How to Earn Money by Writing Articles in India

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How to Earn Money by Writing Articles in India : Everyone has made the internet just a means of entertainment and time pass. But internet can also be used for education and earning money.

There are many such people today. Those who are studying sitting at home. At the same time, some are earning money sitting at home and all this has been possible only through the Internet. But do you know how to earn money from internet?

If you don’t know how to earn money from internet. Then definitely read this article.

Well, there are many ways to earn money from the internet. But in this article, we will know how to earn money by writing articles on the Internet. This method is the best way to earn money from internet.

How to Earn Money by Writing Articles
How to Earn Money by Writing Articles

How to earn money by writing articles?

If you can write story, poem, biography, news, latest news or any type of article. that is important to others.

Then you can earn money sitting at home from internet. For example, suppose you like to write biography. Then you can earn a lot of money even by writing biography.

You can write biographies of great and great people. People search the internet to know about big and great people.

If you can write the story. Then you write the story itself. If you can give technical related information. Then you can earn money by writing technical related information.

Similarly, you can earn money by writing some important, interesting and informative articles. Let us know how you can earn money by writing articles.

Earn money by writing a blog.

You must have heard the name of the website. Nowadays every work has been made online and there is a separate website for all the work. Eg:- Website to check result.

A blog is also a website present on the Internet. It looks like a diary a little different. It also has pages which are called webpages. Different types of information are given on each webpage.

The person operating a blog is called a blogger and the whole process of operating a blog is called blogging. Bloggers share their thoughts and information on a particular topic through blogs.

Blog is the best medium to share your thoughts all over the world. Today, along with sharing your thoughts and information, you can earn money as well.

To earn money by writing articles on the blog, we have to go through three steps. Only after that you can earn money by writing articles on the blog. Let’s go through those steps.

#1. Create a blog
#2. Write articles on the blog.
#3. Bring traffic.

How to make a blog

The first step is to create a blog. As I have already told that a blog is also a website. Only the design of the blog is different. Therefore, the process of creating both a blog and a website is the same. After making it, a theme is used to change its design.

Theme is created by programming language. If you know programming language. Then you can make it your own. But if you do not know programming language. Then you can buy it too.

There are many such sites on the Internet. Which sells Free and Paid Theme. You can download or buy the theme according to you from its site and apply it to your blog.

If the theme is like a news or diary. Then it starts looking like a blog.

Programming language is also used to create a blog or website. But today there are many such platforms available on the internet. Which creates a blog or website in just a few clicks.

It is better to use these platforms than to create by own programming language. There are many such platforms on the Internet. Which makes blog and website in few clicks. But the best of all these platforms is WordPress and Blogger .

To create a blog on WordPress, we have to buy a domain name and hosting. But if you don’t want to buy something now. Then you can start with Blogger. You don’t have to buy anything here.

But we do not have full control of Blogger’s blog. That’s why you use Blogger in the beginning. When you learn blogging well and you can buy domain name and hosting purchase. Then you can migrate Blogger blog to WordPress.

How to make blogs on Blogger. Must read this article to know: How to start a blog

How to write articles on blog?

When you have successfully created your own blog. Then you can start writing articles on your blog. You write such articles. Which everyone wants to read and everyone likes your article.

By the way, writing articles on Blogger blog is very easy. But if there is any problem in writing the article. Then you can understand by reading this article: – How to write articles in Blogspot blog?

How to bring traffic to blog?

This is the last step to earn money from blog. In this step you have to increase the traffic of your blog. After that you can earn money from your blog. Increasing the traffic of the blog means that a lot of people have to come to read the blog.

When many people come to your blog every day to read articles. Then you start earning money from blog. Therefore, in order to earn money from the blog, it is necessary to have traffic to our blog.

To increase traffic on the blog, you can write good articles on your blog and bring traffic by sharing it on social media sites.

Apart from this, you can connect your blog to all search engines. With this, all the articles in your blog are linked to search engines like Google. This will happen if someone searches something related to that article. Then your blog will also be visible. With this he can also read your article. This will increase the traffic of your blog.

How to earn money from blog?

When more traffic starts coming to your blog. Then you can start earning money. It takes a while to earn money from a blog. But after increasing the traffic on the blog, you can earn a lot of money. You can adopt various methods to earn money from blog.


You can earn money by placing advertisements on your blog. If your blog gets a lot of traffic. Then you can also make a lot of income from advertising.

Because the more people will see the ads on your blog. The more money you earn. If someone clicks on the ad. Then you will be able to earn more money.

Advertisement can be placed anywhere in the article of your blog according to you. Which will happen that people who will read your blog article. All those people will also see the advertisements placed by you and this will earn you income.

