How to create a blog? – How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog

How to create a blog– How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog – How to make your blog? Do you also want to create your own blog? Then you have come to absolutely right place. Because in this article we will tell you complete information about creating a blog. Blog is created in both free and paid ways. Paid Blog Professionals are more accessible. But many people do not have money for a blog. That’s why they like to create a free blog. If you want to create and learn blog. Then you start with Free Blog only. Since in this article I have given complete information related to creating a blog.

So here we will learn to create both Free and Paid Blog. That is, just after reading this article till the end, you will get all the information related to creating a blog. Because here we have explained everything in detail. In this article mainly how to make a free blog, how to make a free blog a professional blog and how to make a professional blog has been described. If you want to create a free blog. Then you can create a free blog. Together you can also make that free blog a professional. But if you want to make blog with money. So that you have full control of it.

Then his information is also given here. You just have to read and understand the article well till the end. So let’s know how a blog is made. But do you know what a blog is? If you know. Then you can read the article further to create a blog. But those who do not know that “what is a blog and why it is created”. Then they should first know about the blog. like; What is a blog, why a blog is created or what is the purpose of creating a blog. So let’s first know what is a blog?

How to create a blog? – How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog
How to create a blog? – How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog

What is Blog?

In today’s time, all the work from the Internet is done through the website itself. like; There is a separate website to see the results, a different website to recharge, a different website to book tickets, a different website to shop, a different website for entertainment too. like; All websites like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc. are there. Where are you reading this article right now? That too is a website. Whose name is digitalseolife ( You must have heard and seen the name of the website.

A website is the site of the Internet. Which is called a webpage or website. All the material is available on this site of internet. Like we watch videos on the internet. Because that video is available on any website. If you also want to put something on the Internet. Then you can create your own website. Where you can put photos or videos of your choice. Which the whole world can see. Blog is also a website. There are many webpages in a blog. Which can also be in the website. But a particular information or description is given on each webpage of the blog. Which is constantly updated with new information and also updated by making changes in old information.

Note:- The information written in the blog is called Article, Post or BlogPost.

Usually Blog is given some specific information like; News, Education, Computer, Technology etc. are made to share or share your own thoughts. The webpage you are currently reading this article on. That too is a blog. Computer and education related information is shared on this blog. Blog can be run by an individual or a group. The way to create a blog and a website is the same. That is, if you learned to make a blog. Then you have come to build a website or if you know how to make a website. Then you can also create a blog. The difference between a blog and a website is only in its design. Since the design of the blog looks like a diary. In which there are many pages and every page has some information. That is, there is a collection of Blog Webpage.

Today we need information related to any subject. Then first of all we find it by searching on Google. But does Google write that information itself or does it get written by someone. Not! Not all that information belongs to Google. Rather it belongs to a website or blog only. Which Google keeps by listing in its search results. When we click on any of that list. Then they reach that website or blog. From where we get that information.

Purpose of Blogging

Creating and managing a blog means always writing new BlogPosts on the blog, updating old BlogPosts, marketing the blog and doing related tasks is called Blogging. Blogging is a profession and the person doing it is called a blogger. But do you know why people make blogs? Speaking in common language, what is the purpose of creating a blog. Why people do blogging, why always write BlogPost. After all, what is the benefit to them?

So let us tell you today what is the purpose of blogging by creating a blog and what are the benefits of it. Because I am also a blogger and do blogging. That’s why I know what is the purpose of creating a blog. In general, blogging by creating a blog can have the following objectives.

  • The basic purpose of creating a blog is to put your idea in front of the world. If you want to share your thoughts, you want to tell something to the world. Then you too can start your own blog.
  • People also write blogs to publish their research related information on the Internet.
  • Blogs are also made to share their knowledge.
  • A blog is written to publish an online newspaper.
  • People also make blogs to create their own network. Building your own brand can also be done.
  • People also write blogs to improve their writing skills i.e. Improve Writing Skills.
  • Nowadays the important purpose of creating a blog is to earn money. Most bloggers do blogging only to earn money.

