How to Create a Resume For a Fresher

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How to Create a Resume For a Fresher : If you have completed your studies and are looking for a job then you must know the importance of resume. Like private jobs, many such government jobs are also demanding resume. In such a situation, it is very important that you make a professional resume so that you can get the job. So in this post I will tell you in detail that How to Create a Resume For a Fresher?

Every information related to creating a resume, templates, examples and frequently asked questions related to the topic will also be given place in this post. If you want to get your dream job by creating a professional resume then you must read this post till the end.

How to Create a Resume For a Fresher
Create a Resume For a Fresher

What is Resume? How to Create a Resume For a Fresher?

Resume is a formal document that mentions a person’s work experience, skills, education, notable achievements and professional qualifications. With the help of this, you are able to display your abilities and abilities properly. The word resume was derived from the French language which means summary.

You can add these points to a base resume:

  • Contact details
  • Introduction
  • Educational background
  • Work history
  • Relevant skills

Types of Resume

If you think that resume is written in only one way then you are wrong. It is of 4 types which you can read about:

1. Chronological resumes

The first type of resume is chronological. In this you first write the introduction after which you have to write about your professional history. Keep in mind that when adding records to your professional history, write the most recent one first and keep writing in that order.

Chronological resumes are mostly used to apply for jobs. If you also want to apply for the job then you can prepare this resume.

2. Targeted resumes

Targeted resumes are prepared when you apply for a specific job and you have all the necessary skills related to that job. In this type of resume, you highlight relevant skills so that the person hiring you will find you the best fit.

For example, if you want to prepare resume for the job post of DEO (Data entry operator), then you can add skills like computer technology, good written & spoken communication, fast typing speed in your resume. After this, you can write about each skill, its experience, achievements, etc.

3. Functional resumes

The third type of resume is functional resumes. In this the main focus is on your skills and abilities rather than your work history. This means that in this resume, the focus is more on your skills & abilities and less on your work experience. It will be better for those job seekers whose work experience is not long.

These types of resumes are mostly written by people who want to leave their old company or workplace and work somewhere else. If you make this type of resume, then tell about your skills in detail.

4. Combination resumes

Lastly comes the combination resumes. In this, it goes along with the aspects of chronological & functional resumes. While chronological resumes focus mostly on a person’s profession history and skills, functional resumes focus on explaining your qualifications in detail.

Combination resumes are best for those people who have many skills and their work experience has been long and excellent. If you are also such a person then it would be better for you to make a combination resume.

What to add to Resume?

You have learned above what can be added to a base resume. Now you will know in detail below what is added to all the above points:

1. Contact details : In this you should add your full name, phone number, email address. Also, many times people also add updated profile links of LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram. It completely depends on your nature of job.

2. Introduction : In this column you can add your professional background and key qualifications. For example, if you have done higher studies in a relevant subject or have worked in any position in a company in the past, then you can add it to it.

3. Education : This column is especially for the records related to your education. In this you write about the name, degree and passing year of your previous schools. Apart from this, you can also write the grades / percentage related to your school / college / university education.

4. Experience : This column is about your professional experience. In this, whatever job you are applying for, if you have done any other work related to it, then add it. For this, you can write about your job title, company profile, number of years you have worked, responsibilities and achievements.

5. Skills : In this, you can list the skills related to the job for which you are going to apply. For example, you can add computer technology, data analysis, design, marketing, SEO, communication, team work, etc. Be careful and show honesty while filling this column.

How to create resume in canva?

You have learned about resume kya hota hai in detail above. Now you will learn how to create a great resume so that you will find it easy to pick up John. I will only teach you how to create a resume with the help of Canva app, which is very easy and also free. So let’s go through the steps in detail:

1. Download canva app from play store

If you want to create a professional resume then you have to download Canva app for this. Here you will find many templates out of which you can choose one and do further editing. You will easily find this app on play store.

Apart from the Canva app, there are other resume maker for free apps, but this one I liked the best. You will find so many great templates on this app that you will be happy to see. So first download and install it from playstore.

