How to find bugs in website and Earn Money with Bug Bounty? 2024

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If you are looking for information about how to make money with bugs, website bugs examples and tools to find bugs in website then read completely.

If you also want to earn money by searching for bugs in the website, then in this article how to find out bugs in a website and earn money? And what kind of bugs / errors you can find, which are very easy to find and you can generate very good revenue by finding them and telling the website owner.

make money finding bugs

This is a very good way to earn money and it will also increase your reputation. Many people also hack them by taking out the flaws inside the website. Due to which the website owner has to face problems. But if you are doing a good deed, you will get two things in return. First will be your name in online field and second you will have lot of money.

You can start with a small website first, after that you can remove the flaws inside the big website as well. We will tell you all kinds of bugs/errors inside this article. And we will also tell you the resources how you can find them. If you want to download this article in PDF, then we have given you the link below and you can download it now.

What are bugs in a website?

If you do not know about it, then how can you find a bug in any website. If we understand it in simple language, then a bug in the website is lacking in a kind of website. Due to which the website can be hacked. There is a difference in earning from the website. Website ranking makes a difference. And people start believing in the website. You will find different types of bugs in different types of websites. We are going to tell you such bugs which you can easily find in any website.

Bugs History In Computer

If you do not know about the bug then we can assume that the bug is a kind of worm. In the early times when computers were to be invented. So the first problem was caused by a worm in the computer. From then till now, we call all the minor and major defects in the computer as a bug. Which can be online or offline at the present time. Now we know about website bug examples which you can easily find.

10 Website bugs examples

These are some website bug examples. Which you can search in any website easily without the help of any tool:

  1. SSL Error
  2. Security
  3. Website Speed
  4. 404 error
  5. Old version cm
  6. Website not found
  7. Navigation menu error
  8. Data Leak
  9. User login or sign up error
  10. Responsive Themes Design Bugs

Solid Ways to find bugs and earn money

Make money finding bugs: You will have to use manuals and some tools in this process. Only then can you find all these bugs. Maybe that website owner has already removed all these bugs. So you don’t get any of these bugs. That’s why you have to go to the distance website and find these shortcomings in it. If you tell the owner of the website every day by removing a single drawback inside one or two websites, you will generate very good revenue:

1. SSL Error/bugs

The lack of SSL error will be found inside many websites. Because despite having ssl certificate inside the website, it does not work well. You have to watch this thing very carefully. You can also remove this deficiency from your mobile. But keep one thing in mind if you are using windows7 inside the computer and by that if you will see the lack of ssl certificate.

So that shortcoming will be of your window 7 operating system, because despite having ssl certificate inside many websites, window 7 operating system shows this deficiency. The reason for this is that since Microsoft has stopped giving updates to Windows 7, these shortcomings are visible inside it. But you can easily see these shortcomings inside the mobile, because updates keep coming inside the mobile.

You can identify the bug of ssl certificate from the URL of the website itself. We will teach you how to do this bug with an example. But even if there is ssl certificate inside the website, it is showing. So only one region of this ssl certificate is not installed properly.

To check whether there is ssl certificate inside the whole website, you have to go to another page of the website, like if you are seeing lack of ssl certificate on the home page, then you will have to visit the second page of the website Contactor About Price Epolicy this any post If it is inside the website, then go to it and check it.

If you are seeing ssl certificate error inside them, then you will know that the certificate was not installed inside the entire website. If you will not see the lack of ssl certificate inside it, that is, this bug is showing only on the home page. So you can tell it to the owner of the website. Lets you know the identity of this bug.

SSL Certificate Error / Bug detection

You can identify this bug from the url: For example, if you find https in the URL of the website, then it does not have these bugs. And if you see http in the URL of the website, then it has this error / bug.


2. Security bugs

Friends, you can search for security bugs only when you have a lot of technical knowledge. You must have coding and ethical hacking knowledge to see this bug. Only then you will be able to find this bug and after identifying that bug you can tell the owner of the website.

Usually, you will have to find this bug on the payment page, bank’s website, shopping website, etc. Because if you search for such shortcomings on the blog website, you will see. So many will be found but none of the blog owners pay attention to them.

