How to rank youtube videos on google? [11 YouTube SEO tips]

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Youtube Vidoe Seo Tips – How to rank youtube videos on google search first page: Youtube Is The Most Popular Video Content Sharing Platform On The Internet Where We Can Watch And Upload Different Types Of Videos For Free. YouTube Is Also A Video Content Search Engine Where We Can Find Our Query By Searching. Now Where It Comes To Search Engine. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is The Main Important.

So, In This Article We Are Talking About rank youtube videos fast, how to rank youtube videos on google first page? If You Also Want To Know In Youtube Channel Seo. Then Article Must Be Read Carefully And Complete After Reading This Article. You Will Also Be Able, To Seo Your YouTube Videos Easily Rank On YouTube & Google first position.

how to rank youtube videos on google

What Is Youtube SEO?

Before Knowing Youtube Seo Tips. We Need To Know What Is SEO And What Is Youtube Seo. First Of All Let Us Know What Is SEO?: Search Engine Optimization Means To Create Or Publish Site Or Content According To Search Engine. SEO Is A Process To Rank Site Or Content In Search Engine And Top In Search Engine Result. Bringing Us To The Page So That We Get More Traffic Means More Views.

Now Let’s Talk About Youtube Seo What Is Youtube Seo: To Rank The Video On Youtube Top In The Search Result. Created Their Channel On YouTube And Started Posting Videos. After That You See That No One Is Watching Your Video. No Views Are Coming. Creating A Channel And Posting A Video Is Not Enough.

It Is Necessary To Do One Thing Which Is Called SEO. Then Only YouTube Will Know What Is The Content Of Your Video. 

YouTube Seo Includes: Video Title Or Keyword, Keyword Tag, Video Description, Playlist, Metadata, Video Thumbnail And Some Important Settings. There Are Many Other Factors And Youtube Algorithm Works In Ranking YouTube Videos.

Whenever We Do Some Search On Youtube, Youtube Shows Us Videos Related To Our Search Query And Most Of The Time We Get The Answer Of Our Query In 1st And 2nd Video Whereas Many More Videos Related To The Same Would Have Been Made By People.

But Only A Few Videos Rank On The First Page Of The Search Result. SEO And Youtube Algorithm Works Behind All This. Now We Will Know Further How We Can Do Proper SEO Of Youtube Video And Rank In Search Result.

11 Simple YouTube SEO Tips to Rank Youtube Videos on Google

We are going to tell you step by step how to rank youtube videos on google search & Youtube fast, so read each all Ways carefully:

1. Make sure to do keyword research

SEO Always Starts With Keyword Research. Before Doing Keyword Research. It Is Important To Know What A Keyword Is. The Keyword Is The Subject Of The Article, Blog, Website Or Video, Which Tells What Topic Your Content Is Based On. Terms Of Search Engine – To Find Any Type Of Query. What We Type In The Search Engine Is Called Keyword.

Keyword Research for youtube seo

2. Add tags

When You Upload Your Video, Then At That Time You Must Put The Hastag Related To Your Video In The Video Title And Description. For This, You Search By Doing #Title In The YouTube Search Box. After That Check Which Hashtags People Have Used. You Must Also Add Those Hashtags To Your Video.

3. Add Subtitles In Video

YouTube’s automatic subtitle generator is working pretty well these days. But there are some such subjects. For which you have to make your own subtitles. Like technology, entertainment, education etc. So make sure to create subtitles for all your videos and upload them. This work will help you a lot to rank all your videos.

4. Share Videos On Social Media

Sharing Your Video With People. This Will Give An Initial Boost To Your Video. You Can Share The Video On Social Media Platforms Like Telegram Groups, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Quora. In The Beginning, If You Are Not Getting Views On The Video, Then You Must Share Your Video With The People.

5. Start doing Keyword Optimization

In Keyword Optimization, Your Keyword Must Be In The Title, Description And Video Tag Of The Video. Now You Have To Make The Title Of Your Video Something Like This, In Which Your Keyword Comes, Now It Comes To Video Description. I Have Seen Many People Who Do Not Describe Anything In Their Video. For This Reason Their Video Is YouTube. Tax Does Not Rank Guys According To Seo, It Is Very Important To Enter The Description Of The Video.

You Must Enter The Description Of Your Video. Write A Short Summary Of Your Video In The Description, Try That Your Keyword Must Come 2 -5 Times In The Description. Now It Comes To The Video Tag, In The Video Tag, You Must Enter Your Keyword And All The Keywords Related To It.

6. Upload High Quality And Audience Retention Videos

Video Quality And Audience Retention Matters A Lot In Youtube Video Ranking. You Always Have To Make Your Video Informative And Interesting So That People Watch Your Video Completel., So People Will Definitely Like, Share, Comment And Subscribe Your Channel.

This Will Make Youtube Feel That There Is Some Power In Your Video And Youtube Also Will Promote Your Video. Will Suggest People.

It Is Always To Be Kept In Mind That “Content Is The King”. You Have To Focus More On Your Content. If Your Video Is Not Informative And Interesting. Then Why People Will Watch Your Video. No Matter How Much Seo You Do. Your Video Is Enough. Will Not Rank Too. So Pay Attention To Your Video Quality.

7. Create a Great thumbnail

One factor in the ranking factor of Youtube videos is that of great thumbnail. due to which the click-through-rate on your video is also good. CTR depends on the thumbnail of the video. The thumbnail of your video should be such that people click on the video as much as possible.