I hope that now you have understood what is a blog and what is the purpose of creating a blog. Since Blog is called Blogging, Blogger is called Blogger and Blogging is called Blogging or Blogging. Let us now know how to make a blog.

How to make a blog? (How to Create Blog)

Basically, a domain name and web hosting are needed to create a blog. All the content of the blog is available on web hosting. The domain name serves as the address of the blog. It is also called web address. People are able to visit the blog through this address. like; You are reading this article now. The domain name of that blog is “”. If you will search this domain name in your web browser (URL bar). Then you will reach this blog directly. Domain Name and Web Hosting have to be purchased. Which costs money.

Apart from this, the blog has to be designed. How the blog will look, it decides the design of the blog. To design a blog, there should be knowledge of computer language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. If you tell in easy language, then all this is coding. But if you do not know coding. Even then you don’t need to worry. Because nowadays there are many such platforms. Whatever makes a blog or website designed in just one click. This is an easy way to create a blog, where earlier the entire website had to be designed by itself or someone had to be hired to do the design.

But now it is nothing like that. Today the biggest blog and website is being created through these platforms. If you do not like the design of these platforms. Then you can also apply the design separately on the same blog or website. Nowadays made Blog Design is also available. Which is called Theme. It also takes money to buy the theme. Although you will also get Free Theme. You want to keep the design of your blog like this. A theme like that would be needed.

How to make Free Blog?

There are many blogging platforms to create a blog. From which the blog is made. like; WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, Drupal, Joomla etc. But WordPress and Blogger are the most popular among them all. Here we are going to talk about both these platforms. Through these, we will teach you how to create a blog. These platforms are called CMS or Content Management System. Let us first know about these two blogs. So that you can understand which Platform (CMS) is best for you. Choosing the right platform is very important.

1. WordPress

WordPress is most popular in terms of creating a blog or website. But WordPress is also two, one and the other There is a huge difference between these two. Therefore it is important to understand them.

There is an open source software or program on . Which is called Content Management System (CMS). Using this you can create beautiful and attractive blog. is built in PHP and MySQL. This CMS was started in the year 2003. To create a blog or website on, CMS software has to be downloaded for free from and installed in the web server. Therefore, web hosting is required to create a blog on this platform. For which you have to buy hosting. Therefore the website or blog built on it is called Self Hosted Blog or Self Hosted Website.

Note: – Self Hosted Blog / Website has full control over it. is created by the Co-Founder of Free Blog is created with Free Plan on it. But there are many limitations on its free plan. Due to which Free Blogs are not very accessible. We do not have complete control over it. Due to which you can place ads on your blog. For which you will not get any money. Apart from this, not a domain name but a subdomain is given on Free Blog. Which is like Which is not professional in appearance. itself sells web hosting and domain names. For this, you just have to upgrade with Pro Plan. After which you get its control. Although their plans are also of many types and according to the same plan, you get the facilities. That is, there is no need to buy anything separately here. Everything is available here.

2. Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform provided by Google. Free blog is also created from this platform. It is very easy to create a blog on it. Free Blog can be created on it in just a few clicks. Blogger allows you to create a free blog. Hosting and SSL certificate for a blog built on it is free forever. Together a subdomain is given. The subdomain of a blog made on Blogger is like

Note:- Since if you want to create a Professional Blog. For which you can also spend money. Then you should create a blog from The blog made on it will be called Paid Blog. But if you don’t want to invest money. You want to create a blog for free. Then you are left with two options. That is and Blogger.

In this article, it is told to create a free blog on Blogger and WordPress. Along with this, how to create a blog from has also been told. Let’s first learn how to create a free blog from Blogger.

How to Create Free Blog on Blogger?

The old name of Blogger was Blogspot. That’s why is in its subdomain. This platform was created by Pyra Labs. Which was bought by Google in the year 2003. Now this platform belongs to Google. We have two options to create a free blog. Although there is another platform. With which you can create a free blog. But both of them are more popular. So if you want to create a free blog. Then I suggest that you create from Google’s Blogger Platform. Because all those features are available on Blogger. Which is good for beginners.

