What to do to make business successful? | How to make business successful?

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What to do to make business successful?: Business to be done from your home Can a business be started with Rs 5000/10000?

Today we will talk about future business in india 2025, now here I am not going to tell you about any manufacturing, I am going to tell you about the method of such business which you can easily implement.

What to do to make business successful

After reading this article, you will feel that friend what a cool business plan you have told, now no matter what age group you belong to, you have to do the same work, you have to sell the product, but the methods will be there in some other way. Will be different from business, and yes what business will you do without selling products?

Future business in india 2025

  • 3D printing.
  • Business in real estate.
  • Outsourcing business. …
  • Healthcare industry.
  • Internet of things (IoT) industry.
  • Rise of co-working space. …
  • Consultancy business.
  • Consumer goods and services business.
  • Affiliate Marketing

Now it comes to whom is this business idea for?

This business idea is for those people who do not have much money but are thinking of starting some business with little money. And the budget of the business which is only 5000, even if you do not have 5000, you can start this business. If you have a lot of money then you can expand this business plan.

What should be the business mind?

Due to less money, the platform of the business is a little less, but do not think that you will not be able to start the business or you will not sell, will sell less – do not bring these thoughts in your mind. Such thinking does not belong to cowards.

How will this business plan be?

The plan that I have made for this business is such that.Nor do you have to go to buy the products, Nor do you have to go to sell the products anywhere, Nor will you need any shop.

Where can you do your business?

You will be able to operate your business from your home and the customer will contact you himself and buy the products from you.

Have I done this business by myself?

Yes, I have complete knowledge of doing this business, I also did it like this in the beginning, but now I have been able to leave this business, because I love to be a blogger.

What is required to start this business?

So now let’s talk about the products first, that you have to decide for yourself which products you would like to sell.

How to make business successful?

Selection of products is necessar: If you want to sell something of electronics, then you must know that mobile or laptop charger, screen protector, headphone, earphone, ring holder, etc. etc. Whatever it is, it starts from Rs 4 – 5, the price of a product.

Examples of selling products

If suppose you want to sell only tempered glass means screen protector or mobile back cover then its price starts from Rs.8 and back cover starts from Rs.11 in wholesale.

So now you will get pieces of many products in 3000 rupees and in the rest 2000 you can run ads.

Example Different Products

Now if we go in a slightly different category, like bike cover or car cover, then if you buy the covers from the direct manufacturer, then the cover of your bike will get you a cover for 70 – 80 rupees.

And the cover of the car, you will get a cover for Rs 100 – 120. If you get it from a manufacturer for less then it will be better for you.

Where will you buy the products?

So if you have found the products, then from where will you buy the products, then now you go to the website of Indiamart.Com. There you will find the list of many Wholesaler, Manufacturer and Distributor,

You just have to enter the inquire of the products, like you have headphones, mobile cover, tempered glass, keyboard, mouse etc. , then there you will find all kinds of categories of products,

So you have to first find the categories according to your requirement and then go to Indiamart website and tell your requirement to Indiamart.

Why to buy products from Indiamart only?

At Indiamart, you get a benefit that you get sellers or manufacturers near your area, which you can contact directly.

And when you have put your requirement on indiamart.com, then the manufacturer or wholesaler or distributor of your area will contact you directly and many distant sellers will also contact you.

So now by contacting your seller, the price has been reduced a bit and the products are ordered by you and the seller will send the goods to your house.

Is it safe to buy products from Indiamart?

Yes 50% is secure and 50% is not, because when I bought the products, those sellers sent the whole of the mall, that means they sent me the same amount of money that I have given to them, but the mall that has been sent to me is Those people sent all the bad products.

So if you yourself go and buy products from seller or manufacturer, then it is better for you, if you can go then definitely go.

What are the next steps after purchasing the product?

So now that you have purchased the products, the next step is to sell the products.

How will you sell your products?

You can list your products for free in some classified sites, then you will see that there are ad shows in Olx or Quikr, some second hand products and nowadays any shop that sells new products also has a listing of products. You get to see it in olx.

Because in today’s date there is a lot of daily traffic on these classified sites, traffic means you can speak customers in simple language.

So all you have to do is list your products on these sites.

Can I list everything for free on classified sites?

No, there are some limitations in classified sites like olx, quikr, you will be able to list only 2 products for free in a month.

Initially, how do you have to sell your products?

So when you are starting in this, you have to select only 2 products in the beginning, or you can use another trick, you can list 5 – 8 products by writing the name together. And together you can take photos of all products and upload photos to olx.

