How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website & Investment

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How to start affiliate marketing without website and investment: We can do Affiliate Marketing without website and investment. If you do not have investment to start a website, then you can start your affiliate marketing business by using free resources. In this article we will know. Free resources with the help of which you can promote your affiliate product and earn money online from home.

To do the work of Affiliate Marketing, you have to follow 3 steps which you will know in this article.

You don’t even have to invest $1. And you can generate good revenue by promoting your affiliate product. All you need is a mobile or computer to get started. Also you will need an internet connection. I hope you have all these things available.

Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website & Investment Real Way

Start Affiliate Marketing Without Website & Investment Real Way

To start affiliate marketing, you have to follow these 3 steps.

Step 1: Select Your Niche

First of all you have to select a niche. You can choose any Niche. According to your interest, in which you can answer people’s questions and solve their problems. For this, you suggest your affiliate product to them, which will help them and you will get your commission.

I personally promote digital products and health related products. I use them myself, and recommend others to use them as well. Because it is giving benefit to me, then definitely it will give benefit to that person also. To whom I would recommend to use it.

Step 2: Create a Landing Page

Now you will need a landing page to promote the affiliate product. You can also create landing pages for affiliate marketing using free resources. In the initial time you can use Or you can use Both of these give you the facility to create landing pages for free. I personally use the Getresponse tool. In this I get ready made templates. Which I modify a little according to myself and promote my affiliate product with its help.

There are many benefits of using landing pages. We may track Users by installing Google Pixel, Facebook Pixel and pixels from other ad networks. With the help of landing page, we can collect his email from the user. And later it can also promote other affiliate products with the help of Email Marketing. That’s why we are using landing page to promote our affiliate product. If you do not want to use website then you can promote your affiliate product with the help of landing page. Which you can easily create from anywhere.

Step 3: Select Best Traffic Source

In the initial time you should use free traffic. And you need to have the pixel installed on top of your landing page. So that on installing the pixel, we can promote the user by showing our other affiliate products with the help of Google Ad, Facebook advertisement. In the initial time, you would not want to spend on advertising. But you can save the audience for future. You can get your created audience and similar audience. To run the advertisement.

You can mainly use social accounts in free traffic source. Which mainly includes Facebook page, group, Instagram page, YouTube, etc. 14 free traffic sources using which you can do affiliate marketing for free.


If you want to do Affiliate marketing without investment and without website. So you can do battery marketing using a landing page and generate landing pages for absolutely free, we hope from and You will definitely get benefit from this article of ours and you will be able to achieve success in your estate marketing business.

How can I do affiliate marketing without any investment?

To do affiliate marketing without investment, first choose your niche, then start a free blog on blogger with the help of which you can start your affiliate marketing business for free.

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