How to get Google Adsense approval trick for the new blogger 2021

Friend, if you are not getting Google Adsense approval, then today we will trick you into making Adsense approval, with the help of which you can get your website approved.
And due to which mistakes we do not give Adsense approval, we will also give you. And when we send our site to Google for review, what are the things we have to take care of?
That is, whatever is necessary, we will try to tell you with the help of this article and when Google disapproves of your website and after that what you have to change on your website.
According to the message from Google and I will give you his information in this post. Let’s know how we can get AdSense approval in 3 days.
Hello, my name is Pradeep. Welcome to your blog called Digital SEO Life.

Google Adsense approval trick for blogger

Friend, if you have a website and you have to earn, then there is nothing better than Google Adsense if you get the approval, but Google Adsense does not approve all the websites because there is some content that does Google’s privacy policy.
We will discuss these later in this article, but first, we will give you some important information that is necessary for you to get Adsense approval. That means something which should be on your site.
Important information related to the article in Adsense approval trick
Friend, in this paragraph, we will only give you information about writing articles and what you do not have to make mistakes in it, if you know how to write articles well then you should not read it.
Good cantent: – If you have to take approval quickly, then you have to put good content on the site. By good content, we mean that you do not have to copy anything, you have to write it and put your image.
Until you get approval, sit this thing in your mind. Do not copy anything. And you don’t even have to spin the article. If you spin and write an article, you will not get Adsense approval.
Length of article: – Whenever you write an article, you do not have to write an article less than 500 words. The longer you write, the better the article will be.
Image in article: – You have to put an image in your article, you have to keep the size of the image 800 * 600. Keep in mind that the image is not copied from anywhere.
Language: – People have problems with language, in which language should we write the article. So let me tell you. If you are Indian, then we tell you that Google does not recognize all the languages ​​of India, either you write your article in Hindi or you write your article in English.
If you make a mistake in writing, then you have to correct those mistakes. Because if your article contains a lot of mistakes in words, then your application will be disapproved.
Some other important information: – Now there are some small things that you have to take care of. Where you need to put a coma in your article, then you have to put a comma. When you complete a line, you have to put a full stop in it. In the article, you have to keep a good line of lines.
Friend, these were some important things that you have to use it in your article.
In Adsense approval trick you need to create some pages which are necessary
Friends, we are going to tell you some pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About us, Contact us) that you should create before applying for Adsense. We will give you the information of how to make them in this paragraph, if you have maintained that page properly then you can read ahead.
Friends, you must add 4 pages to your site before applying. For which page, what to write, you should read the pages of this blog carefully.
Privacy Policy: In the Privacy Policy page, you have to write about the rules of your site such as whether you access your comment or not, what data do you take from the user, his email mobile name can be included in it, then you can get your site According to how we wrote, you will definitely see once, after that you will know what and how to write.
Disclaimer: – In Disclaimer, you have to write about your site, what kind of information you give and whether you guarantee its correctness. You can copy this page from our site and just you have to add your site name and link, that means you have to edit it properly, after that you can paste it into your disclaimer page.
About us: – On the About us page, you have to give information about what information you will give, you can write something about yourself. Once you see our About us page, you will understand what and how to write.
Contact us: – In Contact us, you have to enter a contact for your visitor, like you can enter an email, give a link to your Facebook page, give your WhatsApp number, that is, you have to do some facility for contact.
Friend, this is an important page that should be on your site. You have to write the privacy policy page well, if you write any wrong line in it like you sell the user’s data or something that is wrong then you don’t have to write it.
I am telling you again, you must read our Privacy Policy page once and if your site is from another topic, then according to your topic, you should find a site and read its Privacy Policy page.
Friend, you have to put these pages either in the header of your site or in the sidebar or you can put these pages in the footer in your site. You do not have to put these pages in the main menu.

 Template and theme-related Adsense tricks

Friends, we are going to tell you about the template and theme in this paragraph, which template and theme site you have to use. You must go to this.
Use AdSense friendly responsive blogger and WordPress template or theme
Friend, you do not have any template and theme free use taxes or paid, but if your site does not have AdSense friendly responsive template and theme then you will not get approval.
 If your site is on Blogger or on WordPress, if your site has a good AdSense friendly responsive template then you will not have a problem in getting approval. You have to use a good responsive template, if you do not have it, then take it.
Whether you take free or paid, but you have to take a good AdSense friendly responsive template and put it on your site.
For a blogger, you can use Seo-rocket, Seo Boost, Alpha template which is mobile and AdSense friendly templates.
In WordPress, you can use Newspaper WordPress the theme, Madd Magazine, GreatMag theme.
If you want to take their tree, they can also get it from us at a cheaper price with GPL.
Customize template and theme: – 60%  people do not get approval due to not customizing the theme well. Friend, if you do not customize your theme well then you will not get approval.
Therefore, you have to customize your site properly, in which you have to put a good link in the main menu. Footer and sidebar have to be customized properly so that the user does not face any problem and whenever you send your site for AdSense approval, you will not have any problem in getting approval.
If you want to customize the theme properly, then first, you should write 10 + articles, after that, you customize your theme, then you will not have any problem in customizing it.

