How to Get a Backlink from Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world. Which I think every internet-using person would know. 

Wikipedia is a repository of knowledge from where you can get information about everything.

Monthly traffic comes to around 5.40 billion on Wikipedia.

In which about 20 to 25% of traffic comes only from America and another English country.

Wikipedia’s Domain Authority is 93 and Page Authority is 89.

How to Get a Backlink from Wikipedia
How to Get a Backlink from Wikipedia

I think this image will be enough for you for information on Wikipedia website.

With this, you can get an idea of ​​how powerful this website is.

Think if we get a backlink from a High Authority website like Wikipedia, then how much our website will be benefited.

With this, we can drive not only backlinks but also quality traffic on our website from Wikipedia.

If you are doing link building for your website. Then you should never ignore a popular website like Wikipedia.

How to Get a Backlink from Wikipedia in 2020

Let’s see How to Get a Backlink from Wikipedia.

Actually, we cannot create backlink directly from Wikipedia, as we do from other websites or forums. 

Apart from this, there is no option of Comment or Anchor text in Wikipedia.

Then how can we create a backlink for our website from Wikipedia. 

So friends, for this we have to make a little effort.

Because to create a backlink from Wikipedia we need dead link and broken link.

We have to find dead links and broken links on Wikipedia.

But before creating backlink we have to create account on Wikipedia.

1. First, visit and select the preferred language [English or Hindi] on the homepage.

According to the photo, click on create account in Right Corner. 

2. After filling your information, click on the Create your account button.

3. After completing this process, your Wikipedia account will be created.

After this, the most important job is to find the dead link.

To find dead links or broken links in Wikipedia, we will take the help of a website called Wiki Grabber.

4. As soon as you visit theWikigrabber website,some such interface is seen in front of you.

Once the hompage is open, you will see a Search bar. 

In this Search Bar, you have to search by typing the related keyword from your Niche [Topic].

5. For example like I searched Earn Online.

So now a lot of results have come in front of us, but we have to find dead links. 

So now we will click on the option of dead link as shown in the picture.

6. As soon as we click on the option of dead link, a lot of dead link shows in front of us.

Look carefully in this list, click on the results related to Wikipedia website.

7. As soon as you click on the Wikipedia link from the Wikigrabber website, a lot of Coding of this type will be open in front of you.

After this, you have to press Ctrl + F from the keyword. A search box will open in front of you. Type dead link in the search box and press enter.

If there is a dead link available on that particular page then it will be highlighted.  If there is no dead link on that page, then you can go to other results. 

Which we found on the Wikigrabber website.

8. When you find a Dead Link, it has a number, it has to be found in the whole article.

For this, we have to press Ctrl + F again and enter the number in the search box.

For Example…

As in an image above, we have found a dead link in 13 numbers.

So we searched [13] in the search box.

Now the result that has come before us is in the image above. Now this dead link is in the category, we have to edit it.

You will get the option to edit in front of the category, click on it.

9. After the option of edit, you will have to search dead link again by pressing Ctrl + F.

Now the highlighted result will appear in front of you. The result will contain a Url that you have to replace.

Post title or publisher etc. Please change also. After editing all these, click on [publish changes].

The link to your website will be created.

One thing you have to take special care of is that your link should be relevant.

Relevant Link will make your backlink strong, which will also give you traffic for your website.


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So, friends, I hope that you have now understood how to create a backlink from Wikipedia.

If you still do not understand, then you can discuss the problem of creating your backlink in the comment box.

If you have found this article informative, then do share it on your social media handles.

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