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Hello Friends, Welcome once again to Digital SEO Life Blog, in today’s post I will tell you about how to start Blogging? Also you will know what is blogging, and why to do blogging. How did I start blogging? Information about all these is going to be found in this post.

Friends, today there are many bloggers in India who earn very good money from blogging. Many bloggers are not able to earn a single rupee even after wasting their money and time. And are forced to leave blogging, do you know why this happens.

Because often new bloggers start their blog after getting some information by watching a video or reading a blog post. But he is not able to earn money from that blog. Because they do not have complete information about that thing.

But I will tell you what is blogging in this post. How to start it and earn money from it. I will give you complete information step by step. So that you can understand well about blogging.

How to start blogging

I created my blog Digital SEO Life 4 years ago. Created many blogs earlier, worked on them and left. Because I did not have much knowledge about how to manage a blog by making it. I earned very little from those blogs but around 20 thousand dollars have been earned from this blog. In which my affiliate marketing earnings are also included and Google Adsense earnings are also included. I have earned this income by sitting at home online only by working on my blog.

If you also want to earn money online in the same way and want to start blogging, then read this post completely, what is blogging with complete information on how to start blogging and complete information about earning money from it has been given in detail. is about it.

What does it take to start blogging?

Friends, every day thousands of new bloggers are coming in the field of blogging. Whose mind has thousands of questions. Like what does one have to do to become a blogger, what is a blog, what is blogging, how to start a blog, how to learn blogging, what does one have to do for blogging and how to start blogging?

By the way, there can be some easy answer to this question, then build a blog, write some articles on it, your blogging starts and when you start earning money from this blogging then your blogging is considered as Sucsses.

But it is not as easy to do as it is easy to say because after years of hard work, then you can become a successful blogger and your blogging is considered as success.

And this is the reality that in today’s time it is not so easy to become a successful blogger because it is a very long process from how to start a blog to earn money from it, whose complete method you are going to know in this post.

To become a blogger, you have to start blogging and to start blogging you have to learn about blogging, which means to start blogging and also to learn about it, then only you can become a successful blogger.

These three steps can make you a successful blogger, but there are many tasks in these three steps, which you have to understand and do correctly, which will start like this.

What is Blogging?

Friends, creating a blog on the Internet and sharing or sharing information about any topic on it is called Blogging. Blogging is a work that is done for a blog. In which we call all the work from creating a blog, writing a blog post, managing a blog and earning money from that blog.

For example, like this post of mine, complete information was written about starting blogging, that is, on the topic of blogging. Which anyone can read in future by searching from their internet, like you are reading now. So the work I am doing, this work is blogging.

Blogging can also be your decision, or it can also be just a means of earning money. It is up to your thinking, why do you want to start blogging, like I started to make my information accessible to people and earn money from it.

Blogging is a way of sharing knowledge, just like a teacher teaches children, but sharing knowledge in blogging and educating children in school are two different things.

Blogging refers to writing, photography and other media, which are published online. Blogging is a diary-style of individuals and entries are given an opportunity in a way, that they can convey their feelings, knowledge and their characteristics to the people through the Internet.

I guess, what is blogging? This much information is not complete enough. To understand blogging better, you can read this post, What is Blog and Blogging? If you can read, then let us now know, how to do blogging, the further process of starting blogging?

What is blogging business how to start it?

Blogging business is the only business in the world. In which there is no need of money, no need to travel anywhere, no place is needed to do business, neither buy any product from anyone nor sell it, nor is there tension of any boss.

Here you just share your personal information through the Internet through a blog. Which people all over the world read through the Internet. And you make money from it.

By the way, no degree is required to start this blogging business, but still it is necessary for you to be educated with some knowledge of the internet, in this way what is blogging for you? If you have understood about it, then let us now know how to start a blogging business?

How to start blogging?

Friends, the way to start blogging is as easy as it is a little hard work to be successful in blogging, with many months of hard work and patience, if you learn blogging, then you can become a successful blogger.

To start blogging, you have to learn a lot from how to create a blog to how to earn money from blog. Which also takes a lot of time, if you learn blogging for 2 hours everyday. So you need at least 2 months time.

