[100% Working] Instagram Followers Increase Trick

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If you also want to know how to increase real followers on Instagram then this article is for you. In this you will know all the ways with the help of which you will be able to get real followers on your Instagram. The 14 tricks we mentioned will help you grow your Instagram page.

With the help of the methods we have told you, you will get free followers, they will also be real followers who will also like, comment and share your post. Due to which your post will go viral. So increase real Instagram followers by applying our 14 tips.

Instagram Followers Increase Trick

14 Trick to Increase Instagram Followers [100%]

14 best ways to increase Instagram followers organically. Which all the Pro Instagram Infolansers themselves use even today. These are all the same methods with the help of which your Instagram page will go viral fast.

Get more Instagram free followers with these 14 trick to grow your real audience:

1. Use Hashtag properly

Friends, it is very important to use Hashtag to increase followers on Instagram. It also helps in increasing your followers. Whenever you enter a new post, it is very important to use Hashtag along with it. You can also create and put some Hashtags of your own that other people like.

And with its help, a good number of followers can also increase on Instagram. You can find Hashtag for your post with our free tool. Best Free Keyword Finder Tool for Instagram, YouTube, Blogging and Paid Ads.

2. Write Instagram Information Correctly

To increase followers on Instagram, you write the information correctly. Put your own photo on Instagram profile, if you want to promote your brand then you can put people of your brand. Then after that fill all the information well in the description, if you have any blog or website. So you can put its link in Instagram Bio.

3. Make Your Instagram Account Attractive

Friends, your Instagram account should be very good looking and your profile photo should also be good. You also have to write your Bio very well. If all the photos, videos of your post in your Instagram account will be good, then all the people will like to see it too.

Will also follow your Instagram Id. If you are not getting good photo and video editing, then you can go to fiverr.com. And you can hire anyone. For you, we have given links to some good freelancer profiles.

4. Share the latest content more

Friends, you will also know that in today’s time everyone is more interested in knowing only the latest things. Keep trying to know all kinds of new news too. If you post such a thing, then your followers can also increase. But you should post the latest only by looking at the topic of your Instagram account.

5. Make your Instagram followers happy

When you are unable to please your Instagram audience, your Instagram followers share your content on their other social media. It is a very good thing for you that your content is now getting copied. When your content starts getting copied, then understand that you are about to reach the point that you wanted.

You must never give a copyright strike to an Instagram follower or the user who is sharing your content. This means, he is happy to see your content, and he wants the same kind of content from you that he is sharing.

Very few people understand what kind of content their followers like to see. If you want to see how your Instagram followers are happy with you, then you have to check those posts and reels. Which people have liked a lot. On which there have been a lot of comments, likes have come. Post that kind of content on your Instagram every day.

6. Promote your Instagram Account

If you have any Social Media Site. Where you have good followers like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, website, then you can tell about your Instagram Id in all these places. You can share the link of your Instagram profile anywhere, by doing all this, followers on your Instagram can also increase. If you do not have a website, you can also get one made by us. Email us digitalseolifehelp@gmail.com

7. Connect Instagram to Facebook

Everyone knows how popular Facebook is. Facebook is one such Social Media Platform. Where more people are active. You can connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account very easily, this will mean that whatever you update on Instagram, you will also get to see it on Facebook. Whoever has not followed you will follow you through Facebook. All this will be automatic.

8. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Schedule your posts on Instagram. For this you can use any tool, you will get such tools on monthly basis subscription. Will help you schedule posts on Instagram. All you have to do is to schedule your post with the help of the tool. After that it will automatically post on Instagram at whatever time you want it to be posted.

If you want to post a post at 2:00 PM, then this tool is for you. You don’t need to be awake till 2am to post. So you can sleep by scheduling a post on the tool.

The post scheduling tools will make your job easier. If you’re going on vacation for 2 days, or for the whole week, you can create and schedule your posts on the Instagram tool in advance. Those who are pro Instagram influencers take full advantage of such tools and stay on schedule by preparing their posts in advance.

9. Avoid fake Instagram followers

There are many people on Instagram who are using the old technique of follow and unfollow. This trick used to work before, but in today’s time the algorithm of Instagram has become very good and advanced.

The account which does such activity, Instagram freezes their account. Due to which his account never grows. If someone is following you and then unfollowing you. So you can block him, and report him. For this, check your Instagram analytics.

10. Write in Caption

Whenever you post a photo, video, you must write in its caption. Whenever you post photos, then definitely write a question in its caption, so that you can get more comments from people, and you can also increase a lot of followers on your Instagram.

11. Like and Comment

Friends, whenever we like or comment on any other person’s photo or any post on Instagram or on any other social networking site. This shows the activeness of being on our social site. With this your followers can also increase. For how to get 1000 followers on Instagram, it is very important for you to like and comment on someone else’s post.

12. Showcase your Instagram everywhere

Never make your Instagram account private. If you want to get more and more followers. So keep your Instagram account open for publishing. If someone wants to see your photos and videos, only then they will follow you. This will only happen if everyone can see your account.

13. Follow Others

Let us know if you want to increase Follower on your Instagram. For that the other person also has to follow. Then after that all those Instagram users will follow you too. So friends, you have to follow all those people to increase followers on your Instagram. Who has followed you. This will also increase your good followers.

14. Upload good photos, videos

You have to upload new videos, photos to your Instagram everyday. So that you can get good likes and comments on your post. And as many people will like your post. Followers of those users will also have your post show. And this will increase your followers too.


These were 14 such tricks that can help you get followers on your Instagram account in a real, organic way. In this way, if you get followers on your Instagram account, then they will be real and active floor, who will also like, comment, and share your content as well. It is better to increase the followers on your Instagram account with the help of a bot. You use this method.

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