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Instagram has become a very big photo-sharing platform today, where the cost of sharing a photo is in millions if it is done with a very popular account.
Hello friend, my name is Pradeep, today I am going to give you complete information about how to earn money with Instagram (Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye).

If you do not know, then I should also tell you that Instagram which is used in all over the word was created after Facebook.

It used to have the most photo shares on Facebook, but Facebook as a chat site and business site Stirred in and due to which Instagram was created.

But today Instagram has also been made a business social site, people earn money from Instagram.

Why Instagram Gives Rs. : How To Earn On Instagram With Mobile

How To Earn On Instagram Before going into mobile, you should know that we get Instagram Rupees Kaise and why, after all, we have rupee cone which will give us rupee or else let us understand about it first. Otherwise, you can be a seeker of very big threads.

Friend, let me tell you that Instagram does not give us any money, it can make money from us if you run your ADS on it and that too in a large amount but now you will have a question that if people are earning money then they Where are you earning from Instagram?

Friend Instagram does not give us money but the company that you have created an account on it can promote their production (like any application, food, clothes, watch, mobile phone, laptop, headphone, and any other items).

To do this, those accounts continue to be found which can reach their product to maximum people.

Friend, we call this work paid promotions, for which the company contacts an account holder and gives rupees to share the photo of their product. You will not believe, friend, many times a company gives lakhs of rupees to the account holder for the promotion of their product, but they have some rules, she tells them that you will only promote our product. That is, she buys that account.

So, friends, you will understand that we still have questions in Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye In Hindi, you can comment on us and this is the Instagram earning strategy, it is nothing different.

Make money from Instagram follow all steps

Friends, I am going to tell you 7 ways to earn money from Instagram by which you can earn money from Instagram. But before that, you will need some things that you definitely need, without them you will not be able to earn money from Instagram. Let us know what are the important things that we have to take care of.

1. If you want to earn money from Instagram, then you have to convert your account into a business account. Unless you change your Instagram account into a business account, no company will hire you for any work.

The reason for this is that both your email id, the mobile number starts showing up in the business account, without the business account you will not be able to add the email id and if your email id is not there then the company will not be able to contact you.

2. Secondly, you should have 10k (10,000), follower. Friend this is not a limit so I am asking for this, if you gain more and more follower then you will get more money. And due to fewer followers, you should email a company, so you should have more followers.

3. The email id you provide must be active.

Friend, if you complete all these things, then you will definitely earn money from Instagram. The world is earning, you will also start earning, now if you have read all the above things carefully and have understood well, now you know how to earn money from Instagram. Let me read it carefully.

7 ways to earn money from Instagram

How to earn money from friend Instagram Before leaving, I would like to tell you one thing, you have to be patient in it, you will not work in a day or week, for this, you will have to constantly try and concentrate on the trick of earning money from Instagram. Let’s start now.

1. The first way is that a company will tell you that you can add photos of our product (now the photo can be one or more) in your story and our link (can be a link to any application, any The home page of the site can be a link, or there may be some other link as well) You should put this story on Sawai up for 24 hours, we will give you so many rupees.

The first way is that I have already told you that you have to convert your account into a business account only then you will get the option of Sawai up.

2. Second way, any worker will ask you to share this photo in your post, we will give you so much money. By sharing in the post, you have to bring the likes of more and more people, which they will give you more money. For this, you will need more follower.

3. The third way is to make a video of a company’s product on Instagram igtv and share it which is their link, you will be put in your bio, you can get a lot of money if you can make a video on Instagram igtv.

4. Friend 4th way, a lot of people do it by selling something similar to themselves. If you are a shop keeper, then you should show your product to the people on Instagram, tell them how it works and what is the benefit of it. You can sell very well if you tell about any product very well.

5. Friend 5th is very popular way of selling your Instagram account, if you follow it on Instagram account and sell it to a company, then you can get a good price for it. The more followers you follow, the more chances of getting more money increase. So in this way you can earn money from Instagram. Now that talent should be in you, how will you follower more?

6. Friend 6th way you can promote someone else’s Instagram account, you can say that I follower on your account and give me so much money. This is also a good way if you want to do it, but for this you should have a lot of follower on your account only then someone will tell you if you are thinking of doing any of these things with 100 to 150 follower, then this work is not difficult. It is possible. Therefore, firstly you follower and make your account famous, after that you can earn as much money as you want from Instagram.

7. Friends do not know the 7th way but everyone can get you money in less follower also, if you like to get the photo off, then you can sell your photo, yes friend, you can sell your photo on Instagram but Those photos should be very good, only then you will be able to sell those photos.

For this, you can use dslr or use that mobile, whose camera is a little advanced, after that you edit it and share it on Instagram. Some companies can tag and say in the message that I want to sell my photo. She will see your photo, if she likes it then she will definitely take it. We have given full information about it, you must read this article.

Friends, these were some ways by which you can earn money from Instagram, in addition to this, if we know anything, then we will also tell you about it. You can join our telegram group and Facebook page and group, we share the same information on it.

Friends, if you have any question related to how you earned money from Instagram, you can ask us by commenting or you can message us on our Facebook page, we will answer your questions there too.

If you have got to learn anything from this post, then you must share it with your friends, whatever social account you use.

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