Here you will learn to make some investments with time and also read the need of some things. With which you will work or learn such as computer or laptop, a smartphone and a good net connection, only then you will be able to learn blogging and become successful in blogging.

Choose Blog Language

Friends, the first step to start blogging is, in which language do you want to start blogging. By the way, you must have seen most of the English blogs because English blog earns more than Hindi blog. That is why most of the people start English blog only.

The maximum earning is in English blog. Equally, the competition in this language is also high. If it is said in easy words, then in today’s time it will not be easy to get success by starting an English blog. But this also does not mean that now blogs are not being created in English.

According to me, you should start blogging in that language. The language which you know well will be best for you. Many people who do not know English, by writing text in Hindi, translate that text into English with the help of Google Translate. And publish it on his blog, which if seen is not correct at all.

Because Google Translate converts your Hindi to English, but it does not have those feelings, which an English blogger writes. In such a situation, that blog post of yours is not able to rank.

So choose the language which suits you better. And also do a little research whether you will get the approval of Google Adsense in that language or not because Google Adsense does not give approval to all languages.

As far as I know, you will easily get Google Adsense Approval in English and Hindi. If you want, you can earn good money by blogging in Hindi itself.

There are many such blogs in Hindi too. Due to which people earn lakhs of the month. It has become a matter of which language to start blogging. Now know which blog topic you will choose to start blogging.

Choose a Good Niche (Topic)

Friends are the most important part of blogging. That you have to choose a Niche (Topic). In which you should choose any one topic. You get many benefits by starting blogging on any one topic.

Just like your post ranks quickly in Google, so will a reader when it comes to your blog. He gets a lot of information about a topic and stays on your blog for a long time, apart from this there are many benefits.

Friends, in whichever thing there is more benefit. It also has its disadvantages, as if you have started blogging on the subject of cricket, then whenever the season of cricket will come. More users will come to your blog when there is no season then they will not come.

In this way your time will be wasted, working on any one niche causes many problems. But if you create a blog on many topics, then it takes some time to rack up and get traffic.

But after that you don’t have any problem. You must have seen the biggest blogger. His blog is on many topics, whether you look at the news blog, see the tech blog, although this is what the blog experts say.

Choose any one topic while their own blog is on many topics. If I give my opinion, then the subject of which you know more. Start your blogging from that, then later on include the topics which are right.

If you are not getting any topic to start blogging then you read this article of ours: All Profitable Blog Idea

Choose a Good Domain Name

This step of start blogging is very important for you. Select a good name for your blog. Blog name is that which is the name of the blog along with your domain name. Which is searched in google, your blog comes to the fore.

Like the name of my blog is digital seo life and Domain Name Now if you search any one of these two in google, then my blog will come, similarly you have to select the name.

Your domain name should not be too big and it should be such that it can be remembered. After that the domain name of the same name will also have to be purchased. For this, you can buy your domain name by visiting the company’s website like Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostinger. Which is selling hosting and domain name all over the word.

While buying the domain name, you also have to pay attention to whether you are getting .com or not, if you are not getting it then you can take .in .net .org. But don’t forget to take .xyz or any other. Because you cannot make this mistake in how to start blogging because the domain can never be changed.

Select Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform Selection Means. Where you will start and run your blogging work, there are many options for this like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc. from where you can do blogging work.

All experts believe that is the best platform, which is a paid service. Meaning to start blogging on you have to buy web hosting where you will have to pay.

Many people search on Google, that how to start blogging for free? You can also start blogging on Blogger for free, but this work is a bit difficult. If you are starting to learn blogging then free blogger is right for you, but if you are thinking of starting blogging to earn money, then is better for you.

Choose good hosting. You have chosen the name of your blog and if you choose in Blogging Platform, then you will also have to choose good web hosting. Because how to start blogging on WordPress? Hosting is considered the most important for Blog.

For this you have Bluehost, SiteGround, Hostinger, and many more web hosting companies from where you can buy web hosting. But in this you will have to read to see which web hosting will be right for you. I would recommend you to take Hostinger hosting and domain name. I am using it myself. Next we will know about it in detail.