2. Sign up or log in

When you have downloaded and installed the app, now you have to open the app next. A sign up / login interface will appear as soon as you open the app. You can sign up with the help of Email, Facebook and Google. If you have ever created an account on Canva before, then you are already signed up? You can login to the app with the sign in button next to it.

As soon as you login with the help of email, facebook or google account, your name and other important information goes to canvas. Like your name, profile picture etc.

3. Search resume from search box

After logging in, the app will open and many templates will appear. You have to create a resume, for which you have to enter the resume in the search box at the top and enter. By doing this, many resume templates will open in front of you. You can see its screenshot below.

You can choose from hundreds of templates. Before choosing any template, you should decide what type of resume you want to create, which has been given above. Only then choose a template. Whatever template you click on, it will open for editing.

4. Edit the Resume According to the Template

If you have selected a resume template, then now its editing is pending. Whatever element you click on, it will open for editing. For example, suppose you have to replace the picture already given in the resume and put your picture. For this, click on this photo, as soon as you click on the photo already given, the option of replace will appear in front of you in the bottom.

As soon as you click on replace, the option of upload, gallery, instagram, photos, videos will open in front of you. If you want to upload a new picture, you can do so by clicking on the upload button. Above you will see the upload media button. On clicking it, a new interface will open where you can choose one of all the files stored in your device.

5. Fill all the information correctly

I have told you above what to fill in which field. Accordingly, now you have to fill the complete template. If you want, you can also delete and modify any element. After this, you have to click on the element and then choose one of the given options.

For example, I have chosen the above screenshot template, which I now have to change according to my own. You fill all the things in it according to your professional skills, contact details, career summary, contact reference etc. You can also add new elements to this template with the + icon visible in the left bottom corner.

It is obvious that I cannot explain everything in writing to you, so you must watch this video guide given below, so that you will get complete information about canva resume.

6. Download Your Resume

When you have completely created your resume, you can download it now. For this, you will see the download icon in the right corner, by clicking on which you can save the resume. Apart from this, you can also directly send this resume to different apps by clicking on the upload icon.

For example, you can present a resume. You can also share its link and can also take a print out.

FAQs on resume

Now that you have known what is resume and how to do resume in detail, it is important that you go through the frequently asked questions related to it.

1. What is the difference between CV, resume and biodata?

Resume is used to apply for a new job, in which the educational qualifications, work experience and skills of the person are written. On the other hand CV which is also called Curriculum Vitae is also for new job application but in this it is told in detail about the person’s skills, educational qualifications, work experience and achievements, so it is 2 to 3 pages or more. It is possible .

CV talks about your whole life in detail. If you are 19 years old now, then in the CV you will have to write in detail about your entire 19 years of life. Even if it is 10 pages long. So the same biodata, which is also called Biographical Data , is no longer made for any job. Now it is often used in weddings and it is also used for other functions.

2. Can a resume be more than 1 page?

Yes, it is absolutely possible that the resume is more than 1 page. But this should be done only when your job experience and career summary is quite large. Most of the resumes written by freshers are of one eye page.

3. Should I include in my resume those jobs that I have done in the past but are not related to the job I am looking for?

You absolutely can do that. Sometimes irrelevant job / work history also helps you in getting your dream job. But you should try that you write only those work history, skills which are relevant.

4. How to Email Resume?

If you want to make a resume and email it, then it is very easy. If you have created a resume with the help of canva as mentioned above by me, then you can directly mail the resume to anyone with the help of gmail by clicking on the upload icon at the end. Apart from this, you can also know in detail by reading the post How to Email, How to Email Anyone Professionally.

5. What is ATS in Resume?

ATS i.e. applicant tracking system is now used by recruiters and employers to hire people. With the help of this system, resumes can be easily collected, sorted, scanned and ranked.

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In this post, you learned in detail that the answer to How to Create a Resume For a Fresher and other important questions related to it have also been given in the post. If you have any other question related to this topic which is not explained in the post then ask through comment box.

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