin at present, or whenever you need to know the price of bitcoin, whether it is in dollars or rupees, then you should go to Google for this Searching for 1 bitcoin price inr then Google will tell you how much the price of bitcoin is at present in India, so in this way you can find out the price of bitcoin anytime.


Now if you want to find the price of bitcoin in us dollars then you have to write 1 bitcoin price in us on Google, then you will find out the price of 1 bitcoin in us dollars. If you want to find the price of 1 bitcoin in the currency of another country, then you have to search like this.


Now let’s know how we can buy bitcoin and what is the required document for this, we will know about it

What are the required documents to buy bitcoin

If you want to buy bitcoins in India, then you should have some important documents for this, only then you can buy and sell bitcoins. Let’s know what these documents are. Which we are going to need to buy bitcoin.

  1. Voter ID Card
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Pen card
  4. Phone number
  5. ME address (your Gmail is your Email address)
  6. Bank account details

These are all the important documents that you should have. If you want to buy bitcoin. Now we can buy it from where we said and we can sell bitcoin, you will give full information about it.

How to buy bitcoin

Buying and selling bitcoins is not a hard work. If you have ever paid online. With the help of any website or mobile app, you can easily buy and sell bitcoins. How To Buy Bitcoins you have to use a website or mobile app.


By the way, you will find many websites and applications selling and buying bitcoin on the Internet. But you will find a very good bitcoin website or application very happy. I use the Bitcoin company’s website to buy and sell bitcoin. You will remember her.

I have been using it for the last 4 years. I have never had any problem. With the help of this bitcoin company, I have made a profit every time I have invested in bitcoin. Those who can buy and sell paybis from this website, you can buy and sell bitcoins, then follow the steps given below to buy bitcoins from these websites.

1. Sign up in the website
To buy bitcoins, open the website and then signup. As soon as you register, you will first have to enter your email, along with basic information such as your name and password. Or you can also register yourself through Google account and Facebook account. There is a lot of simple work, you can easily do registration.

Click Here To Registration

If you face any problem then you also get the facility of live chat. You can use it to help them.

2. Upload documents
Now you have to scan and upload some of your important documents. Whoever is asking for documents from you in the website. Like Aadhar card, PAN card, after filling all these details, you will have to submit your documents. After this, your account will be activated within 24 hours, you will receive an email or message that your account has been activated.

3. Enter bank details
As soon as your account becomes active after this, you now have to enter bank details. So that whenever you sell bitcoin, the money of bitcoin will come to your bank account.

4. Now know how to buy bitcoin
Now after you have done all the work of the account, you have to buy bitcoin. For this, you click on bitcoin. The amount of money you want to buy bitcoins, you have to add the amount and select your payment method and pay. In the payment method, you will also get the option of paying with the card, in which you will have ease. Or select whatever payment method you feel is right and buy your bitcoins.


As soon as you pay, bitcoins will be added to your account. And when you find that their price has increased, after that you sell them and transfer your money to your bank account.

How to sell bitcoin

After this, as soon as you go and want to sell your bitcoins. You do not need to go anywhere else for this. You bought bitcoins in this website. At the same, you can sell your bitcoins by clicking on cell bitcoin. After clicking on withdrawal, you can send your money to a direct bank account. You will try your money in a direct bank account within 3-4 days.

I hope you have got a good idea of ​​how to buy and sell bitcoins. If you have got complete and stick information about your work from this article, then you must share it in your social media account.

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