So web hosting is a kind of web server or a place to keep files like we need land to build a house. In the same way, we call the place of keeping photos and videos in our web hosting. So that it can be seen from anywhere through internet.

Friends, before buying web hosting for blogging, it is very important for us to take care of some things. And that is what you are getting in hosting which is easier to run a blog like:

Here are the things you need to keep in mind while buying hosting:

Uptime – You should never buy offline web hosting because when a user comes to your site at that time when your hosting is off, your site will not open, so you should always buy online web hosting so that no user can ever visit your blog. be able to read

Support – You should buy such web hosting that its support and expert are good so that whenever you face any problem in hosting, you can get support and complete help from that hosting company so that you can solve your problem.

Price – Friends, you do not need to buy a lot of money to buy hosting, you can buy good housing even in less money.

If you want to buy a good and cheap web hosting means less money then I will advise you. That you buy your web hosting from Hositinger. Because it makes your blogging journey very easy because its interface is very easy. And there is very good hosting for beginners. i am still using it.

Apart from this, you can also buy web hosting from Greengeeks or Bluehost, these are also one of the good web hosting companies.

Buy Domain and Hosting

Friends, here in blogging, I will tell you how to buy domain and hosting from Hostinger, if you want, you can buy this hosting or if you want, you can buy hosting from another company, the method will be almost the same.

Hostinger Affiliates 360x401 1 How to start blogging

For this, first you have to go to the hostinger’s web site, you can also go by clicking on this link.

Now you have to click on three dot then click on Hosting then click on Shared Web Hosting or scroll up.

Now you have to come down here you will get to see all the hosting plans Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting.

hosting plan

In this, the first Single Web Hosting plan is the Basic Plan and the second is Business Web Hosting which you do not need because you are a new blogger to start, the plan left after leaving these two is Premium Web Hosting Plan and this is your of work.

This is a good plan because in this you get good features with affordable price which is perfect for beginners.

The best thing about this plan is that you get a free domain, you will not have to pay separately for the domain, as well as a Free Lifetime SSL Certificate will also be available for free.

Now choose this plan and click on the option Add To Cart given below.

Now you have to select the time of the plan, take at least 1 year plan, it will read cheap.

After doing so much, you will be shown below that you have got a free domain name, now you can take that domain for your blog which is free.

Just enter the domain name and search if it is available, if it is not shown, then search for another domain name, remember you have to take .in only because you will not get .com for free.

Now in the side you have the option to enter a Coupon Code, in which if you enter any Coupon Code, then you will also get Extra Discount, after that click on Checkout Now.

Now Login / Signup page will open in front of you in which you will signup from Google or Facebook if you already have an account then you will login.

Now the option of Payment Modes will appear in front of you, complete the payment with the option you have.

On completion of the payment, you will again open the Log In Page, login with your same ID, as soon as you login, Hostinger’s Dashboard will open in front of you in which you will see your Hosting, SSL Certificate and Domain.

In this way you can successfully buy Hosting and Domain. For more information on buying hosting from Hostinger, read this post on how to buy hosting from my Hostinger.

In this way, now you have got all the necessary things to start blogging, so that you can start blogging, whose first process is to create a blog, that is, to start a blog, so let’s know about it.

How to start a blog?

Friends, today you will find thousands of ways to create a blog. From where you can create your blog by completing few steps. But as I have also mentioned above, no blog making platform in the world is better than WordPress. That’s why most people use this to start their blogging.

Now in WordPress also you can start a blog in two ways.

First – where you can also create a free blog on wordpress and can also make it by investing money which is not very successful or popular in today’s time.

Second – where you cannot create a free blog, hosting and domain will be needed to create a blog here, which will cost at least 2500 – 3000 which is the most popular and successful, today there are crores of blogs on Google in which 90% People use this platform.

You also have to create such a blog by buying hosting and domain, you can read this method of how to create a blog on WordPress and create your own blog because I have told above how to buy domain and hosting, so we are going to start a blog on this platform. You will know the ways.

If you do not have much knowledge about blogging and if you do not even have the budget to buy Domain and Hosting, then you can go to and from here you can create a blog on Blogger which is absolutely free and so on. Many people are also called how to start blogging on Google.