Another way is to create your own online store (this method is the best) and sell your products in it. And we can do this work for you, if you want to make your own online store then contact us on whatsapp – 9499136312. (We will make you an online store at very less cost than the market.)

What to do after listing the products?

After listing the products, you must upgrade the post of your products to Featured Post by giving some money to olx, which means 200 – 400 / month.

Why do you have to make your post Featured Post?

Because in olx many people daily listing to sell many products, so if you do not do featured post then your post ranking becomes very low, so it is very important for you to post featured post. .

What is the benefit of posting a featured post to a normal post?

In today’s date, there are many users on these websites, daily millions of people visit these websites, so by posting your products featured, your post will not go down for a month and your post will start at the beginning of the page. Will appear in 4 posts.

Only then will many people open once and see and whoever wants those products will contact you themselves.

Suppose out of many people in a day, only 10 people take your products from you and if any one of them shares your products with anyone, then I don’t know how much profit can be made. And it will not take long for you to grow your business.

The question must have come in your mind that why would someone take products from you?

There are also some reasons for this that the products which are being sold in Amzon or Flipkart for Rs 350, due to many charges and taxes, those sellers have been keeping the price high,

And the same products you are selling to customers in olx for a little less than Rs.250,

So why would any customers buy those products from Amzon or Flipkart, whose price is 50 – 100 rupees more than the price of your products, will they buy from you only?

Apart from classified sites, in which other platform can you sell your products?

Apart from this, there is another way, which means there are many ways, but today I will tell about only 2 platforms, you can sell your products by creating Facebook pages.

Create Facebook Pages

My facebook page

What to do to make business successful

Now you have to create your own Facebook page and list all your products there.

Now when you create your page in the beginning, then you will not see more than 2-3 users on your page, meaning users will not be able to know your page.

Do Facebook Marketing

So after creating a page, you have to do Facebook marketing, so now what does facebook marketing mean – you have to run a campaign in facebook means run an advertisement in facebook.

How much money will you spend in Facebook Marketing?

So you can start one of your ads in Facebook for 45 rupees in a day, which means you promote your page by giving minimum 45 rupees to Facebook daily.

What should you keep in mind while creating Facebook Ad?

You have to target your local area, for example – if you live in a small city or even in a village, then you have to target only your city or village,

You have to show your products to all the people who live in your city, you also have to keep in mind that when you make an ad, then you have to target only those people who are more than 20 years of age.

How to run Facebook Ad Campaign?

If you do not know how to run Facebook Ad Campaign, then you can learn by watching this video –

Is Facebook Smart?

Yes, it is absolutely, so when you create an Ad, Facebook will automatically show Ad in the mobile of those people who need your products.

What is your advantage by creating Olx, Quikr or Facebook Page?

Selling your products by creating an Olx, Quikr or Facebook page will benefit you that you will not have to pay a lot of charges like Amzon, Flipkart,

On selling every single product in Amzon and Flipkart, you will have to pay some charge to them, but in olx, quikr or facebook, you have to pay no charge, what you have to pay is only your advertisement money.

And here you will not even have the fear of coming back from your mall customers, because the customers themselves will buy the products only after seeing them.


So when you start this small business then you will get 100% success, if you sell some good products to people then then. And if you want to do this business, then do a little research first, that means which products to buy, how to sell in olx, how to run Ad Campaign in Facebook, how to create Facebook page etc.

There are many tutorials on Youtube on all these, so before you see them, put your own mind and make a complete plan in the paper. When your sales will increase slowly then you can definitely take it to the big level and when you will go to the big level then you will feed something to the poor like me.

Large level means like you can create your own e-commerce site and if you want, you can also sell in Amzon or Flipkart.

First you can start even in 2000 – 3000 rupees, after that you have to move forward slowly, yes one thing is more that you must develop a business mindset inside you, always keep learning all the things, without learning anything you have no growth is not going to be found,

Keep learning everything and keep taking action by learning everything, you will get everything which you would not even dream of.

FAQ’s on Business

How can your business be successful?

Success in business hinges on a combination of factors, including a clear vision, effective planning, a strong value proposition, and adaptability. Building a solid team, providing exceptional customer service, and staying attuned to market trends are also crucial.

What are the 5 keys of business success?

The five keys to business success include:
a. Vision: Having a clear long-term goal.
b. Strategy: Creating a well-thought-out plan.
c. Customer Focus: Meeting customer needs.
d. Adaptability: Flexibility to adjust to changes.
e. Team: Building a skilled and motivated team.

How can I make my business successful with no money?

Achieving business success with no money requires creativity and resourcefulness. You can start small, leverage free or low-cost marketing, network effectively, barter services, and seek out grants or investors.

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