Along with this, Google’s security is obtained. That is, hacking your blog will be difficult. Money can also be earned by placing ads on the free blog built on it. Many people are earning too. Apart from this, Blogger also has many advantages. Blogger’s free blog is much better (according to me) than creating a free blog on But if you want to create a free blog on itself. Then his information is also given below. Here we will know how to make a free blog on Blogger. To create a free blog on Blogger, the steps mentioned below have to be followed.

Step #1:- Go to Blogger Platform.

To create a blog on Blogger, first of all you have to go to the Blogger Platform. Blogger’s address is “”. You can search by typing Blogger on Google to go here. After that the website with has to be opened. You just reached on Blogger. You can also open Direct in your browser. For your convenience, we have given its link below. By clicking on which you can also go to this platform. As soon as you go to Blogger. There you will see “CREATE YOUR BLOG”. To create a blog, you have to click on this.Click Here

Step#2:- Google Account (GMAIL) Log।

As soon as you click on CREATE YOUR BLOG. Then after that you have to login with your Google Account. You want to create a blog from any of your Google Accounts. Login to it. If already logged in. Then select that Google Account. Keep in mind that you will need this Google Account to login to your blog anytime later.

Step #3:- Write the name of the blog.

Now here you have to write the name of the blog. What name do you want to have for your blog? Write that name. like; The name of this blog is digitalseolife. However, after creating a blog, you can change the name of your blog at any time.

Step # 4: – Write the address of the blog.

Now here also you have to write the name of your blog. So that the subdomain can be found in the name of your blog. Like if you had written the name of your blog as digitalseolife. Then the name of your blog should be But if someone has created a blog before this address. Then you cannot create your blog from this address. Because the address of the blog is unique. You have also named your blog as Unique. When you write something in Address. Then “This Blog address is available” is written below it. Then it means that no one has blog from this address. That is, you can create. So after that you have to click on Next.

Step#5:- Display Name

Here you have to enter your name. If you want, you can also write the name of your blog. Whatever you write here. That name is displayed on your blog. When you will write a post on your blog. Then your name as Writer or Author of that BlogPost is displayed up or down. If you do not want to display your name here. Then you can only write the name of Admin or Blog.

Now your blog will have been created. To create a free blog on Blogger, you also have to follow the above five steps. After which the blog will be ready. Now you can view your blog by opening the address of your blog in your browser. How to write a post on Blogger’s blog. 

How to Create Free Blog on WordPress?

First of all, if you want to make a blog to earn money. Then I suggest that you should make Paid Blog instead of Free Blog. But if you don’t have money. Then you can create a blog on Blogger. Because money can also be earned from blogger’s blog. Because Blogger and WordPress are popular in terms of creating a free blog. Here we have told how to create a free blog on Blogger. So now how to create a free blog on WordPress.

Since it is also easy to create a free blog on WordPress. We can create a free blog on WordPress by following some steps. There are limitations on WordPress’s Free Blog. There are different types of plans to remove which. Have to buy it. That’s why I say that create a free blog on Blogger. But if you want to create a free blog on WordPress itself. Then you can create a free blog on WordPress by following the steps below.

Step #1:- Go to Platform.

To create a free blog from WordPress, first you have to go to the website. You can open from browser. Or you can also open it by searching on Google. For your convenience, we have given the link of below. By clicking on which you can go direct to WordPress.Click Here

Step#2:- Start Your Websit

When you go to Then you will see the option of Start Your Website. To create a blog, all you have to do is click on this option.

Step#3:- Apply Form

When you will click on Start Your Website. Then a form will open. By filling which your account will be created on WordPress. Nothing much in this form, just write your Email Id in place of Your Email Address, a Username in place of Choose a username (each Username is unique) and Choose a password instead of Password and click on Create Your Account.