How to make a WordPress blog?

Friends, now you have to use some software to complete the process of starting a blog. Like I write my post on WordPress, since you have also bought web hosting then you have to install WordPress.

To install WordPress, you have to login to Hosting and go to Cpanel. If you buy hosting from Hostinger then you get Hpanel which is easier than Cpanel.

Hpanel is the easiest way to go. When you have purchased hosting, a message will have come to your email in which there is a link. By clicking that, you can go directly to Hostinger’s Hpanel by giving Login Password.

After coming to Hpanel, you have to click on Softaculous Auto Installer option, now you will see 4 more options in which you just have to click on WordPress.

hostinger cpanel How to start blogging

Now you will reach the WordPress installation page, where you have to give some information related to your blog, then click on the install button below.

As soon as you click on the install button, some processing takes place, then WordPress is installed in your HPanel which takes 4.5 minutes.

As soon as WordPress is installed after 4.5 minutes, on the next page you see the administrative URL to login to WordPress.

As soon as you click on the Administrative URL, it takes you to the login page of the WordPress Admin Area, in which you can start your blog work by logging in with the username and password you have created.

The message of all the work you have done above is sent to your Email Id, whose complete information you can see.

In this way your WordPress installation is completed, now you will start doing blogging work, meaning the real work of “how to start blogging” starts now, so let’s know about it.

If you need to set up a complete block please contact. You will find our email below.

Make Blog User Friendly

Friends, after completing the work of starting a blog like this, the first and foremost thing would have been. User Friendly Designing of your blog. For which it is most important. That install a good theme on your blog which is not too heavy and is also good to look at.

Friends, it is the theme that makes your blog look beautiful and good, and it is the theme that also reduces the loading speed of your blog. That’s why you should use the best theme. Try to use a premium theme, it is better.

If we talk about a good theme, then you should use Generatepress or Astra in WordPress which is also premium. And if you want, you can also use it for free. Just a little feature will be available. Both of these are lightweight themes. In which your loading speed will not decrease, which is also very good in appearance.

After applying the theme, you will have to customize your blog better. Do not try to customize too much in these themes. Because in this, most of the time goes to a blogger’s blog customization. Only menu, footer, add essentials, don’t add too much color. This also reduces the speed of the blog.

The interface of your blog should be user friendly, people should like it, which can be liked by more and more people. Keep in mind that no user comes to see your blog, he comes to get information. You have to customize the blog only so that the user does not have any problem in reading the blog post.

Create Important Pages

Friends, for blogging, according to Google rules, it is considered necessary to have at least 4 pages on your blog, in which you must create About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

These pages are not only for the rules of Google, from these pages the user gets to know a lot about you. Because in these pages you have to give complete information about yourself and your blog. So that your User Engagement is not spoiled.

All these pages have different functions and in this you also have to give different information like someone wants to know about you. So will go to the About Us page, if someone wants to contact you, then he will go to the Contact Us page, then you will have to create such a page and give information about it.

Many people do not know how to make these pages. So for this you can go to Google, write the name of the page you want to create and write a generator next to it where you will get a website.

Where just giving you information about yourself and this website will make you the page which you can copy and add to your blog. And try to put these pages in the footer or in the topbar where the user does not have to find this page.

If you still do not understand what are pages and how are they done, then go to the footer of my blog, there you will see such pages. Seeing which, you can create your own pages as well as learn more about blogging.

This page is just as important. As much as for the user and for the rules of Google because without it you will not get approval from Google Adsense, so make these pages.

You can create all the pages with the help of the tool, we have given the link of the tool in the above menu for your convenience, see now.

How do you write a blog?

Friends, till now you must have understood very well that how to start blogging or how to start a blog, but if you want to learn blogging then it is very important for you to learn how to write Seo Friendly Blog Post.

The only way to do this is to write on something (topic) like – what is that thing. What is its function, what is its use. What are its advantages/disadvantages means to write in detail about something.

So that the readers can enjoy and learn something from what you are reading now, you can also learn by looking at it. Or you can also go to this link, how to write a blog. Where you will get complete information about it.