You will find many such sites on the Internet. Who pays for advertising. Eg:- Google Adsense,

But Google Adsense is the best and high paying advertising site in all of them. This is a product of Google itself.


To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, we have to promote and sell a product from our blog. When someone buys your promoted product. Then you earn money as commission.

To promote a product with Affiliate Marketing, first of all, one has to join the Affiliate Program of a company or organization, that is, an account of the Affiliate Program has to be created.

There are many such trusted affiliate programs available on the Internet. Which gives an opportunity to earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing. Such as:- Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, Cj.Com, Bluehost Affiliate Program, Godaddy Affiliate Program etc.

You have to join one of these Affiliate Programs. After joining, Affiliate Link of a product has to be created from Affiliate Account. This Affiliate Link has to be promoted on your blog. When someone buys that product from your Affiliate Link. Then you make money.

For example, suppose you have written an article about books on your blog. Then the books you are writing about. Find those books on Amazon and Flipkart. If it’s a book. Then make an affiliate link of that book and put it in the article.

Which will happen that those who will read that article. If they would like to buy those books. Then you will buy from that Affiliate Link and you will be able to earn money from it.

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Sponsorship is a good medium to earn money from blog. When your blog becomes popular. When traffic starts coming to your blog. Then you will get many Sponsored Posts.

By putting these Sponsored Posts on your blog, you can demand money according to your blog. People can contact you for sponsorship on your blog through your email or social media account.

How to earn money from blog. Be sure to read this article to know in detail: How to earn money from blogging?

Earn money by writing Guest Post.

If you can write eight to ten articles in a day. Then you will earn up to twenty thirty thousand a month from Guest Post.

Even in Guest Post, we have to write articles for the blog itself. But in Guest Post, instead of our blog, we can earn money by writing articles on other’s blogs.

To earn money by writing guest posts, we neither need to create a blog nor bring traffic to the blog. So if you face trouble in creating a blog or managing a blog.

Then you can earn money by working on someone else’s blog instead of your own. For this you have to do guest post on a blog.

There are many such blogs today. Which gives a chance to earn money by doing guest post. You can guest post on any blog according to you.

Before writing Guest Post for any blog, definitely read its Guest Post page once. You can also get information by contacting the owner of the blog through the contact page.

Every blog has its own rules for accepting Guest Post. According to those rules, writing has to be done. Almost all blogs give you money for each article.

For this information you can contact the owner of the blog. Do guest post only after taking complete information about the guest post from the owner of the blog.

So in this way, without the hassle of blogging, you can earn money by just writing articles. But my suggestion would be that it is better that you write articles by creating your own blog than guest posting on someone else’s blog.

But if you want to earn money quickly then Guest Post is a good medium. To earn money by writing articles because it can take at least six months to a year to earn money from your own blog. Or even more…

Earn money by becoming a Freelancer.

Freelancing is a good medium to earn money online. In this, you can earn money by doing any work according to your skill.

What happens in this is that a lot of work is given here. If you can do that. Then you can earn money by doing that work. You do not need to go anywhere for this.

Because such works are given in it. Where work can be done from home.


  1. Web Devlopment and Designing
  2. App Devlopment
  3. Photo And Video Editing
  4. Content Writing
  5. Digital Marketing etc.

Similarly, if you can write content. Then you can also earn money by doing online freelancing.

There are many such people today. Who are earning money by doing online freelancing. The person who does Freelancing. He is called Freelancer.

How to earn money from Freelancing. For more information, must read this: How to earn money from Freelancing

Earn money from Quora.

Quora is one such website of the Internet. Where you can ask any type of question and here many people answer your question. You can also answer any question.

You can also leave a comment in response. You can Upvote the answer. Similarly, here you can earn money by asking and answering questions.

We earn money from Quora in two ways. The first is the Quora Partner Program. Which is also called QPP in short. To earn money from this, we have to ask good questions. When someone answers your question. After that the more people read that answer. The more money you earn.

Another way to earn money from Quora is through the Quora platform. You earn money by creating and answering forums on Quora. Your forum does any more questions and answers. Then you make more money. The Quora platform is like a Facebook Group. To which many people answer questions.

However, money cannot be earned from the Quora Hindi platform right now. This is currently only available on Quora English and may soon be made in Quora Hindi.

Quora is a trusted and popular Question & Answer website. How to earn money from this. You can read this article to know in detail:- What is Quora? Its benefits and how to make money from it.

I hope you would have liked to earn money by writing this article. If you have any query then you can ask through comment. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on how you liked this article.


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