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If you want to make a Favicon for blogger, then today we will give you complete information about favicon size and how you can make it yourself. We will also give you the answers to all the questions related to favicon. 

How do you find it in Blogger? Today, we will show you through images that you will understand and do it yourself. But before that we should know what it is, why do we put it on our site, so let’s know about it.


What is a favicon?

Favicon is a 32 * 32 size image appearing in the browser along with the URL of our site, which the user knows that this site has this logo. Favicons are made from the site or company logo itself. By applying favicon, our site looks like a professional site, so we do it for this.

What is a favicon size?

Favicon size is 32 * 32, in which our width is 32 pixels and height is 32 pixels, in this, we keep the resolution up to 200 so that it looks very good even when it is small. But in WordPress, the size of a favicon is kept to 512 * 512 and it becomes an auto earner.

How to create a favicon for a blogger?

Favicon for blogger Here we can not create favicon only for bloggers, if your site is on WordPress, then you will have to follow the same method. So let’s know that Favicon for WordPress or Blogger is made for both.

If you want to make a free favicon, you will need something that you must pass. You should have a logo of your site that is also in PNG foam, and you should have a photoshop and you must also come.

Now if you have all these things, then you can make a DM free favicon on your computer. Come, let us know how we can make favicons in photoshop as well.

How to create a favicon in photoshop?

If you want to create a favicon in photoshop, then you have to open your photoshop. After it is open, you have to press ctrl + N and here you have to keep 32 * 32 width and height. 

If you are creating a liye favicon for WordPress site, then you have to keep 512 * 512 width and height for that. After that, you have Resolution 200 and in Contents you select transparently and press the OK button. Your favicon seat is ready.


  Now you bring the people of your site to it by drug and dope and press ctrl + T simultaneously and adjust it. After that, you have to save it. 

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So now you have to press ctrl + alt + s together and you name it anything like favicon for blogger. After that you have to select the format carefully, here you select the png. 

After that you have to reduce its file size, so you can save it by ticking on the use lower case extension. If you are asked the png option, then you have to tick the None and click on the OK button.


  Now your favicon for blogger or favicon for WordPress is ready, now we will teach you to apply it in Blogger.

How to add a favicon to a blogger?

Friend, if you have created a favicon, now it is full to add it to your blogger, then let us know that your blogger me favicon Kaise add care about it.

Whether you upload it in Blogger or in WordPress, you must first reduce its size. If its size is above 100kb then you will not be able to upload it. 

If you have followed all the steps that I have mentioned, then its size will be happily near 30 kb. In WordPress, it can be uploaded up to 250 kb in size and in Blogger you cannot upload a favicon of above 100kb.

 So you must see its size once. If the size is not reduced then you make it again and follow the steps that I have told you and keep in mind that saving it in PNG format or else its size will be more in other formats anyway and it will be uploaded in other formats as well. 

Won’t happen Let us know how to upload it in Blogger. After that, I will tell you how to upload in WordPress. How to add a favicon in blogger?

First of all, you should go to your blogger’s Desbord.


  After that you have to go to Layout. As soon as the layout is open, you will see Favicon and edit, where you have to click. Clicking, you will have a second window open, where you will get the option to upload.


  Find the file where you have saved the Favicon for blogger file, select the folder and save it. Once you have referenced the blog. Your blogger has added me favicon. Now we will teach you to add WordPress my favicon.

How to add a favicon in WordPress?

For WordPress we have to change the Favicon size. Because it is automatically applied, here we will make a favicon size of 512 * 512, that is, we will add people only.

If you have not yet created a favicon, you can make it, here you have to keep the width and height at 512 and save it in png, after that you can add it on the site. Let us know that wordpess me favicon kaise add kre

You have to go to the dashboard of your wordpress site. Here you have to bring your mouse cursor over the Appearance Appearance, after that you will see the option to Customize.  


  After that a new window will open in front of you, here you have to click on Site Identity.

Here you will get a lot of options, here you have to scroll downwards and the site Site Icon will appear below you.

By clicking on the Select site icon, you have to select your Favicon for wordpress file and save it.  


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