How to Earn Money From Mobile Without Investment In 2022

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How to earn money online without investment in mobile : If you also want to earn money online . But you don’t have computer or laptop. Then this article is just for you. In this article you will learn How to Earn Money From Mobile Without Investment In 2022.

If you have only mobile (smartphone). Even then you can earn money online. Many people earn a lot of money from mobile only. You can earn too.

If you want to earn money online sitting at home. That too from mobile, then definitely read this article. In this article you will learn good ways to earn money from mobile.

You do not have to have a computer or laptop to earn money in these ways . In these ways you can earn money from your smartphone mobile. that too very easily

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How to earn money online without investment in mobile?
How to Earn Money From Mobile Without Investment

How to earn money online without investment in mobile?

Here we have told only those ways to earn money. Which you can earn money by doing from your mobile itself. All these methods are good ways to earn money.

By working hard on these methods, money can be earned from mobile sitting at home. To earn money from mobile you just need to have a smartphone with internet connection. With this email is required.

If you do not have email id. Then you can create with your mobile number very easily. So you must have a mobile number as well. With the help of which you can create email id anytime.

Now let’s know the ways to earn money from mobile online.

1. Blogging

To earn money from blogging , one has to write articles by creating a blog. When traffic starts coming to the blog. Then earn money from blogging.

You must have heard the name of the website. Although you must have seen the website, then only the blog is the same. That is, a blog is like a website.

This blog is called because of its design. Usually the design of a blog is like a diary. A blog consists of many webpages. Each webpage has a specific information.

The page on which you are reading this article. That too is a webpage (webpage). Today it has become very easy to create a blog or website. Today you can create a good blog or website with a small smartphone.

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It is as easy as creating a blog today. Its even easier to manage. A blog or website can be managed very easily from mobile.

Managing a blog is called blogging. A blog is a type of online business. The more you work on it. The more money can be earned from this.

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2. YouTube

The way money is made by writing articles on the blog. Similarly, money is earned by uploading videos on YouTube. To earn money from YouTube, you have to create a YouTube channel.

The video is uploaded on its own YouTube channel. Today you can create your own YouTube channel very easily from smartphone. Along with this, you can also make videos from the smartphone.

If you want to edit the video and upload it to YouTube. Then you can also do video editing from the smartphone itself. There are many apps available for this.

To earn money from YouTube, you have to create your own YouTube channel and upload videos. When many people start watching your video. Then you can start earning money.

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3. Domain Flipping

A domain is required to build a website. Domain is called the address of a website. For example, the domain of Google website is and the domain of YouTube is

Only one person can buy the domain of any one name. Taking advantage of this, Domain Flipping is done. To earn money from Domain Flipping, such a domain is bought.

Which people want to buy in future. In such a situation, such a domain should be purchased. By which any company is thinking of making its website. In such a situation, that company cannot buy that domain.

Because only one can buy a single domain. In such a situation, that company will either buy another domain for its website or will ask you for this domain at a higher price.

Big companies are ready to pay lakhs of rupees in such a situation. In this way, domains worth thousand rupees are sold for lakhs of rupees by doing domain flipping.

So in a similar way, money is earned from Domain Flipping. Domain Flipping can be done from mobile. In Domain Flipping, only the right domain has to be bought and put for sale.

4. Reselling

Reselling is also a type of online business. To earn money from reselling, a product has to be sold. Reselling can be done very easily through Meesho app .

In this, a product has to be sold by adding its own margin. For example, the cost of a product is Rs 80. Then you can sell for 100. And you can keep the remaining 20 rupees.

In reselling you just have to sell. You do not have to worry about the product. This can also be done online from mobile.

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5. Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you have to promote the product from your blog, website, YouTube channel or any social media. You can use a banner or link (Affiliate Link) to promote the product.

When someone buys your promoted product from banner or affiliate link. Then you earn a lot of money in the form of commission.

To do Affiliate Marketing, one has to join the Affiliate Program of a company. Affiliate marketing can also be done online from mobile.

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6. Photo Selling

Are you a photographer or not? If you can take good photos. Then you can also make a lot of income by selling photos online. There are many websites available for selling photos on the Internet. Eg:- ImageBazar

You can sell photos very easily from these websites. Provided your photo should be good. Which everyone wants to buy. Money can be made very easily from your mobile by selling photos online.

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7. Playing Game

There are many such mobile apps these days. On which you can earn money by playing games. You must have often heard on TV that by playing games, you earned lakhs of rupees.

Money can be earned by playing online games. Provided that you should be able to play the game well. Because when you win the game. Then you will earn money. Eg:- MPL APP

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8.Social Media

Today the most used website on the Internet is social media. If you want, you can also earn money using popular social media.

Facebook social media gives us an opportunity to earn money. But which social media does not give any chance to earn money. Money can be earned from that too.

By adopting some methods, you can earn a lot of money from social media. Eg:- Affiliate Marketing. You can also earn money from social media from your mobile.

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9. Share Market

You must have heard the name of Share Market. Here profit is earned by buying the shares of the company at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

Earlier the share market used to be offline. But today you can also do it from your mobile. There are many apps available for this. Where you can buy and sell shares by opening a Demate Account.

Download Upstox APP And Open Your Free Demate Account

10. Mobile Apps

Many people are preferring mobile apps to earn money from mobile. Because the app that earns money from mobile gives us money immediately after doing some tasks.

If you also want to earn money from mobile app. Then you can read this article. Here we have told many apps that earn money from mobile.

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Money can be earned very easily from mobile by all the methods mentioned here. There are some such methods as well. Which can sometimes be a problem in doing it from mobile. For example:- Earning money from YouTube. There may be a problem in video editing from mobile.

Nothing else! There are also plenty of mobile apps today. With which video editing can be done easily. Still, if there is a problem in doing any of the methods mentioned here from mobile. Then you can start from mobile. Then later by buying a computer or laptop, you can carry forward this work.

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