If you want to earn good money by removing this bug, then you have to bank, social websites, which have become famous like Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, these are all famous websites. If in these you can find the security bug and tell them. So you will get a lot more money.

3. Website Speed

To identify the bug of Website Speed, you have to take care of some things. For this, I will also give you a very important and better tool which is absolutely free. But if you are searching for this bug and only telling the website owner then you can not get much benefit in this. Because the website owner can also remove this bug himself.

But if you can make him do this job better then you tell him, maybe he can hire you to fix this bug permanently. Because this bug always keeps coming in different pages of the website, which reduces the user agreement of the website and also down the ranking in the search engine.

To identify this bug, you should use GT Metric Tool, paste the link of the website inside it, you have to go through its report carefully. After viewing the report, you will know what is causing this bug. Some of the main reasons for this bug can also be hosting, theme design, images.

You will find such bugs inside many websites. In Digital SEO Life also you can get to see this bug, but website owners pay very little attention to this type of bug like we are not paying any attention to such bug.

4. 404 error/bug

You will have to use tools to find the 404 error and if you find this type of bug on any website and tell them then it can give you a lot of donation. The reason for this being a 404 error on the website is a big loss, because the website owner is incurring a lot of loss. If the user sees a 404 error on the website, then he goes back from the website, causing huge loss to the website owner.

To remove this type of bug, that page is redirected and it is removed from the search engine. You have to use their tool to find the 404 error. But this tool is not free. You have to take their monthly plan. ahrefs & semrush

5. Old version cms

By old version CMS, we mean the content management system of the website. If the website is built on WordPress, and WordPress has not been updated yet, then there are chances of that website being hacked. Because technology is becoming very advanced, due to which some or the other shortcomings keep coming out more and more in it.

If you see the old version CMS on any website, then you should immediately inform that website owner. That he should update it as soon as possible, otherwise his website may get hacked. If he doesn’t know how to update it. If you come, you can help him to update it and give him a very good donation or charge for that service.

6. Website not found

The Website Not Found bug is more visible then. When the website is removed from the search engine. Or the domain of the website has expired and has not been renewed. If the website owner has not renewed the domain of his website, then you will get to see this bug.

To find this bug, you have to go to the search engine and search by entering the domain of the website. If you see the option of Website Not Found, then that website has just been deleted from the search engine. There can be any number of reasons for this, either the website has got penalty from the search engine or its domain has not been renewed.

7. Navigation menu error

You will have to work manually to see the navigation menu error. You will need to check that the links of the menus in the navigation are working properly. Whether or not you will see such bugs inside the new website.

8. Data Leak

Data leak bug if you search for Facebook or Instagram Google. So you will be given a lot of donations through Facebook, Instagram, Google. People have generated a lot of revenue by finding such bugs. To find such bugs, it is very important for you to have knowledge of coding, ethical hacking.

You must have advanced level gadgets, only then you can spot such bugs/errors. If you can find this type of bug in bank’s site, government’s site, high branded website which is included inside social media like facebook, instagram, linkedin and other people who are using it. So you can get a lot of benefit.

9. User login or sign up error

People get to see this bug while creating an account on the website or while logging in. Sometimes the database of the website is not working properly. causing or causing trouble. To identify this bug, you will have to visit the website and create an account, and login and see it. Such bugs can only be found manually.

Friends, these were some famous bags. Which you can find and generate very good revenue by telling the website owner, if you have knowledge of ethical hacking or you have website development, then you can find even more different types of bags, because a developer And only the ethical hacker can know what are the other shortcomings inside the website, due to which the owner of the website can be harmed.

10. Responsive Themes Design Bugs

In today’s time, gadgets of different screen sizes have come. In which we can see the website like mobile tab and computer laptop, all of them have different screen sizes. And if the website is not responsive then it will look very bad inside all these devices. If the website is only the size of the computer or laptop screen, then it will be very difficult to see it inside the mobile and tab. You can find this type of deficiency only manually.

You have to check the website in mobile in computer and inside the tab. If the website is responsive inside mobile and tab, it is getting earned according to its screen, then there is no shortage of Responsive Themes Design inside the website. That is, that website is made very well with respect to the design.

How do I get started with bug bounty hunting?

