How to Work VPN Full Information 2021

Hello Dear, welcome to your own blog called Digital Seo Life. Today we will give you information about how to work vpn. But what is VPN before we go to work for vpn. He should be known. All of us can understand it well.

How to Work VPN, and What is Vpn. With this information, you will also be told its benefits and disadvantages. And what should you keep in mind while using free VPN in your mobile phone or laptop computer. We are also going to discuss that in this article.

Short Information – How to work VPN?

A lot of such websites are in the Internet, which are blocked in many countries. Now in such a situation, those block websites which are blocked in your country. If you want to access them, then how can you use those websites.

So in such a way you can use vpn, you can easily access any block website using vpn sitting at home. So in this post, I will tell you about Virtual Private Network, how you can change your IP address using it and can easily access any blocked sites.

What is VPN?

The full form of VPN is virtual private network. This is a kind of private network. Which allows any user to access this network anywhere and anytime in the world. For this, you are provided with an ip address and login user name and password from the network company. With the help of which you can access this network from anywhere in the world.

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How to work vpn full Information with examples

Let us now understand the way VPN works. The use of VPN network is mostly used in big company websites, education institutions websites, governing websites, etc.

The reason is important information in these web sites, which hackers can steal, that is why vpn is used. VPN sends the data of any spring to the Internet in a secret manner. So that no hacker knows how the data has been sent, to whom it has been sent. With the help of VPN we get a secure and safe server.

The location of people who use VPN keeps changing frequently. Just like you have chosen to sit in India and select the US location in vpn, in the US also your location will keep changing automatically, which if a hacker is trucking you, he will not recognize your real location.

You will get such service only through good VPN. If you are expecting such a service in a free VPN, you will not get it. Next we should not use free vpn. But first we give you some examples of how to work vpn.

Some Examples of How to work vpn

1st Examples:- Let us understand this with an example. There are many pron website blocks in India. If you search for them, you can find those websites on Google, but you cannot open them on your mobile phone or computer laptop. Because your location is in India.

And that website has been banned in India. But if you change your location, then you can access that website, we use VPN to change it.

2nd Examples:-Now we have also talked about using government website and some big company VPNs above. For this we give you another example. Today compitive exams are online in India. Like SSC chsl, cgl exam. Do you know on which website they take your exam? Not according to me.

They have created a VPN ie virtual private network. In which he saves the data of all his candidates. Which we do not know. They have done this to avoid hackers. Hope you understand how to work vpn.

You can also get VPN network for free, or you can buy this network by paying money. If you use a free VPN, then it has some disadvantages, and if you buy a VPN, you will get a lot of features in it. What is the difference between a free VPN and a purchased VPN? Know about him.

Difference between a free VPN and a purchased VPN

The difference between a free VPN and a purchased VPN? You should know this.

There are advantages or disadvantages to using Free VPN

Free VPN benefits and Disadvantages
  1. In free vpn you are told that we will never take any money from you, but if you use it, it takes your personal information like your name, mobile email, your debit card and credit card, your other activity and all that They sell the information to another company or hacker. Due to which you may have a lot of trouble.
  2. Apart from this, it works very slowly. In this, you can use only a limited bandwidth.
  3. In the free vpn you do not get any helpline number or live chat facility for help.
  4. If your data is highly confidential then it is not right to use free VPN because the company providing free VPN can share your data with other people for their profit.
  5. You will have ADS shows in Free VPN.

Purchased VPN benefits and Disadvantages

  1. On the other hand, VPNs purchased on the other hand are charged for your security.
  2. They do not save any kind of information from you, and give you a good service. In which if you have any problem, then you can take help by chatting with them 24 hours live.
  3. If you buy a VPN service, then your data remains safe
  4. The paid VPN service company does not share any of your data with anyone.
  5. In VPN paid service you get unlimited bandwidth, in which you get connection in good speed.
  6. You will not see any ADS in the purchased vpn.
  7. You will be happy to know that there will be no problem (Disadvantages) in the vpn we purchased.

If you want to know about their services, then you should read this article.

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