Step#4:- Select Subdomain

Now do a subdomain search for your blog. The subdomain for a free blog on WordPress is like Which is absolutely free. You have to search and select such a subdomain. This will be the address of your blog.

Step#5:- Start With a Free Site

Now here you have to take a plan. Features on the blog are given to you according to the plan. There are many limitations in the free plan. To create a blog with Free Plan, you have to click on Start With a Free Site.

Now your blog has been created. Now it has to be setup. Shown in the image below. In the same way, blog setup has to be done one by one. After setting up your site completely, your blog will be ready. like; In the image you can see that the first number is Site Created. Tick ​​is placed next to it. Which means that your blog has been created. After that click on Name Your Site and write the name of the site.

Because there is no Tick next to it. Tick ​ will be applied after typing the name of the site. Especially the Email Id from which the blog has been created. There must have been a link on it. By clicking on that link, you have to verify the blog. Finally, Launch Your Site has to be done. Then will your blog be published?

How to make Free Blog a Professional Blog

I hope that how free blogs are made. You must have understood. Because how free blogs are made. We have explained its information in detail. How to Create Free Blog on Blogger and How to Create Free Blog on WordPress. Free blog created on Blogger or WordPress does not look good. On seeing it, everyone will understand that this is a free blog. So here we will tell you how to make Free Blog Professional Blog. Since by adopting the following methods, you can also make Free Blog a professional.

  • Those who visit the blog first see the blog, see the design of the blog. If the design of your blog will be good. Then he will also like your blog. That’s why you should apply Attractive and Responsive Theme on your blog. If you do not like the Default Theme provided by Blogger or WordPress. Then you can apply Custom Theme separately. To apply Custom Theme in Blogger.
  • The second most important domain name that makes a blog professional. If your domain name will be custom. Then the address of your blog is smaller than that of the subdomain. Which is easy to read and also to remember. So use Custom Domain on your blog. To apply Custom Theme on Blogger, Since you have to buy Custom Domain with money. So if you are not able to buy. Then you can leave it too.
  • The name of the blog is short, which is easy to read and also easy to remember. Your domain name or subdomain should be with the name of your blog. If not, change it.
  • Create important pages in the blog. like; About Us Page, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer etc.
  • Put Good Looking Logo and Favicon in Blog. This is the brand of your blog. Which makes your blog professional.
  • Improve the interface of the blog and create navigation menus for the important categories in the blog.
  • Create an account on social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the name of Blog and promote your blog.
  • You can also earn money by placing Adsense ads in the blog. It is easy to place Adsense ads on Blogger’s free blog too.

So these were some tips and tricks, following which you can give a professional look to your blog. But you do not have complete control in Free Blog. Free Blogs cannot change everything on their own. Because here you are not given hosting access. To get access to hosting, you have to buy your own hosting and create a blog. is used for this. Let’s know how to create Self Hosted Blog using If someone is not satisfied with Free Blog. Then read the next article to create Self Hosted Blog.

How to make (PAID) Professional Blog?

Creating a professional blog is definitely a bit difficult. But if you understand correctly. Then it seems easy too. Since it happens in Free Blog that you went to any one platform. Signed up with Email Id there, just then created a blog by writing the name and address (Subdomain) of the blog. But this does not happen in Professional Blog. First of all, you have to buy a domain name. After that you have to buy hosting. After that a blog is created by setting up WordPress.

All the websites or blogs you see on the Internet. Most of them are built on Blog made on is absolutely professional. On which you have complete control. Because in this you have hosting requirements. Whose full access you have. Hosting is required to setup WordPress. So let’s know how blogs are made with money.

Step #1:- Buy Domain Name.

To create a blog on, first you have to buy a domain name. You can register the domain name with any domain registrar. You can register the domain name with your own name for some time. After that that domain name expires. Or you can renew it and keep it. There are many domain registrars to register a domain. You can register domain from any registrar. Namecheap is the best in terms of domain registration. With this, the following steps have to be followed to register the domain.