Bugs for rewards is like going on a thrilling adventure that mixes curiosity, tech skills, and a bit of detective work. Here’s your guide to dive into this exciting world:

Get the Basics Down:

  • Know Computer Networking: Learn the basics of how computers connect. It helps you understand how systems talk to each other and where they might have weak points.
  • Grasp Web Technologies: Get to know web programming, web apps, and the common tech used in websites.

Know the Drill:

  • Scope and Budget Savvy: Companies set limits and budgets for their bug hunt. Scope tells you what you can test.
  • Meet CVSS: When you find a flaw, make a detailed report. Use CVSS to rate the risk, explain the flaw, and suggest fixes.
  • Private or Public?: Some bug hunts are secret and only invite certain good-guy hackers.

Start Small and Smart:

  • Begin with a narrow focus. Really get one type of bug before aiming for big ones.
  • Hunt in new places—spots on the web no one’s explored much.

Join Bug Bounty Hangouts:

  • Platforms like HackerOne, BugCrowd, and Synack link you to groups offering rewards.
  • Chat on Bug Bounty Forums to learn from the pros and get advice.

Be a Report Master:

  • When you spot a bug, write a detailed report. Explain the problem, how bad it could be, and how someone could take advantage.
  • Send your report through the bug bounty platform.

Prepare for Mixed Rewards:

How much you get depends on how bad the bug is. You might get a few bucks or maybe even a small fortune.

Can you earn money from bug bounty?

Do bug bounties work? Yes, you earn money from bug bounty if you masquerade as ethical hackers to profit a company by discovering flaws in their system, and their website. By doing this work without the permission of any company, you can tell them that you have discovered a bug in their website. And charge them to fix it.

Tools to find bugs in website

Tools you must have to find bugs in website. If you are an ethical hacker then you should use these tools. You must have these tools. to do your work. You should have a laptop and a best operating system which is used to find bugs kali linux will be installed.

Apart from this, it is very important for you to have a Best VPN for your safety, otherwise you will be hacked. A great antivirus that will block your system vices. And will save you from getting hacked. Some software that is used to find bugs.

You will come to know about such software only in the course of ethical hacking. Because different types of software and commands are used for different tasks.

How to make money with bugs?

To find any error inside any website, it is very important to be online. If that website is still offline, it’s hosted inside a computer, it’s not hosted inside an online server, you may never find it.

Because till now the owner of the website has not made that website public online, you will not find such a website anywhere. That’s why you have to go above those websites which have been recently indexed by Google. And they have their flaws.

To find such a website, you will have to search those websites on Google. To search any single keyword you think you can find a bug inside that kind of website. Search it and select any one website from Google.

Like if you are thinking of finding a deficiency in the website of a bank. So you have to write the name of that bank. And by searching it, you will go to the top of that website. You have to see all those things which we have told you above. Now we will know how to find the bug.


Hope you must have gone through this article that how you can earn money by finding these bugs. If you want to find bugs in the website better then you should take ethical hacking courses. In which you will know how you can find bugs in the website. One can find fault in his security. And many more secrets you will come to know. You will get to do many such courses online. Tell us in the comments how you liked this article of ours how to find bugs in website. And do share it. Follow us on Instagram too.

FAQ’s on Make Money Finding Bugs

Finding bugs in the website is a bit tricky. That’s why we get a lot of questions from people. We are trying to give you proper answers to those questions:

How to find security bugs in website?

There are two things you should pay attention to in order to find security bugs in a website. First you need to have ssl certificate installed in the website. Payment mode to be taken in another website which is on the official URL of the website or redirecting to the website of a trusted company.

How to find bugs in website manually?

To manually look for bugs in any website, you must first be aware of all types of bugs. Only then you can find bugs in any website. Some of the bugs that can be easily seen manually: ssl certificate, website theme design and navigation menu error.

How do people find bugs in websites?

People keep giving their time to find bugs in the website. He checks the website again and again. They study about bugs, keep learning ethical hacking and for practical they search for bugs in the website. Due to which they are successful in finding some bug in the website.

How to find bugs in website using kali linux?

Kali Linux is an operating system. In this all the work is done by command. If you want to find bug in any website then you have to learn ethical hacking in which you will get to find bug in website and learn other things through kali linux.

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