How to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website & Blog?

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Are you a new blogger / ecommerce store website owner? Does your blog / ecommerce website  also get hardly 10 to 12 traffic? If yes! So today we are going to tell you the ways to bring traffic to the website in our article how to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website. 

If you work by following these methods, then the problem of not getting traffic in your blog & ecommerce website will go away. Whenever we create a new ecommerce website & blog, whether it is on WordPress or on Free Blogger, every blogger has to face the problem of not getting traffic to the new blog. 

Despite being 2 months, only 10 to 12 or 5 to 6 traffic is coming to his ecommerce website & blog. Many people join the blogging field every day. And hardly 1% of the people are able to rank their blog website on the top position of Google, but it takes at least 1 year to grow any block. 

All the successful ecommerce website & blog websites are there, if you pay attention to their journey, then you will see that how many days ago, how many years ago they are working constantly on the blog and because of that today their blog is getting traffic in the meeting, What you see gets you motivated.  

If you also work constantly like them with patience and work in the manner mentioned in this article, then soon your ecommerce website & blog will also start getting traffic in million. So let’s know what should be done? So that you can also bring traffic in million to your blog & ecommerce website . How to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website?

How to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website & Blog?

 Best way to bring traffic to ecommerce website & Blog:

If you are also troubled due to low traffic in your blog and want to know how to bring traffic to your blog website then this article Do read it completely. In this we have told you the ways to increase the traffic of your blog website which is given below:-

1. Traffic will come from Guest post.

Guest post is a very good way to bring traffic to the blog, make a list of some blogs or websites whose topic is related to your topic. After that you contact those sites. Make a good contact for their site and give a link to your site at one place. This will give you the redirect gender for your ecommerce website & blog, so that if someone touches on that link, they will directly reach your blog.

2. Bring traffic to the blog & ecommerce website from

With the help of, you can bring a lot of traffic to your ecommerce website. You can drive a lot of traffic to your blog & ecommerce website through backlinks from Medium. what will you have to do? Let us know – definitely use to increase traffic to your blog. Here only you have to publish the post and give a link to your site. When you do this, traffic starts coming to your ecommerce website & blog through the backlink in

3. Traffic will come to the ecommerce store & blog with the help of Forums.

How to bring traffic from Forums? Let us know that in Forums, people of one type of community answer questions from each other. Where you help people by answering their questions by being active in such forums. What will happen with this? When you help others, then they see your profile and if you have put a link to your ecommerce store & blog there, then they reach your blog with the help of the link. This increases their trust in you and they become your regular reader, due to which traffic also starts coming to your blog.

4. Keyword research is the best way to bring traffic to the ecommerce store.

It is very important to do keyword research to bring traffic to the block website. If you have done keyword search well then 50% of your work is done. This means that you have done 50% of the work you are doing. If you get a good quality keyword, then by writing an article on that keyword, you will be able to bring a lot of traffic to your site and rank on Google.

5. Bring traffic by increasing ecommerce store speed.

The speed on your ecommerce store & blog website should be less than 3 seconds. If it is more than that, then neither will your post color quickly in Google and if a user comes to your blog through social media and your website is not able to load within 3 seconds, then that user will not stay on your website. . Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to speed to bring traffic.

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6. Marketing is very important for traffic.

Whenever someone starts a business, it does not start running at once. For this, it has to be marketed in the beginning. Similarly, marketing of the ecommerce store is also very important because no matter how good contact you make, but unless you market it, you will not be able to reach your content to the people, then others will not know and people will not reach your content. Will find So what will you have to do, how can you market your ecommerce store & blog?, So first of all you have to create social media pages related to your ecommerce store & blog on all the popular social media, because this will make your contact reach more and more people.

7. Increase traffic with high quality content.

Create high quality content to drive traffic to your ecommerce store & blog. For this, you need to have an attractive title, internal linking, explain the contact in short paragraphs and try to make your contact interesting. By doing this, visitors will start coming to your site.

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8. Traffic can be brought to the ecommerce store & blog by making content related videos.

You can make videos related to the category, low in which you are working and upload on YouTube. What will happen with this, when you make videos in YouTube, then you can give a link to your site in its description. With this, any user who has come to see your video, if he checks the description, then if he has a link on your side, then by clicking on that link, he will reach your site, this will increase the traffic of your ecommerce store & blog.

9. Post updating increases traffic.

You have to publish the ecommerce store & blog of your site regularly, whether it is leaving 1 day or leaving 2 days. Keep updating your old posts with new information from time to time. Doing this will increase traffic to your blog.

10. Bring traffic to the ecommerce store & blog by increasing Domino authority.

If your site has high DA then you can rank in search engines and get more traffic. You check the domain authority of your site and increase it. To increase DA, you have to publish quality contacts, on page seo, internal linking and backlinks. In this way, you can also increase the traffic by increasing your domain authority i.e. DA.

conclusion –

In our today’s post, we have learned how to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website, in this we have tried to explain in detail all the information related to increasing traffic on the ecommerce store & blog. We hope that in today’s article, you must have understood all the information about how to increase organic traffic on ecommerce website. If you have any question related to this article, then we can ask in the comment. If you found our article helpful then do share it with your friends and family.


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