  • First of all go to the website of Namecheap
  • Sign up on Namecheap  through your Email Id.
  • Search the domain name for your blog in Namecheap  search box. As can be seen in the image above. I suggest you to use TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .in.
  • Select the domain name and buy it by paying. The way you do online shopping. In the same way, the domain name is also bought.

After registering the domain, it will appear in your Namecheap  account and you can also access its settings. like; DNS

Note: – Keep in mind that the domain name should be in the name of your blog. Like the name of my blog is Digital SEO Life. That’s why I have bought Domain Name. You can also buy domain from Namehceap.

Step #2:- Buy Hosting.

After buying a domain name, you have to buy web hosting. Just like you bought the domain name. In the same way you can also buy hosting. You can buy hosting from any hosting provider. Hostinger also sells hosting. The following steps have to be followed to buy hosting.

How to create a blog? – How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog
  • Go to the website of any Hosting Provider. Now sign up on it with Email Id. If you want to buy from hostinger. Then there is no need to sign up. Most of the bloggers in India prefer Hosting by hostinger. 
  • After visiting hostinger, you have to go to the Hosting section from the Navigation Menu. In the Hosting section, you will see the hosting plan. Since Shared Hosting is Best for Beginner Blog. But there are many plans in Shared Hosting too. You can buy Starter Plan. It is of low cost. The facilities are limited in this. But it is perfect for a beginner blog. You can go with Advance later.
  • Now you can select any one plan and buy it by paying. After purchasing, you can access your hosting anytime from your Hosting Account or from CPanel.

Best Hosting with free Domain Offers

Step #3:- Connect Domain and Hosting.

The most important thing is after buying a domain name and hosting. Connecting Domain and Hosting together. Connecting makes your hosting online. That is, whatever you will put on hosting after this. You can watch it online. To connect the domain to the hosting, the following steps have to be followed.

How to create a blog? – How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog
  • Find out the name server of your hosting. The hosting’s name server is emailed to you. Or you can also view it by logging into the hosting account. Or you can find out the name server by contacting your hosting provider.
  • After knowing the name server, you have to login to the Domain Registrar Account. Go to the DNS of your domain name and update it by entering the hosting’s name server. It is necessary to update minimum two name servers.

Note:- If you have bought both Domain Name and Hosting from the same platform. Then you don’t need to do DNS Connect. DNS Connect is required for those people. Those who have bought the domain from another site and hosting from another site.

Step#4:- Install WordPress

This is your last step. After connecting the domain and hosting, you can install WordPress. After which your blog will be ready. To install WordPress, you have to follow the following steps.

How to create a blog? – How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog
  • First of all login to your cPanel. Information about logging into cPanel and Username and Password is sent to your email. Or you can also login to CPanel by logging into Hosting Account. But here also you will need Username and Password. Which you must have received by email. You can see the image above. This is the login page of cPanel.
  • After login to cPanel you have to find SOFTACULOUS App Installer. You can also use the Search Box to search. By clicking on SOFTACULOUS, you will get to see many software like WordPress and Joomla. But you have to click on WordPress. You can see the image below step # 4.
  • Now you have to install the name of the blog, description, login to the blog by typing the username, password and email id etc. correctly and clicking on Install.
  • After successful installation, your blog is ready. Which can be login by using Username and Password. Do watch the video to understand better.

How to make blog video

How to create a blog? – How to Create Your Own Professional Free Blog

Conclusion – Create Blog

If you create a blog by following the steps given by us properly. Then you can successfully create a blog easily. But keep in mind that you still have some problem in creating a blog. Then you can ask us through comment. Soon we will try to explain your problem. To create a blog, you can follow the steps given by us on any computer or mobile. That is, if you do not have a computer to create your blog. Then you can also make it from mobile. To make your blog on Google, after creating a blog, you have to add it to Google Search Console. I hope you liked this article. In this article, complete information about creating a blog has been told.

By reading this article, you must have solved the following query of the people. Therefore, there is no need to tell separately on these queries. But still if you want to ask something. Then you can ask.

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