How to Learn HTML and CSS programming languages? Complete Guide

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How To learn HTML and CSS – Are you a computer student too? Studying computer in school and college? Are you also interested in computers? Want to learn a lot about computers? Want to learn how to build software or design?

But in the beginning, you have no idea, the website how to make, is how to design. What it should have the knowledge , so bringing that to Vebsayt design people Site coding.

Including the popular programming language. These two language learning make you know will be how the web page running, and this website how to make. But now you will have a question in your mind, what are this programming language? And  How to Learn?

Find all the people in the beginning, to learn HTML is too hard, but it is not a little practice and a little brain can make you Aksprt world of HTML or say too Website Design.

The first thing you will learn some basics before, HTML Basics things must the concept clear. Like what is the tag, how to create an HTML page, what is CSS? These are some basics.


If it’s clear, then you can not stop someone from learning HTML. Let’s know how to learn HTML and css?

How to learn HTML and CSS ?

Step 1.   Clear HTML Basics

HTML of Full form – Hypertext Markup Language. HTML Many do not understand this because the people because their basics are not clear. You also want to learn programming up language or web Development, or computer programming up a language. 

If you do not have clear Basics You can never learn too. So, first of all, pay attention to basics like

  • What is the Full Form of HTML?
  • How to write HTML code – learn how to write
  • What is the syntax ?
  • What is the use of HTML?
  • Where is said HTML used?
  • What is a tag in HTML?

Step 2. To HTML Use of Tags in learning

Now you know the basics of HTML. Now take the next step a little further that the tag depends on an entire HTML page tag.  The html does not consist of one or two or three tags, but a lot of tags. So what is the use of these tags, how do we use them, said that you have to use it, you have to learn it.

Like <html> </html> tagged. Now what is this tag, what is the use of it, and when creating html page, it  should be known where to write it . So definitely teach it . Apart from this, there are many other tags too. For example, <body>, <head>, <title> tags use all the tags one by One.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <title>HTML AND CSS</title>

<h1>Best HTML & Css Guide</h1>
<p>Best HTML&CSS Tutorial and Projects Course 2022 (Flexbox&Grid)</p>


By the way, there is a website which is very useful for the programmer, whose name is W3Schools, here you can teach HTML sitting online at home for free.

Step 3:   To Creating tables (table create) learned

After having good knowledge about the tag, so you have to learn in the next step, the HTML page ( Html Page ), now for you in the table tag <Tr>, <td> tags will understand. If you understand this, you can easily create a table.

    <td>Cell A</td>
    <td>Cell B</td>
    <td>Cell C</td>
    <td>Cell D</td>
  • learn about <table> tag
  • Then know what is the difference between <tr> and <td>.

Step 4: Create HTML form learned  

Now you have half the basics. What is HTML, what is a tag, the table has also been created. Now you have to learn the next thing which is very important. That is to create a form. You have to see many websites on the Internet, there is a sign-up, registration form. So have you ever wondered how it is made, then it is used for the <form> tag, now the form tag also has many tags, so you will have to learn that too?

Step 5: Now learn CSS

Now that you have learned almost all the information about programming language basics, then the most important after this is CSS. The full forum is CSS. Cascading Style Sheets With its help, you can make your web page full of color. You can apply a style. An HTML page without CSS has faded so you can see what is different between the two below.

CSS CSS is very easy to learn. There are three types of CSS. An inline CSS, internal CSS, external CSS.

body {
  background-color: lightblue;

h1 {
  color: white;
  text-align: center;

p {
  font-family: verdana;
  font-size: 20px;

Step 6: Learn graphics, API in HTML

After learning all the above things, you will get the basics of HTML almost. After that you can move towards the next step. For example, one can learn HTML Graphics. It is a little difficult, but you must come. In this, you will have to learn things like Canvas and SVG.

Then after that you will have to learn more HTML APIs. In which you will have to learn things like web storage, web workers, SSE. Which is a little difficult and you will take time for this.

Step 7: Practice writing coding

People do take Sikh in HTML but do not practice. And then forget it after some time. If you want to learn coding, you have to become expert. In coding, you have to practice for hours every day. Only then can you become a better developer. So for this you adopt the methods given below.

  • Do daily coding
  • How to view HTML web page coding in internet
  • start creating web page
  • Started designing web site slowly