How to Earn Money Online in India for Students Quora – 20 Easy Ways

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How to Earn Money Online in India for Students Quora : Everyone needs money. You all must know this very well. But still many people are sitting unemployed. Due to this rising unemployment, the problem of money has also increased.

There are many reasons for unemployment. But I believe that the main reason for this is wrong education. Today people are moving towards education. But only for government jobs and if these people are asked to do any other work.

Then all the work goes against his pride. They think that I will do this work even after studying. Because of which neither they get government jobs. Nor can these people do anything.

Due to which they become victims of unemployment. So in this article we bring some ways to earn money. By which you can solve your unemployment problem.

How to Earn Money Online in India for Students Quora - 20 Easy Ways

How to earn money

Earning money online is very easy. But online work can be done by the same person. Who has little knowledge of internet. So if anyone does not have internet knowledge. Even then those people can read this article.

Because in this article many ways have been told apart from online. which you can do. So let’s know all the ways. You can do the work whichever way you like.


Blogging is a good way to earn money online. Blogging can also be called the best way to earn money online. But it may take some time to earn money from it.

To earn money from blogging, one has to write articles by creating a blog. When people start coming to the blog to read articles. Then you can earn money from blogging.

The more people come to read the article of the blog. The more money you can earn. That’s why it is good to write help full and interesting articles on the blog.


YouTube is a video sharing platform. So to earn money from it, one has to upload videos on YouTube. To upload videos to YouTube, first you have to create a YouTube channel.

After that you can start uploading the video. When people start watching your video. Then you can start earning money from YouTube. In this too, more people will see your YouTube video on the side of blogging. The more money you earn.


Freelancing is an online job. Many people also call it Freelancing Job. You have to do some work in freelancing. In return, you are given money. Freelancing is a good way to earn money.

You can do this Part Time, Full Time or whenever you get time. The more work you do in it. The more you get paid. Freelancing is a good way for everyone to earn money. But if you are a student. Then it might be best for you.

Because a lot of extra time is left with the student. Which can be used in Freelancing. This is a way to earn money online. So whatever you find online.

You can do it in Freelancing. For example: – Photo Editing, Logo Designing, App Development, Web Designing, Article Writing, Videos Editing can do anything.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing method. In this the product is promoted. Many companies use Affiliate Marketing to promote their products.

To do Affiliate Marketing, you have to join the Affiliate Program of the company. After joining Affiliate Program, Affiliate Link (Affiliate Link is a Unique Link) of any product of the company has to be created.

His Affiliate Link has to be shared. You can share this Affiliate Link on blog, YouTube channel or social media anywhere. When someone buys that product through your Affiliate Link. Then you get good commission for that product.

Many people consider it to be the best and most money earning way to earn money online.

Photo Selling

If you can take good photos. Then you can also make good income from photography. If you have a good knowledge of photography. Then it will be very easy for you to earn money from photography.

You can also earn money online with photography. For this, only you have to take good photos and edit them well and sell them on the online Photo Selling website.

When someone buys your photos. Then you get the money. The more your photos sell in this. The more money you make.

Reselling Business

Online reselling business is also a good way to earn money. In Reselling Business, the product is resell or resold. That is, the product has to be bought and sold again.

You have to invest some money to buy the product. But this is where Reselling App comes in. The Reselling App says that the product will also be mine and the responsibility of getting it delivered will also be mine. All you have to do is sell the product by adding your commission.

That is, to do Reselling business without investment, Reselling App is needed. The products belong to them and they get the products delivered as well. You can ask to buy only by sharing the photo of their product. Just like earlier hawkers used to go door to door selling the product.

When someone likes the product. Then you have to tell the price of the product by adding your commission. After that, by asking for the address of that person, the product is ordered at his address by adding his commission (Margin) to the price of the product.

That’s what your work is all about. After that, all the work is done by the Reselling App.

Social Media

Most of the people are using social media today. where there are more people. Earning money there automatically becomes easy. You can take Facebook as an example of this.

There are a lot of people on Facebook today. Due to which its owners today come at the top of the list of the richest people in the world. This does not mean that I am asking you people to make a platform like Facebook.

I am just saying that you can also make good income by using social media to earn money.

Domain Flipping Business

Buying and reselling domain names is called Domain Flipping Business. This is also like Reselling Business. But in this domain name is bought and sold.

In this, the profit is made by selling the domain name at a higher price. You can buy a top level domain for 1000 rupees. Many people have sold 1000 rupees domain for lakhs of rupees. And thus have earned lakhs of rupees.

Share Market

You must have heard the name of share market. It is called share market in Hindi. There is also buying and selling. But not vegetables. Rather the company’s shares are bought and sold here.

You can also buy and hold shares of any company from here. And when the price of that share is high. Then you can make profit by selling that stock.

Article Writing

You can also earn money by online article writing. Like in blogging, money is earned by writing articles. But it takes a lot of time to earn money from blogging.

So if you know Article Writing. Or you can write a good article on any topic. But you don’t have to be blogging. Because it takes years to earn money from this.

Then you can write articles on other’s blogs. People who are earning money from blog. Those people give money according to each article. Which is called Guest Posting. You can find a good blog according to you. Which gives a lot of money for each article.