It doesn’t mean that your video is about some other topic and your thumbnail is about some other topic. Thumbnails must be video related. You try to make it more attractive. this will increase the CTR of your video and your video will rank at the top.

For how to make great thumbnail, you must read this How to Create Thumbnail For Youtube and Featured Image Blog article of ours. in this you will get both tools and tips.

8. Make a Longer Video

The Video Which Is Longer Is More Likely To Rank. The Video Being Longer Does Not Mean That You Are Doing Nonsense In The Video And It Will Be Ranked. By Long Video It Means That If Your Topic Is Such That You Need To Explain It In Details.

Then You Can Explain That Video Well And You Can Explain All The Queries Related To That Video. This Will Help The Audience To Know About Their The Answer To All The Queries Will Be Found In A Single Video. Your Watch Time Will Also Increase.

Longer Video Example: If The Topic Of Your Video Is What Is SEO. Then You Should Try To Cover Almost All The Information About SEO In A Single Video. You Do Not Have To Tell Only What Is SEO? You Have Types Of Seo .Seo You Can Cover All These Topics, How It Works?, Why Seo Is Important?, How To Do Seo.

9. Ask Like, Share, Comment

Like, Dislike, Comment And Share On YouTube Videos Also Matter A Lot. If You Get Good Likes, Comments On A Video, Then It Is A Good Signal To YouTube, That Means People Are Liking Your Video, If Your Content Is Good. Then YouTube Also Promotes Your Video, Shows More People And Ranks. .

Wherein! If A Video Gets More Dislikes Than Likes. That Means The Video Is Not Good. The User Also Does Not Click On Such A Video And YouTube Does Not Rank Either. So Ask Your Audience To Like, Comment And Share The Video.

10. YouTube Import Setting For SEO

When You Create A YouTube Channel. Then Some Important Settings Have To Be Done At That Time, So Let’s Know.

The Most Important Setting When You Upload A Video. Then You Get The Option Of Select Audience In Front Of You. In Which You Get Two Options. You Do Not Have To Check On Any Of These Options. If You Make Videos For Children. Then You Will Get Either Of These Two. An Option Has To Be Selected.

Second, You Must Go To The Settings Of Your YouTube Channel And Enter The Tag Related To Your Channel In It. Many People Have Questions That When We Search Our Channel. It Does Not Show In The Search Result. Then This Is The Reason For This.

11. Use Youtube Shorts Feature

This Is Not A Part Of Youtube Seo. But If You Want To Grow Your Youtube Channel Fast In A Short Time. Then Youtube Shorts Can Help You A Lot. Youtube Shorts Recently Youtube Has Launched In India. This Feature Is Also Working Very Well. Where Earlier New Creators Used To Take A Lot Of Time To Increase Subscribers And Now If You Make Youtube Shorts Videos.

Then From Here You Will Get A Lot You Can Get Good Reach. You Keep Uploading Short Videos Along With Long Videos. You Can Make A Good One Minute Video On Youtube Shorts And Put The Link Of The Full Video In That Video.

A Good Example Of Youtube Shorts Is Mr Arvind Aroda Ji, Who Has A Channel On Youtube Named “A2 Motivational” He Has Done A Lot Of Good Growth On Youtube In A Very Short Time With The Help Of Youtube Shorts. So You Also Help Youtube Shorts With This. You Can Grow Your Channel Quickly And You Can Increase More Subscribers.


In This Article, We Have Shared With You All The Important Tips And Tricks Related To Youtube Seo. Which If You Follow On Your Youtube Channel. Then You Will Definitely Get To See Its Result. Youtube Seo Cannot Be Done For Every Type Of Topic. Youtube Seo Can Be Done For More Query, Question, Subject, And Any Topic. For Unsubjected Topics Like Entertainment, Comedy, Movies And Serials, Youtube Seo Does Not Have A Very Important Role.

Along With Video Seo. If You Keep Working Hard. Then You Can Get Fast Growth In YouTube.

FAQ’s On Rank Videos On Youtube Fast

When And How Do I Get Money On YouTube?

Ans: There Are Many Ways To Earn Money From YouTube. But The Main Way Is Google Adsense. Which Means Advertising. For This, Your YouTube Channel Should Have 1k Subscribers And 4k Hours Of Watch Time Within A Year.

After How Many Subscribers Do You Get Paid?

Talking About Google Adsense Advertising. You Start Getting Money After 1k Subscriber But You Can Earn Good Money In Work Subscriber Also Through Affiliate Marketing And Other Ways.

How To Get Or Increase Views On YouTube Videos?

Before Getting Views On YouTube Videos. You Should Know That After Fixing Those Reasons Why Your Videos Are Not Getting Views. You Can See Other Reasons. Read The Article To Know More –

Where To Find New Topics For Youtube Videos?

Finding A Topic To Make A Video On YouTube Is A Big Problem. But There Are Many Ways With The Help Of Which You Can Find The Topic For Your Video Like : From Keyword Planner, and Google Trends Etc.

So Guys Hope You Must Have Got A Lot Of New Information About Youtube Seo From This Article. How Did You Like The Article. Do Give Your Feedback In The Comment Box And If You Have Any Other Questions Then Feel Free To Type In The Comment Box.

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