Domain related things you should know Adsense approval trick.

Now friends have some special things related to the domain which like your domain is working well or not. Like we explain to you with an example. If you search our site if you search in Google, it opens or not, and if you search our site at then it opens or not.
That is,, this name is redirected to, so our domain is working well if it does not redirect then it does not work well, you have to fix it.
If your domain does not work well then your site will not get approval, for this, you have to go to the domain settings in your WordPress and you will get the option of that redirect where you have to enable it.
In Blogger also you will get the option of redirect where you have added the domain, open it and you have to save it by clicking on the redirect and your problem will be solved.
Adsense approval trick in subdomain: – Friends, if you create a website in Blogger and you are thinking of getting approval on a subdomain, then we tell you that you will definitely get approval but after 3 months you will get approval on the subdomain. But it is very difficult to get approval.
If you take a good domain and apply it on Blogger and then get approval, then you will get approval, just after you have followed all those things that we have told you, then there will be no time to get approval.
If you create a site in WordPress and it has a good domain, then you will get approval. And if you run WordPress on a subdomain, you will not get approval. First of all, you will not get the facility to put AdSense code in subdomain WordPress. Even after that if you ring for approval, you will not get approval.

Add your website in the Google search console Adsense approval trick.

After fixing the problem of the domain, we have to add our site to the Google search console so that our site becomes public. Then add the sitemap.
Add a site to the Google search console only if you have around 10 articles on your site, do not add it first. Friend, even if you do not add your site to google search console, your site will not show to anyone, due to which your site will not be approved.

Traffic-related information on website Adsense approval trick

I tell you if there is zero traffic on your site or there is very good traffic on your site. Google does not approve based on your site’s traffic. He sees the content of your site, it is for the user whether it is going to provide information or not. The better the content on your site, the better it will be and you will not have any problem in getting approval.
But I tell you that you do not have to open your the site again and again, nor do you have to bring fake traffic to your site with the help of any tool, if you do this then it is difficult to get approval.
Now the question in some minds will be whether it will be right to take traffic from social media. So let me tell you, if you share the link of your article on social media and bring traffic from there, then you will not have any problem.
Friend, these were some tips with which you can get approval from your AdSense. If you follow all these steps, you will definitely get approval. But even after doing all this, you do not get approval, then you should use another ad network. We have made a list of some ad networks for you.
If you want to approve AdSense from us, you can contact us by visiting our contact page or you can contact us by visiting our service page.
We will give you the information of what kind of content you do not have to put on your site and which words you do not want to add to your content.
If you add content related to any of these, then you will never get approval, you have to get this thing in the dream termite.

Ad placement Adsense approval trick with html code

Friends, in this paragraph we will give you information about ad placement that you have to paste the HTML code in the advertisement so that you have to paste it so that you will not have any time in approval due to the ad placements. If you use the theme given by us, you will get the option to put three ads in the header above. That is, an add is to be placed on the top of the man mini. You have to put an add on the bottom of the menu.
Now let’s talk about how much you want to add to the footer, then you can add 1 ad to the footer or you can put an ad in the footer in the sidebar. Now at least 5 ads have to be placed on a page. Until you get approval. If you add more ads to it, then you will have a problem in getting approval.
Let us answer your questions, which you search.

How can I get AdSense approval fast 2020?

With the help of Adsense approval trick that we have given you, you can get approval in early 2020. If you have to get approval soon, then you have to follow all the steps that we have told you. If you make a slight mistake, then you will have problems in getting approval, so you read this article carefully and follow each step. Even after that, if there is any problem, then you can contact us by visiting our contact page.

How long does it take for AdSense to approve?

Friends, when you play AdSense on your site, you are shown a message from AdSense, in which you are clearly told that your site will be reviewed within 15 days.
But at least 3 days time is taken from Adsense and if it takes time for approval, then you may take 1 week to review your site.
Now some people say that AdSense approval in 3 days, friend it happens, some people get approval but some people take too much time for this, then we tell you that you are given 15 days’ time. And within 1 the week you will get information on whether your advertisement has been approved or not.

How do you know if my AdSense is approves?

This problem is with many people, how will they know whether Adsense has approved their site or not. So, friend, you will get the information by sending a message on your email id whether your adsense approval has been done or not. For this, if you open the email id in your mobile or computer, you will get the message from AdSense in the update message. Hope you have understood this information well.

How to get google AdSense approval in 1 minute

There is no friend who can get you approval in 1 minute. If you think that you will get any information to approve Adsense in 1 minute on the internet, then you do not waste your time, you will not get any such information.
You will definitely take at least AdSense approval in 3 days, it will take more than 15 days. Adsense approval trick We have already told you that if you follow them, you will definitely get the approval of AdSense in three days.

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