How to start writing a blog?

Friends, after creating a blog, it comes to you that how do you start writing a blog? So for this you have selected the Blogging Niche. Some keywords will have to be extracted from it and a blog post will have to be made on it, whose method can be something like this.

  1. First do keyword research and choose a low competition keyword on which you can easily rank.
  2. Put your main keyword in the title and make the title a little catchy type that people want to click after reading it.
  3. In your first paragraph, you have to give the introduction of your blog post and in the same use your main keyword, that too in a natural way.
  4. After that, what information do you want to give in the post, start writing that blog and write the full answer of that keyword meaning question, explaining it well.
  5. For this, you have to use the heading H2, H3, H4 place-in-place and write the complete answer for that heading.
  6. To explain something well, you have to use Image and Video and use it as your main keyword Ltag.
  7. Whatever important sentences come in the middle, you have to make them bold and if there is an old post related to that sentence, then give it an internal link.
  8. There should also be at least one outbound link in your post, which you should give to a good site.
  9. Before publishing the post, read the post yourself once, correct any mistakes, especially spelling and quantities.
  10. Make the Url of your post short, in which just give you your main keyword and then publish the post.

Read More : SEO Friendly Content Writing 10+ Tips For Blog post With Example

Use Images and Videos

Friends, your work is not complete just by writing text in a blog post. Because without images and videos your article seems incomplete. That’s why you have to use 2 to 3 images in all your blog posts. And also at least one video that matches your blog post.

You cannot even do that while writing a blog post and add a video or song to it. Do not put a video, but a video in which information about How to Start Blogging in Hindi has been given and your image should also be similar.

For a good image or video, you can go to sites like Pixabay and Pixal. You can get many good images or videos which are copy right free. From here you can download unlimited images or videos. And you can put it in your blog, on which you will never get copy rights.

Friends, while putting an image or video in your blog, one thing has to be kept in mind that what is the size of these images or videos. What is the quality because large size images and videos can slow down the loading speed of your blog.

That’s why you have to seo those images, fix its size, fix its quality. With which you can create a better image, which will not reduce the loading speed of your blog.

Connect Blog to Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Friends, after all the work of starting blogging is done here, the first thing is to connect your blog to Google Search Console or this action is also called adding our blog to Google Search Console. This is a very important part for any blog, only then your blog comes in Google’s search result.

From here you tell this to Google. If you have a blog that you want to appear in Google, then Google crawls and indexes your blog and blog post, after which your blog or blog appears in the search result and your post is also able to rank in Google.

This is a very important process, which is absolutely necessary to do, without this you will not be able to access your blog to the user, by the way, this task is very easy where you have to add the URL of your blog and submit the sitemap. If you want to know how to submit, then how do you add this post to your blog in Google Search Console? can read.

Similarly, you will also have to connect your blog to Google Analytics, by the way, Google Analytics does not do any work like ranking your blog or showing it in Google, its work is only that how many users are coming to your blog, where are they coming from? The bus coming on time gives information about all these.

With this, you are able to see which of your posts is getting traffic and which post is not coming, where you can improve that post and bring traffic to that post as well.

Even if you do not connect your blog with Google Analytics, then your work can go on because it only shows data, it has no other work.

But adding your blog to Google Search Console and submitting its sitemap never miss a very important part of how to start blogging because this is what gives your blog the ranking from where the organic traffic comes to your blog.

SEO of the blog?

Friends, if you are learning to do blogging, then you will also have to learn some blogging SEO because SEO also has an important role in blogging and these SEOs decide how far your post can rank.

By the way, the full form of SEI or it means Search Engine Optimization, whose first task is to add your blog to Google Search Console as I have told you.

But then the work of SEI does not end here because SEO is also of many types, in which some SEO has to be done inside our blog which we call On Page SEO, outside the blog also some SEO has to be done which we Off Page. SEO is said that there is also Local SEO, apart from this, there are many SEOs.

But the most important of all these are On Page SEO and Off Pgae SEO, without both of these you cannot get your post good ranking, so you have to do a little better work on SEO.

For more information on SEO, do you read this post What is SEO and How to do Search Engine Optimization? You can read in which you will get complete information about all SEO in detail.

