How to Do Affiliate Marketing : A Guide for Beginners 2022

How to Do Affiliate Marketing : A Guide for Beginners – Have you heard about Affiliate Marketing? Now the question will be in your mind that how affiliate marketing is done. Today in this article we will answer your question “How to Do Affiliate Marketing”. If you have any doubt then tell us by commenting.

We will give you information about how affiliate marketing is done in this article. If you want to see our earnings, how much we have earned from affiliate marketing. So you must read our “Best Affiliate Marketing Books for Beginners” article. In this you will find screen shorts of all our affiliate marketing programs. Now we go ahead and know how you can start Affiliate Marketing.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing : A Guide for Beginners 2022

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide For You.

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First of all, you have to find an affiliate program of your choice. According to me you should start with Amazon. Or you can start with culink. In this you will find all types of products. And its special thing is that you will get every brand in it which has its own affiliate system like Amazon. For how to create your account on Amazon, you must read our ‘What Is Affiliate Marketing‘ article.

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Now you have a good affiliate product. which you are going to promote. So I am going to tell you my method, which I generated my first affiliate sale. Since then I keep using this and my daily income is good.

You have to use Instagram to promote your product. Yes, I still use Instagram, which I earn so well. And now I also run paid ads on Instagram. But I am going to tell you the free method. Whatever steps I will tell you now, you have to understand them carefully and follow them. You will get good result in 1 month. Whatever I am about to tell, that work has to be done daily. Let’s start now.

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First of all, you have to create an Instagram account related to your affiliate product. For that you can watch the video on youtube. And according to me, you must know how to make.

Now you have to find or create some better HD images for Instagram. Make all the images in advance and store them in your phone for a month. If you have to post two daily then you have to make 60 images.

The second task is that you have to write all the information related to your affiliate product in a not paid in advance. Along with this, you also have to add your affiliate link in it. Information means what will be the benefits of using it, how much offer is going on on it. And whatever good happens, add it all.

60 days when you put the image, you have to put different #tags on your own, then you can search for at least 10 # tags and save them in not paid. On the first day this is to be added, the next day this # tag has to be added.

Is now Posting time – You have to put a photo in daily morning at 5 o’clock. And you have to put a photo aftnoon at 4PM o’clock, # tag has to be put. You have to keep doing this work for 5 days.

On the sixth day you have to start doing another work. Now whoever likes your photo, you have to share that information, copy the message you had saved earlier and paste it and sand it. Keep in mind do not send the same message to more than 5 people. Keep changing it a little bit.

After that talk to them and convince them to buy it. I still do this work and I also run ADS on Instagram. I do affiliate marketing in many other ways. But it is very easy and is a quick way to bring sales.

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