10 Way to Increase Blog Loading Speed | How To Make Your Blog Load Faster

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In this article, you will be given some tips to load blog fast. By following which you can increase the speed of your blog. And can come in the top 10 of Google.

In today’s time, Google keeps only those blogs at the top, which are user friendly, they load fast. and provide good content. But all bloggers put good content, and today many such themes have come. Which is user friendly, and is set automatically according to the device. Which we call Responsive Theme.

10 Way to Increase Blog Loading Speed | How To Make Your Blog Load Faster
10 Way to Increase Blog Loading Speed | How To Make Your Blog Load Faster

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4 Main Reasons For Slow Loading of Blogs

  1. If your blog loads slowly, then the theme of your blog is too heavy a theme, then you should use a light weight theme.
  2. You must be using more images in your own blog, due to which the speed of the blog will also be less. So the less image you use, the speed of your blog will increase.
  3. Secondly, you have taken any such hosting in which the service will be very useless. Sometimes this will be the solution for your website. As you see in the photo below.
  4. If you are using Google’s ads or you use ads from any other ad network, then you will make a difference in the speed of the blog. And we can do it even if we want.
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Let us now know 10 Ways which will increase Blog Speed.

How To Make Your Blog Load Faster

Do apply all these methods in your blog, you will get to see very good results.

  1. First of all you have to install light weight theme in your blog. I am using generatepress premium. Very nice theme, you must have been watching.
  2. Second, you should use good hosting whose service is good, take any one from Bluehost or Hostinger, it will be the best speed will never be an error. If you take any of these hosting from my affiliate link then I will give you generatepress premium theme free of cost. Email me digitalseolifehelp@gmail.com
  3. Always use .webp image in the blog, there will be a very good quality image and the size will be from 10kb to 20kb only.
  4. Look at your Adsense where more impressions and clicks are coming on any ads. And remove all other ads code.
  5. Remove the unnecessary plugin from the blog, you will see a very good difference in speed.
  6. Do not add any unnecessary gadget in the side bar of the blog.
  7. To rank the pages of the blog which are not ranking, you should integrate the amp in your blog. amp page speed is very fast.
  8. If you have added the code of analytic. So by removing it, you install Google Site Kit. The speed will have a huge impact.
  9. Go to the media of your blog and delete all those videos and photos which you have not added to any article. That is unnecessary you are putting load on the green server.
  10. Remove the extra widgets in the footer.

Note : If you host your blog in a bad hosting then something like this will happen with your blog. The matter is not limited to speed only, your blog gets shut down. Therefore, always take the back of your blog and host your blog in a good hosting only.

If you keep all these things in mind in your blog, then your blog will load very fast. The more good content you put in a blog, the better you should keep it. Only then the speed will increase and the earning from your blog will also increase. Use only good themes and hosting.

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