How to Find IP Address Location Full Information 2021

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How to Find IP Address Full Information

Internet is a very important thing, in today’s time, to know about anything or to learn something or to talk to someone, you can do everything easily with the help of internet. But many people also use the Internet incorrectly. Therefore, whoever uses the Internet. He is given an IP address so that he can be identified in the Internet, and he does not misuse the Internet.


Apart from this, you can find the location with the help of IP address, so in today’s article we will tell you how you can know the IP address of anyone. That is, how to find IP address.

IP Address Full Form 2020

IP address is the full form of – Internet Protocol 

IP Address Full Form In hindi – इंटरनेट प्रोटोकॉल

Definitions of (IP Address) Internet Protocol Address?


A set of rules governing the format of data sent over the Internet or other network.

It is very easy to find the IP address of any computer or mobile. If you want to know your IP address. So just go to Google and search what is my ip address, then it will tell you your current IP address, or you can also know by going to whatismyipaddress website.

If you know the IP address of your friend, or family. Or if you are chatting with anyone on the Internet, then how can you know their IP address. That is, suppose you are doing WhatsApp or Facebook Chating and if you want to know its IP address, then how can you know. Let us know how to know the IP address of anyone? How To Find IP Address Tips.

How to Hide IP address with VPN

How to know (find) anyone’s IP address 2020

Step 1- Create a link to know the IP address

If you want to know the IP address of anyone, then for this you will first have to create such a link. Who can track the user’s IP address to know what is the public IP address of the user.

So for this you have to go to a website. Whose name is IPLogger, you can also go to Google and search. So you have to open this website. In your computer or mobile system.

After this, now you have to enter the name of a website. Here you can create a short link by entering the name of any website. You can use the link of Google image, or any social networking website. So here I am creating a link to the Facebook website, so you can make a link to any website.


Step 2 – Create short link and share it

As soon as you create the link. After this, now you have to know whose IP address. If you have to send this link from it, then here you can send this link through WhatsApp or Facebook chatting or email.

So as soon as the user clicks on that link, then you will know his IP address easily. So here you have to share this link like a message and write something on it so that the user can easily click on the link.

So here, now you have to click on the option to click. After this the link has to be copied. After this, send this link to whichever IP address you want to know, and then as soon as the user will click on the link. You will get to know his IP address easily.


Step 3. Now find the IP address

As soon as the user clicks on the link, you will get his IP address. So here you have to remember the address, save it from whatever URL is next to the name of the viewing statistics, so that you can later know what the IP address of the user is, then here you have to click on Logged IP’s. After that you have to refresh the page, then there you will get the IP address of the user.


So in this way you can find out the IP address of any user. So here you have to remember that you have the viewing statistics link saved by you so that later on you can easily know the IP address.

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