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PDF has become the most used file in today’s digital age, if someone wants to read a book, then you can make it as a PDF and read it in your mobile, now we can put thousands of books together in our mobile. On the phone or in the table.

Hello friend, my name is Pradeep, today I will give you all the information related to the pdf file and I am going to tell you how to make it. Also I am going to tell you some advantages and disadvantages of this file. Read blogs continue.

What is PDF?

A PDF is a digital file that we can read from our computer or mobile phone. In computer, we can read it with the help of adobe reader software and in mobile, we can read it with the help of adobe reader mobile application or google drive. Which we get for free.


Friends, you will now understand what a pdf is and how we can read it, now we are going to tell you some advantages and disadvantages of pdf.

Disadvantages of PDF

Friend, if we talk about its loss, then there is not much loss of it, yet whatever is one or two is the same.

When we create a PDF, it is very difficult to edit it again. And for free, we are not able to edit any pdf file if it is not created by us. Next, we can explain it very well. Read blogs continue.

The other disadvantage is if you put a password on a PDF file and you call it, then there is no software or mobile application that can remove it.

The third is not for everyone, but for people who have imp. As a PDF file. There are documents, even if someone steals them once, they can make duplicate copies of those documents as they wish.

Benefits of pdf file

The benefits of pdf file are many, I am telling you what you will take, if you see anything else, you must share it with us in the comment box.

With the help of pdf file, we can keep any book with us all the time. And when you want, you can read it. Here we can also keep many books together with the help of pdf file.

In the second pdf file, we can also create a nice album by adding our photos and opening it in our mobile phone whenever you want.

The third is very special for those people who want to keep all their documents with them or if they are in need of some important documents every day, then convert all their important documents to PDF file in your mobile You can keep them and use them when needed.

4th is also very special for those people who do not want to share some of their messages with someone else and only share with one or two friends, then they can send them password by putting a password on the PDF file and only Tell the same people.

So friends, there were some advantages and disadvantages of a pdf file or a digital file of Yu Kahu, if you know of anything and its advantages and disadvantages, then you can comment by commenting. 

Now let’s talk about how we can create a PDF file or you can tell me how to make pdf file in mobile. I am teaching you to make both from computer and mobile phone. That you want to make a PDF or you have written something, you want to make a PDF.

First of all, we will know about how to convert a Word file into a PDF file on a computer or laptop.

How to convert word file to pdf file

Friends, if you want to convert word file to pdf file then you have to install an extension in your computer only then you can create a word to a pdf file, then you will not have to search for word to pdf online. You can convert them to PDF file for free.

You have to install this extension only if you use the old version of Microsoft Office. If you are using the new version of Microsoft Office, then you do not need to install it already.

Converter word file to pdf file download Microsoft office extension

You can download it by clicking on it and install it, you just have to install it, I hope you will do it because you are a lot more talented children than me.

Once you install it, you restart your computer once.

Now even those who did not install and those who have installed this step for both of them, try to understand well, even if it remains, you can message us on our Facebook page.

Now open the file in pdf file or you say how to convert word file to pdf file and press ctrl + S in your computer. Now click on save as type, you will see an option of PSF by clicking on it. You can save your word file in PDF file.


how to make pdf file of images

Now some people have to put their image in pdf file, then friend, I tell you that the size of your pdf file will be too much, then I cannot say anything for this but you must teach me a pdf file of images. I am gonna

Create pdf from multiple images


For friend pdf from multiple images, you have to open your Microsoft Office in your computer, in that you have to add your photo. 

To add photography in Microsoft Office, you have to click on Insert, after that you have to click on Picture and add your good photos, one by one or by selecting all of them, you can also add Can do But let me tell you that you will add them one by one and you will be able to maintain them well. 

After that the same process has to be followed by pressing ctrl + S in your computer simultaneously. Now click on save as type, you will see an option of PSF, by clicking on it you can save your word file in PDF file.

How to make pdf file in mobile

If you want to create a PDF in mobile, then I am telling you an application that I use something, you can easily change your text or any text you say, you can easily do it.

But I can not teach you that application through this post, if it is possible later, then we will give you a video and you can learn it by watching it. You will see the link of the application below, you click and download it.

So, friend, I hope you must have got some help from this post, then please do share this article with all your friends and if you have any question, you can ask us by commenting.

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