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How to earn money from blogging?

Friends, in this way, your blog is now ready to earn money, the work of starting blogging has been completed, now it is the turn to earn money, so when a lot of traffic starts coming to your blog, then along with that trophic you earn money. Come like – Paid sponsorship, although there are many other ways to earn money from blogging but you get paid sponsorship only according to the blog traffic.

As far as earning money from blogging is concerned, Google Adsense plays the most important role in this, in this you have to take the approval of Google Adsense and put its ads on your blog.

When users come to your blog, they see these ads, on which they also click, here you get money in both ways, even for viewing ads and clicking on ads, here you get money according to CPC average If you believe it, then you earn from 2 to 5 dollars per 1000 impressions.

Apart from this, a good way to earn money from blog is Affiliate Marketing, in which you can earn money by promoting the products of other companies. For more information on earning money by blogging, you can read this post How to earn money from blogging.

Blogging tips for beginners

  1. Before starting Blogging, you have to choose a good Niche (Blogging Topic) in which you have special interest.
  2. For blogging, it is most important to choose a good blogging platform, which I always say to create a blog on WordPress because it is the best.
  3. To make a blog successful, you need to do SEO of blog and blog posts along with writing blog posts, without this you will not be able to reach your blog to the user.
  4. You cannot learn blogging in 1 day or 1 month, nor can you be successful in one day, first thing there is no limit to learn blogging like there is no limit to studies but if you learn as much as you apply on your blog If you do, you get the success ladder in 3 to 6 months, now how much you climb on the stairs, it is up to you to learn blogging.

What are the benefits of starting blogging?

Friends, you have learned a lot about how to start blogging, now let’s know a little about the benefits of this blog. Well, there are so many benefits of writing a blog. That you might not have thought that much.

  1. Many people think that writing a blog is the only way to earn money, which is right, the first advantage is to earn money.
  2. There is more benefit than money, a blog is your identity, seeing that the whole world remembers your name.
  3. By writing a blog, you increase your knowledge because you have to do research to write a blog.
  4. Many people think that Youtube is better than a blog, but the truth is that they also know why there is a better blog than Youtube.

Suppose you make a video on Youtube, the information you are giving in that video gets changed tomorrow, you cannot edit that video and add new information.

But it is possible in a blog, you can edit as many times as you want, now you must have understood better how beneficial it is to learn how to start blogging.

How to start blogging? (FAQ)

Blogging questions that you must be thinking, if you have, then you can ask on Instagram.

Should I start blogging in 2022?

Yes, you should definitely start, because blogging is the only way that gives you a chance to earn fame, earn fame along with earning money.

Where do I start blogging to earn money?

WordPress Yes, to earn money, it would be appropriate to start blogging from WordPress itself, where you can start blogging on WordPress by investing some money and buying a domain and hosting.

How to start blogging?

First of all, design a Niche (topic) on which you can write maximum and better content which people like, buy Donain related to this Niche and set up a blog, find keywords related to this Niche and write blog posts on your blog. Publish on

How much money do you get from blogging?

Friends, there is no limit to earn money from blogging, it depends on your blog traffic, from this you can earn millions of crores, it depends how hard you work to write blog post and rank it in Google.

Conclusion How to start blogging

So in this way you must have understood about starting blogging. That’s how to do blogging and in this way you can start blogging. As you have read above how easy it is to create a blog. Any person can learn the amount of time it takes to read this post in an average of 20 minutes. Then he can easily start his blog.

Friends, how to start blogging, as easy as it is difficult. To make your blog successful, write good posts in it that the user can like, but you can learn all these things. For this you have to practice a little.

The most difficult thing in blogging is to bring traffic to your blog and earn money, for this you have to learn all the ways of bringing blog traffic well. The secret to the success of blogging is itself. You have to work while learning everyday, for this you can read the posts of other bloggers and learn a lot.

So I hope that no question of how to start blogging will be there in your mind now and if you have any question then you can ask in comment and give your opinion so that we can make our upcoming post better.

If you liked this post, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin and other social media so that more and more people can reach this post to start blogging so that more people can get information.

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