Apart from this, you can also earn money from article writing for freelancing. Here also money is given according to your article.


If you can make good videos. Which everyone can like. Then you can also earn money by doing online videography. YouTube is the best example to earn money from videography.

Apart from YouTube, there are many platforms on the Internet. Where you can earn money by uploading videos. Eg:- Udemy and Unacademy etc. But the best of them all is YouTube. You can earn more money than this.

eBook Selling

If you have good knowledge on a particular subject. Then you can make its eBook and sell it online. This is also a very good way to earn money online.

After creating an eBook, it has to be promoted. You can also do this work with your social media. Or if you have a blog, website or YouTube channel. Then you can do it from there too. Otherwise you can also advertise online. It takes money to advertise.

If your eBook is good. which may prove beneficial. Then you can make good income in this way also. If you want, you can also sell it from Amazon Kindle.

Video Course Selling

The way I have told above to earn money by selling eBook. Similarly, you can earn money by selling video courses online. I know many people. Those who earn money by selling video courses.

There are many such YouTubers today. Those who create a video course and ask their Subscribers and Viewers to buy the course. In this way, you make even better income.

Especially Tech YouTuber make and sell video courses on tech related information. Such as: – Ethical Hacking Course, Blogging Course, SEO Course, Marketing Course etc. sells such courses.

If you can also share any good information. Then Video Course Selling can prove to be good for you.

Small Industries

Yes, you read it right. You can start small scale industries. Especially it is done on a small scale. That’s why it is also called small scale industry. Expenses are also very less in small scale industries.

You can do many types of work in small scale industry. He also sat at home. In TV serials or movies, housewives are more commonly seen doing small scale industries.


  1. incense sticks business
  2. paper bowl business
  3. Tiffin Service
  4. papad business
  5. Chips business, etc.

There are many types of work in small scale industry. Small scale industry is carried out on a small scale. That’s why housewife women do it in their spare time and sell it to the shopkeeper.

Coaching Center

If your book writing is good. Then you can run your own coaching center in any small town also. There is also a good income in this. You do not even need to spend much money for this.

You can take any kind of room in the beginning. After that you can start teaching in it. In the beginning, you should also promote your coaching. So that everyone can know about your coaching.

After that the better you will study. Accordingly, your coaching will also become popular and your income will also be there.

Tution Teacher

Nowadays there are many coaching centers even in small towns. Due to which it is a bit difficult to open and run your own coaching center. Because where people will already get good education. Why would people come there for new coaching?

Therefore in such a situation you can become a Tuition Teacher. Today coaching centers also have a separate teacher for each subject. Therefore, by going to a good coaching, you can talk to the director of coaching about it.

If you teach well Then everyone will let him teach in his coaching. In this way you can work as a teacher of coaching. But it is not right to be a tutoring teacher forever.

That’s why you can do Tution Teacher only for your expenses. I have seen many people. Those who also study and teach their juniors. Some people keep preparing for government jobs or in any other sector. until you get it. Till then also work as Tution Teacher to cover their expenses.


If you know driving. Then you can also do driving work. For this you must have a Driving License. If you do not know driving. Then first you can learn driving.

After that you can do driving work. There may be some problem in finding driving work. In this, you can have an income of Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 per month.

Grocery Store

Grocery Store is a good option to earn money. Wherever you go there is always a demand for Grocery Store. So if you want, you can also start a Grocery Store.

By the way, Grocery Store is called Kirana Store in Hindi. It may take a lot of money to start it. But if you open Grocery Store in the right place. Then definitely you will be able to earn good money from it.

Mobile Or Laptops Repairing Shop

Nowadays almost everyone uses mobile. At the same time the demand for laptops is also increasing. Right now even good students do not have laptops. But this will not happen in the coming days.

In such a situation, the demand for Mobile or Laptop Repairing Shop will also increase. So if you want, you can open a repairing shop of Mobile or Laptop. For this, first of all you should come to repair Mobile or Laptop.

If it comes then it is good and it does not come. Then you can learn first.

Cyber Cafe

Who does not know this, Cyber ​​Cafe has become an important part of life today. Cyber ​​Cafe if you want to make or improve Pan Card. Cyber ​​Cafe if you want to get Aadhar card made or improved. Cyber ​​Cafe if you want to get any bank done. Cyber ​​Cafe if you want to get some school and college work done.

Meaning there is no need to go anywhere, all the work is done by Cyber ​​Cafe. Because there is cheap internet pack in India. After that which is to digitize India. If we talk about twisting, then all the work is being done from Cyber ​​Cafe.

In such a situation, the demand for Cyber ​​Cafe will also increase. Therefore it is best to open a Cyber ​​Cafe. But wait a bit first. If Cyber ​​Cafe comes in handy. Only then open it. If it doesn’t come. Then first of all do a computer course. Eg:- CCC or ADCA PRO

After that if there is no Cyber ​​Cafe in your area. Then this would be the best place for Cyber ​​Cafe. We would suggest you to open Cyber ​​Cafe near College, Block and Bank.


We hope that you like the methods we have described. In this we have told the work of offline as well as online. So if you liked this article how to earn money. Then do share with your friends also. If you want to ask us anything. Then you can ask by commenting.


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